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Never before has personal finance management been so important.  We’re all suffering from the financial problems that have echoed around the developed world since about 2008.  Taxes are high, interest rates are low, and prices for even the most mundane items seem to rise almost on a weekly basis.  Financial returns from banks and building societies are minuscule, meaning you cannot lock away your savings for a number of years and expect a massive return when you next open up your account.

If you do have a little bit of cash (or even a lot) to squirrel away somewhere, you may be tempted by the idea of personal investment.  This is where you invest in – for example – bonds, stocks or commodities, hoping to make a tidy profit.  This is probably the only way these days you can hope for a sizeable return for your initial outlay, although the catch is that by investing this way that the chances of a personal financial disaster are considerable.  You may swiftly double your investment, or you may see your precious pennies dwindle away to nothing in the matter of hours.

The best way to lose your money is to enter the world of personal investment without doing the necessary homework.  When it comes to investing, there are plenty of sites out there able to help you with your investing needs.  Here is a rundown of the top ten investment sites.


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1. ADVFN –

Here, under one roof, exists all the financial tools you’ll never to monitor and track your investments.  ADVFN is a financial markets website, providing online data and information to investors, such as stock quotes, progress charts, market news and stock screeners.  ADVFN has coverage of over 70 stock exchanges, but its best feature are the bulletin boards where new investors can seek advice from those seasoned in making money from investing.


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2. FinViz –

Finviz is a site where you can become accustomed to the dazzling world of finance before you take the plunge and part with your hard-earned cash.  It claims to offer the fastest and most advanced stock screener available with interactive market maps, analysis and solutions.  FinViz also houses Collaborate, a private discussion forum where traders can share, discuss and monetize their knowledge of the various markets.


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3. Wikinvest –

Once you’ve gathered together your personal finance portfolio, you’re going to need a management system so you don’t miss vital market news, and don’t ignore trends that threaten the security of your investment.  Wikinvest offers one of the best financial management tools around, as well as alerting clients to trends in the markets via the experience of its 1,400 contributors.


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4. Guru Focus –

Guru is a sanskrit term for ‘teacher’ or ‘master’.  Guru Focus is a value investment site that follows the choices of and gives advice from well-established investors who’ve already made their mark as sound financial experts.  You can select your favourite guru and receive real-time alerts that allow you to mirror their choices and hopefully rejoice in their successes, which of course are then passed on to you.  It is not cheap, though – there is an initial free trial but premier membership to the site is $299 per annum.


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5. The Motley Fool –

Founded in the States in 1993 by brothers David and Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool is a financial-services company that started with the aim of building the world’s greatest investment community.  This site claims to work without rest for the advancement of the individual investor.  The Motley Fool gathers together the most pertinent financial stories, and hosts an investors’ forum, where new investors can gather together thoughts and opinions before they take that all-important dive into the investment universe.


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6. City AM –

If you feel a little self-conscious, not to say overwhelmed, by being spotted reading the Financial Times every morning, you can instead peruse this site, which is a free, online daily business newspaper.  It covers all aspects of the financial realm, both local and global.  Just to be sure you’re not financed to death, it also contains articles on life and well-being.


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7. Growth Company Investor –

If you visit this site, one figure jumps out at you – GCI’s tips have outperformed the benchmark by a whopping 281% since 2008.  This means that if you had invested £1,000 in each of GCI’s tips since that time, your returns now would be over £50,000.  You can register for this hot-tip site for 30 days free; from then there’s an annual fee of £135 for which you receive a monthly issue of GCI’s digital magazine, and access to its daily buy and sell recommendations.


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8. Morningstar –

A general site that covers all the bases of financial management, Morningstar was founded in Chicago in 1984, hoping to provide individual investors with sound fund analysis and commentary.  Since then the company has grown and now boasts operations in 26 countries, including the UK.  The UK version of the site opened in 2001, offering access to and information on 9,000 UK funds and 42,000 individual worldwide stocks.


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9. T1ps –

An annual membership of £73 secures you access to this site, which claims to be the UK’s top share-tipping website.  For your fee you are promised at least twenty red-hot share tips a year, made by analysts who have decades of City experience behind them.  The site was founded in 2000, and in the thirteen years since, the average gain per tip is a pleasing 45%.   T1ps also deals in the less risky world of Stocks & Shares ISAs, and in its first year of doing so would have any investment by 28.6%.


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10. Stockmapper –

A site that is sure to give you headaches until you become used to it. Stockmapper arranges financial information into visual representations, so it becomes easier for the intermediate investor to recognise trends in financial markets.  Once you become a seasoned investor, you could spend all day on this entertaining web-site.


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