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Apps on ios for iPhone/iPad

Applications are very useful since they can enhance our iPhones and iPads giving them the capacity to function and multi-task beyond the original design. They perform beneficial tasks and with so many being available on the market these days you can surely find applications that are tailored-made to suit your needs and requirements. Some are designed to assist us with every day office and administration tasks, some are especially made for educational purposes and some are games, puzzles and reading tools to while away the time and keep our brains active. There are applications on the market that can be downloaded for free and although it is always nice to receive something for nothing, sometimes it is worth paying to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Here are ten applications that have been developed and improved recently and are worth considering. They are all the best on the market today and you don’t need to search for them because they are all listed together below with useful links provided giving you information and access.


1. RAC Traffic-

Many recent improvements have been made to this app including the removal of annoying pop-up adverts, which brings traffic updates and news showing information on all delays, roadworks and incidents throughout the U.K. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch and is optimised for the iPhone 5 with full support available along with stability improvements. Information can be viewed in text format or visually on the map with the facility to programme entire journeys and see alternative routes.


iphone 2


2. Google Maps –

Google maps is now available for the iPhone with easy-to-use maps and built-in Google local search. Navigation is voice guided with search facilities for directions, streets, businesses, restaurants and shops. Directions are given by walking, bus, train or other local forms of transport with live traffic information being available. High resolution satellite imagery of locations around the globe can be selected and the app is available in 29 languages.


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3. Vyclone –

Vyclone is a video app that can create multi-angle videos. Films can be taken from your phone and mixed with footage from other people filming the same event collating data from up to 9 different users. It synchronises and edits all clips with angles cut together to create one movie. You can view the raw footage, re-mix it and then share it. It’s effortless and fast and brings a whole new dimension to shooting videos with an iPhone.


iphone 4


4. National Geographic World Atlas –

This award winning atlas is now available in an app with new features and a new look. Spinning, panning and zooming in on the world is available in the interactive 3D globe with pins provided for marking important and personal places. Up-to-date information for every country and capital city is available including the economy, the currency and the weather. The world can be seen in four different styles which are ocean blue, antique, satellite or roadmap and the app is designed for planning trips, making it the perfect companion for the avid traveller.


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5. Brewster Address Book –

The Brewster Address Book merges all your contacts from social networking sites and contact storage files and stores them all in one place making them easy and quick to find. Information including names, numbers, addresses, emails and employment are stored keeping you informed of new events and birthdays. The app also allows you to connect personally with contacts and automatically syncs the data to ensure it is always up-to-date. It is available in several languages and many positive reviews can be read claiming Brewster the best contact app.


iphone 6


6. Candy Crush Saga –

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular worldwide video games at the moment and it is now available in an app for iPhones, Ipods and iPads. It is an epic adventure in a world filled with sweets and candy and journeys can be made alone or in competition with friends. The features of the app include stunning graphics, over 100 levels and leader boards as well as un-locking items by completing levels, Facebook synchronisation and boosters. It is completely free to play, but extra moves or lives require payment.


iphone 7


7. Amazon Kindle –

The Kindle app gives the user the ability to read books, magazines, newspapers and PDFs with access to over 1,500,000 books in the store. Titles can be chosen from £3.99 or less with many being exclusive and free samples are offered too. The app has an instant dictionary word look-up and an inside book search facility for re-visiting scenes, chapters and topics. Reading experiences can be enhanced by choosing the background, format and font size of your choice and there are special accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired.


iphone 8


8. Khan Academy –

The Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything with a huge amount of available topics such as Maths, Sciences, Humanities, Finance and History to name a few. The library contains over 3,500 videos which are available to download individually or by an entire play-list. All resources and materials are free with full support being available. The app is a suitable learning source for students, teachers and the general public and is a definite must have for all iPhones.


iphe 9


9. Flipboard –

Flipboard is your very own personal magazine app with topics such as news, sports, travel and many more. It easily integrates with social networking sites allowing you to stay connected to people close to you whilst adding popular publications such as Vanity Fair and the New York Times and presenting the information in magazine format. A content guide is provided to get you started and the app is available in several languages.


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10. Viggle –

Viggle puts a whole new perspective on watching TV since you can gain points whilst watching your favourite shows which can be redeemed for real rewards. 1 point is gained for every 1 minute of viewing and bonus points can be earned by testing your TV knowledge or playing sports games. You can also join in the TV chat with friends as the app is fully integrated with all social networking sites.







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