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Java is a computer programming language that is class-based, object-oriented and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Java applications are typically compiled to byte-code that can run on any computer and derive much of their syntax from C and C++.  It was originally implemented back in 1995 and today is one of the most popular programming languages and is reportedly used by over nine million developers worldwide. The five primary goals in the Java language are i) simple, object-oriented and familiar; ii) robust and secure iii) architect-neutral and portable iv) execute with high performance and v) interpreted, threaded and dynamic. Java applets are programmes that are embedded in other applications typically displayed in a webpage in a web-browser whilst servlets provide web developers with a mechanism for extending the functionality of a web server and for accessing existing business systems. It is a useful skill to possess in the technology world and this has prompted many sites to tuition and instruction in the language. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet to learn Java code. Most of the sites offer services for free and even for the most experienced programmers, there may be some new information to be gained from the sites below.

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1. –

Oracle has all the essentials for learning the Java programming language whether you are a beginner or have some experience. The tutorial shows how to use the platform software to create and run three common types of programmes written for Java which are applications, applets and servlets. Explanations can be found for reading and writing data to files and databases as well as how to receive data over the network. The tutorial is available as a book with links given for all the lessons as well as Java tools and resources.




2. –

This site has over 548,000 lines of Java/JavaScript code and is aimed at those that have some experience in coding.  There are links provided to see all the categories of code as well as the latest news and the newest JavaScript code is highlighted. There are prizes to be won for the top coders and there are links to applets, classes, databases, coding standards, ASCII art and data structures to name a few.




3. –

Java2s is a relatively popular resource for Java developers because it contains a useful database of example code for different aspects of the Java language. The site offers very well-structured tutorials which specifically centre on file I/O and Swing. Instruction can be found for language, data type, operators, statement control, class definition, development, collections, threads, files, graphics, SWT, databases, JSP, JPA and servlets to name a few with 30 different sections for collating information.




4. – lives up to its name and contains lessons for learning Java. Instruction includes the fundamentals, advanced, JSP and servlets with a special section dedicated to Java Swing. Other topics include JavaScript and Eclipse with tips and information being given for both. There are shortcuts to Interfaces, abstract classes, JDBC, threads, static, calculations, polymorphism and constructors and examples can be found for text, source and code in the interactive lesson viewer.



5. –

This site does exactly what it says and provides information for beginners to Java. There are tutorials with questions and possible answers given along with a table of contents, an introduction to Java and the basic language elements. There are source code examples on various topics and there is also a section for advanced users which can be used by Java developers. Special tutorials can be found on Java threads as well as swing and suggested reading material is given.




6. – is a JavaScript directory where you can find tutorials, example codes and demonstration examples on JavaScript. The tutorials include scrolling, button disabling, password validation, array functions and form validation to name a few and programming resources can also be found.




7. –

The New Boston has 87 videos available to download about Java. There are tutorials that include installation, running a programme, switching, building a calculator, using classes, arrays, buttons and checkboxes, lists, creating files and drawing graphics to name a few. The tutorials and downloads are all free to use and share, but any donations to the upkeep of the site are gratefully accepted.




8. –

This site is a very good source for learning JavaScript and other languages such as CSS, PHP, SQL, XML and HTML. W3Schools offers JavaScript online courses with easy-to-follow tutorials and clear and simple explanations. The courses are in chapters with each chapter containing examples and there are certificates and quizzes for beginners and for advanced coders.  A multitude of references are available to open with useful links attached and a forum is in place for assistance and queries.




9. –

This site offers interactive tutorials for learning Java and is designed for anyone who wishes to learn the code whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer. You simple select a chapter and click on it to start and the basics include variables, arrays, conditionals, loops, functions, objects and compiling. A special section explores JavaScript and links can be found to other related topics and Java courses. All the tutorials are free to use and download and contributions to the site with added material are welcome.




10. –

This site offers free tutorials in Java and technologies can be selected from the menu to reveal chapters and topics for that particular technology. There are codes and updates with a section for beginners and popular topics are highlighted along with tips and tricks. Current technology available includes core Java, JSP, JDBC and RMI and many more will soon be added. There are videos to watch and a sitemap to find your way around and a full Q&A is available if you need assistance.



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