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When it comes to buying jewellery, most of us turn into magpies, eyeing up things that sparkle and wanting to fly with them quickly back to our nests.  We’ve been fascinated by jewels since the times when we were running away from saber-toothed tigers, and it’s a fascination that shows absolutely no signs of abating.

Unfortunately, jewellery comes with a price, and that is, of course, its cost.  Rubies and diamonds are not cheap.  A diamond ring for your loved one can cost you as much as year’s salary.  Shopping with a partner for jewellery is fraught with danger.  Should your partner fall in love with a piece of jewellery, you wallet isn’t likely to be best pleased with you.  Happily, you should be able to make savings if you’re a savvy shopper, and the best place to start looking is the internet.

Online stores offer big savings when it comes to jewellery.  Even renowned jewelers with a recognized main-street presence will offer substantial discounts via the online version of their stores, so not to get left behind in the race for sales.  Sending expensive items such as jewellery through the mail of course has risks associated with it, which is why you should only ever purchase jewellery online from a company that assures you they use a reputable company to deliver your purchases.

If you fancy taking the plunge and making a jewellery purchase online, here is a list of the top ten sites you should consider. We have tested all of the below and they are the top reputable companies around.  As a price comparison we selected a one-stone diamond platinum band engagement ring and, once we’d had a stiff drink, saw how much it would set us back.


[1] Tiffany & Co.

Probably recognized as the world-leader in luxury jewellery, it’s no surprise to see Tiffany’s top our chart.  Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City in 1837, Tiffany sells a bedazzling range of jewellery and silverware items, as well as watches, fragrances and leather goods.  Tiffany’s flagship store has been located at the corner of Fifth and 57th in Manhattan since 1940, and was, of course, the setting for the Audrey Hepburn movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Tiffany’s website contains a smart range of items, all shipped for between $15-30 or free if you spend over $175.  Our ring test secured us a piece with a lovely, elegant design; just a snip at $15,000.


[2] Caro’s

Caro’s is specialised in luxurious and refined unique erotic items.
From sex-toys to statuettes to pornographic necklaces and earrings, Caro’s offers you the unique opportunity to wear or display high quality precious metals shaped in rare patented erotic positions.  All items are certified and guaranteed.  Express shipping is available worldwide and they offer a 30-day international refund policy.
Combining an investment opportunity with sex appeal, Caro’s offers to own pure gold or silver in original shapes.
Personalised items are available through their custom design section.  Get an immediate pricing for immortalising your couple in gold or silver.
To make the experience orgasmic, all prices showed on their site include everything you would be charged for anywhere else.

When Sex meets Gold, Caro’s.  Discover the Prestige.


[3] Swarovski

Swarovski are an Austrian company who are best known for their luxury range of cut-glass products, but also produce an inventive range of exquisite jewellery, including bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings.  Their site has a tasteful design and is simple to navigate, and is complete with its own online magazine.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find a suitable diamond ring on their site with which to use our price comparison test.


[4] Blue Nile

The first name in our list that is purely online-only, Blue Nile was established in Seattle in 1999 and has grown to become the biggest online jewellery retailer in the world, with the emphasis on diamonds.  Blue Nile prides itself on being a supplier of diamonds that are only sourced ethically, and offers free FedEx on every order, no matter the purchase price.  We found a ring that met our price-comparison requirements for $300, but Blue Nile offered diamond rings from as little as $260 to a mind-blowing $3,000,000.


[5] Zales

Morris and William Zale, along with Ben Lipshy, opened their first jewellery store in Wichita Falls, in Texas, in 1924, and with their “a penny down and a dollar a week” credit plan made jewellery affordable to the average working man.  They now employ over 12,000 people across the US.  Their online store contains numerous offers, and they use Fedex for their deliveries, although you have to spend $149 to qualify for free shipping.  We found a ring on their site that qualified for our comparison test for under £3,000.


[6] Kay’s

A subsidiary of Sterling Jewelers, who were created by Henry Shaw in Akron, Ohio in 1910, Kay’s are stable mates of other jewellery retailers, including Jared’s and Marks & Morgan.  You can purchase a range of items from their online store, including watches.  We found a suitable diamond engagement ring for our price comparison test for as little as $630.


[7] Origami Owl

Origami Owl was created in 2010 by Isabella Weems, who was only fourteen at the time.  Origami Owl focuses on charm bracelets, allowing a customer to design their own custom-built jewellery from hundreds of charms the site has to offer.  We were unable, of course, to run our price comparison test here.


[8] Cartier

The premier jewellery and watch manufacturer in France, Cartier were founded in 1847 in Paris by Louis-François Cartier, who soon developed his company’s reputation for exquisite designer jewellery.  Their site was a little too flashy and intrusive for our tastes, and we eventually gave up in trying to find what we were looking for.


[9] Jared’s

From the same stable as Kay’s (see above), Jared’s site seems a direct clone of Kay’s, but with a different theme.  Unsurprisingly, we found a ring for our price-comparison test at the same price as the one we’d found on Kay’s.


[10] Ice

Originally a Canadian company, but now with offices in NYC, Ice is an online-only retailer which promises quality items at a fraction of the cost a customer is likely to find asked by main-street stores.  All orders attract free shipping.  We found a really nice diamond engagement ring for our price-comparison test at $3,500.


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