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With the current world crisis now hitting and affecting us deeply it has become increasingly difficult to find reliable employment. Hours can be spent amending and updating curricula, followed by an endless search for hunting down valuable information and contacts leading to interviews and gaining jobs, sometimes with endless applications being ignored and refused due to the high volume of responses to each job advertised. Many people across different employment sectors have taken wage cuts in order to keep their posts and now are seeking part-time work or extra cash to supplement their income, especially those who have young families and commitments. For those amongst us searching for a job it is always useful to have a list of companies to contact who can be relied upon for providing valuable work and for those amongst us who can offer employment a list of where to find reliable and suitable candidates is always needed. The following social sites are amongst the best on the Internet for finding work. All the sites are popular and used by job-seekers and employers alike, plus all of them contain valuable tips, information and advice when looking for a job. Hopefully this list will be useful and save time and research since both are needed in great proportions when finding suitable employment.


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1. LinkedIn –

Over 250 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange ideas, information and opportunities making it very popular and ranked at twelve in the world on There is a large job section and work can be browsed by individual city or by industry. Some of the sectors covered are accountancy, administration, customer service, design, education, health care, management, manufacturing, sales, training and writing to name a few and large corporations also use the site to advertise ensuring that there are more possibilities for finding employment.


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2. –

Connections, friends and contacts are always changing jobs, numbers and moving and this is a great way to keep updated with all your associates and keep track of all the changes. The data are kept together automatically, so updating your CV and job information is synced for you. The basic system is free, as is the mobile version for your phone and you can even send e-Cards to wish someone a happy birthday.


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3. Twitter –

Twitter is a great way of letting people know that you are looking for a job. You can tweet to all your friends and reach thousands on the popular social network site that is ranked at number eleven in the world on There is a section for jobs with many open positions to select and further sections for advertising and businesses can be explored.


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4. Jobster – has been designed specifically for finding employment. You can browse the latest jobs on offer with many highlighted and also sign up to receive job alerts sent to your email. Posting a job if you have one to advertise is a simple process and advanced searches can be made if you are looking for work. After creating your profile, you can advertise yourself and promote your details in order to attract the right employers.


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5. Facebook –

Facebook has many clients and advertisers looking for candidates to hire. You can search for companies looking to hire, send your details and even apply online. The giant social networking site is ranked at number two in the world on enabling you to make your profile public and reach millions of people around the globe. You can also publish your details with friends to make them aware that you are searching for work and private messages can also be sent.


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6. Craigslist –

Craigslist is a very popular job site and is featured at number 40 on Individual areas can be selected from the database which can then be localised giving a great variety of listings. Jobs are then searched by industry and the country chosen dictates the language the information appears in. FAQ and full terms of use are given on the site along with tips on safety and many articles can be read for further insight into finding employment with the addition of a blog for commenting and discussing.


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7. Myworkster –

To date has helped over 150,000 top college graduates connect with high quality employment opportunities with their ‘alumni only career fairs.’ Every employer is pr-screened at the events to ensure the best possible career opportunities. Events are held in every major American city and students searching for employment can contact their university’s alumni office to enquire about attendance.


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8. VisualCV –

Visual CV can help you obtain a better CV online. You can take a tour of the site as well as view resume examples and creating your CV is fast and easy to make it stand out from the rest. You can share your details from the site with companies and social networking sites and webinars can be viewed to assist you. A learning centre is also available with tutorials, resume-templates, tools and guides and online help and a full FAQ is in place if needed.


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9. Jobfox –

Over 30 million people have used Jobfox since 2005. The site brings you alerts matching your criteria every time a new job is added with information collated from 50 different job sites to give you more choice. You fill in your details and click the button to activate the alerts and then select which jobs you would like to apply to – quick and easy.


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10. Ryze –

This is a free networking page where you can receive practical advice, tips and resources from people within your field.  You can re-connect with old acquaintances and make friends with new business contacts as you help your company to make deals. It is free to apply for membership and build your network and with today’s current job market, you never know what might happen and when you might need your connections.



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