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Keywords are an integral part of the wording structure in a website since they are used for SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is vital for the success of any business on the Internet today.  As the website climbs higher in the rankings of the search engine it appears more and gains in popularity therefore it receives more visitors. SEO is determined by what people are searching for and the words that are typed into the browser are known as the keywords.  Optimising a website means editing the content to increase the specific meaning and relevance of the keywords. Keyword density refers to the amount of times that a specific keyword appears on a page which makes it more visible and easier for search engines to pick up. Having keywords is an important part of SEO strategy as the more they are used, the greater effect it has on the positioning of your webpage allowing it to climb the ranks and the higher the site or page is, the more the chances of customers finding it and hence your business and sales will increase. Below is a list of ten of the best keyword tool sites on the Internet today. For anyone that has a website and needs help with keyword the list will be very valuable, especially since the sites are all together in one place.

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1. Keyword Discovery –

Keyword Discovery compiles keyword search statistics from all the major search engines in order to create a powerful keyword research tool. The product will tell you which search terms are being used to find services and features include spelling mistakes research, seasonal trends, keyword density analysis and domain researcher tool. Meta tags can be optimised and you can maximise your pay per click ad campaigns and a free trial is available to use before you decide to purchase.


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2. Market Samurai –

Market Samurai is free to download and offers laser-target high traffic to boost your profit. The company has four golden rules which are: relevancy, traffic, competition and ‘commerciality’ and state that they can provide high-quality keywords in order to give you front-page rankings. A full version is available for $149 which offers more features and the site offers a blog for commenting and a full support service.


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3. Cuterank –

You can check and track your keyword rankings for free with Cuterank, which is suitable for Mac and Windows. Features include instant rank performance, automatic updates, keyword ranking history, instant keyword position changes and exportation of keyword ranking results. There are screenshots to assist you with downloading and a full FAQ and support forum are also in place.


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4. –

This site has many articles to read on keywords with tips on landing pages, SEO mistakes, solutions and Google analytics. There are tutorials on rankings tactics, optimisation and keyword research and a long list of resources is available for assistance. Client campaigns can be managed easily and a chart can be viewed containing the top keyword searches. There is a further section for keyword monitoring and packages can be purchased from $59 per month.


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5. Keyword Spy – offers you a free trial along with 127 million keywords. Daily database updates are sent and profitable keyword ads can be found along with many testimonials. Features include competitive intelligence, keyword research, advanced searches and ROI indicators and you can keep real-time tracking of your keywords in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. There is a plug-in to download and you can use the live chat or the help tab for support.


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6. –

This site offers you profitable keywords from $79 per month including features such as domains, weekly tracking, new keywords, ad history, SEP reports and SEO top lists. There are tutorials and videos giving explanations on usage and threads and news headlines give further insight in the blog. You can try the software for free, although more features are offered with the membership and live chat is available for assistance.


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7. –

This site offers many tools for keywords including SEM insight, link insight and trade insight. Features include SEO searches, display ad intelligence, keyword strategy, trademarked branding and back-linking to name a few and a section is dedicated to banner advertising. The blog contains a library with case studies and guides and there are reports to track your progress. There are press releases to view as well as testimonials and a full section for support is available.


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8. – has 15 keyword and marketing tools available along with a large library of instructional videos, training and personal PPC coaching. Tools include Meta search, word rank, adwords spy and search trends and testimonials for current users can be viewed. You can try the product on a 30-day free trial and the member’s area has sections on research, ideas and services in order to give you assistance.


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9. –

This site offers free keyword tools and training videos with a 7-day free trial. You can download a book on link building and purchase an SEO guide for profit as well as view webinars and learn SEO in 7 weeks. There are popular articles to read and keyword research guides with explanations about Google and PPC. An SEO blogger and a keyword tracker are available for free and the latest articles and reviews are highlighted. The database contains thousands of keywords and you can have access to the latest ones within minutes.


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10. –

This site gives explanations on keywords, keyword tools and their uses. There are links to keyword tools, adwords, adsense and keyword guides for beginners and there is a webmaster academy with details on income, analytics, website names, Google, trend testers and gadgets with guides available to read. The SEO starter guide will improve your performance with search engines and there are sections on verifications and payouts. A special section explains page ranking with a scale of 1-10 and help is available if needed.






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