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Looking for ways to entertain the kids?

Many children have a computer nowadays and love to spend hours playing and chatting with their friends especially during the long school holidays. There are many websites for kids of all ages with clubs to join, games to play, videos and cartoons to watch and also activity sites for colouring, painting and making toys. Kids love to be kept active and it is important for children to use these websites in order to inspire them, educate them and capture their imagination where their minds can roam free and they can gain knowledge and learn to be creative. However, as a parent, caution must be taken when allowing your children to register with chat sites since, although precautions and measure are in place to protect children, there are means whereby adults can register as children, so please check the site first before proceeding. Other sites for kids may include homework help with references, magic trick sites, books and learning sites with reading material for science, nature, geography and history. Below are ten of the best sites on the Internet for kids. Hours can be spent reading, learning, laughing and enjoying what the sites below have to offer, so be prepared to have some fun.

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1. Seussville –

There are lots of things to see and do on this site with books to read, videos to view, games to play and activities to join in. You can read about your favourite characters and there is a news section where you can find out all the latest gossip and goings-on as well as sign-up to receive a newsletter to keep you in the picture. There is a special section for teachers and another section for parents and hours of fun can be had for all the family.


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2. The Muppets –

The Muppets is a popular site by and contains all your favourite characters as well as the movie, video clips and DVDs. You can create an outfit for Miss Piggy, hang out with Kermit and view a long list of goodies on offer in the Disney shop. You can sing-a-long with the music, play games and read books as well as take a peek at the wonderful world of Disney.


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3. – is based on the famous movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and you can find your favourite sweeties and treats from the movie hanging from the tree. You can play the music, view the photos in the gallery and choose a colour and play at the ‘nerdoodler’. You can paint and ‘drag and drop’ objects to create a picture for your desktop in the ‘Wonka Imaginator’ and don’t forget to check out the special promotions on offer.


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4. PBSKids–

PBS Kids is a very popular US site and is ranked highly on If you sign into the site you can save all your scores from the many games that there are to play as well as videos to watch. There is an award-winning school readiness program and educational resources and activities for teachers. There is a section for summer reading adventures and also a grow-ups section for parents.


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5. –

Neopets has a fun community to join where you can meet new friends and spend hours exploring the site and playing games. You can visit the money tree, take a trip down the birthday mall, see the power of the faeries and collect scores galore in the summer games. You can collect neopoints to add to your profile as well as create your own neopet, but you must sign up to the site first.


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6. – is the official site of the TV channel and is very popular with a high rank on There are sections for juniors as well as teens with lots of games to play, videos and movies to see and music to listen to. There is a club to join, which is an online virtual world for kids and a special section on stars allows you to keep abreast of the latest news on your favourite famous people. You can catch the latest famous tweets of the week and see what stars are following fashion as well as watch clips of all your favourite cartoons.


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7. –

This is a fantastic learning site for children with nature magazines for ages 3-6 and also ages 6-14.  There are illustrated articles and videos on animals, the weather and famous places in the world as well as interesting facts and there is a section dedicated to helping with homework. There are lots of adventure games to play and photos to see from all over the world as well as stories on space and science. There are many activities and crafts in the section called ‘fun stuff’ and there is even an online shop for buying videos, games, DVDs, toys and books.


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8. – has hours of fun for all the family with games to play, news and reviews, movies, TV shows, videos and more. You can check to see which of your friends are online and start ‘funny conversations’ in the special section named the same as well as read the latest posts. There are contests and prizes as well as a school section and you can also catch up on your favourite sports. You can also design your very own profile, upload pictures and give your opinion in the poll as well as write a blog, join a group and listen to music.


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9. Cartoon Network –

Cartoon Network is a very popular site for kids with 258 games to play, posts on cartons to read and a whole host of cartoon shows to watch with all the programme timings advertised. There is a full TV schedule and complete episodes can be viewed and there is an online shop for purchasing games, DVDs, T-shirts, mugs, toys and other goodies. There are also cartoon strips to read and joining the site is simple and free.


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10. Webkinz–

This site is available in many different languages and hours of fun can be had playing with friends. Rewards can be collected for playing in the ‘amazing world’, ‘Ganz world’ or playing one of the many card games available. You can play at adopting a pet or play ‘peek-a-newz’ and meet all your friends in ‘Tail Town’. A special section is available for parents and if you don’t know where to start, then you can take a guided tour.



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