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Land Law is the law that deals with rights of use which can prevent or exclude others from using the land. Land use agreements are important, even in property contracts, for the purpose of renting, leasing or contracting. Land rights are enforced to prevent people from trespassing on private property and indigenous land rights are recognised by international law as well as common law and civil law. Land reform refers to government policies that take or redistribute land such as land grants. Land rights are an integral part of Land Law since they enforce rights of individual owners to own land and address the legal mandates in connection with ownership. Globally there has been an increased focus on land rights with regard to development and ownership which can be a critical source of income, financial security, food, water, shelter and resources. The law may provide access to land. However, cultural barriers and poverty traps may prevent land ownership and this is where land rights are both socially and legally recognised. Land Law is an important subject and topic of discussion and below are some of the best sites on the Internet for gaining information about land rights and land law. Some of the sites give in-depth information and some are for studying and learning, but the list will be of use to anyone who requires details on land ownership.


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1. Global –

This site provides a list of online resource centres for land law. It gives quotes, texts, flashcards, photographs, articles and podcasts as well as useful links leading to further information. Topics listed can be individually selected and browsed with many laws and case studies to view for assistance. Some of the links also list hints and tips for exam work and revision in the subject and tools are given to help you.


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2. Law Teacher –

Law Teacher presents you with a land law study guide and notes to help with land law essays. The site understands that studying the subject involves much reading and allows downloading of essays, acts, definitions, licenses and land law cases as well as provides details for co-ownership, possession and registration. A special section is dedicated to property and human rights and assistance can be found for writing original essays on land law in several languages.


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3. Land Law –

This site is a resource site for the study of land law and related disciplines in England and Wales. There are articles, materials, notes, comments and reports with a section dedicated to electronic conveyancing cases. Statutes, rules and draft bills can be found with assistance from useful links and textbooks. Updates and amendments for land registration acts and rules are given and contacting the site for advice and consultancy is welcome.


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4. Land Law LLP –

This site specialises in providing land law advice and information in the north of England near Manchester. They are a group of trained and experienced solicitors and give assistance in commercial property and property litigation. Other areas of expertise include development acquisitions, funding arrangements, portfolio management and wind farm developments to name a few and full details about the company along with updates can be read on the site.


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5. Land Law Solicitors –

This is another specialist firm of solicitors in the U.K. dealing in land law, restrictive covenants and rights of way. Detailed information can be found and there is a special section dedicated to regulatory information. The company also give in-depth details regarding prescriptive rights and the protection of registry at HM Land Registry. Any forms of enquiries are welcome especially with land law related problems.


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6. Right of Way –

Right of Way provides good information on land law with guides for private roads, trespassing, boundary disputes, easements, footpaths and adverse possession. A section is dedicated to unregistered land and details for property laws such as squatting, tenancies and empty housing can be found. There are articles on land registry with explanations on title deeds and a search facility is provided.


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7. Law Course Work –

This site is especially designed to assist anyone that is studying land law as it provides essays along with questions and answers. Each question posed has an in-depth answer with hints and tips on how to write and pass exams in land law. Registration is advised in order to buy coursework for practising which once completed can be submitted for marking. Each answer submitted is graded in order to assist you with improving your coursework.


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8. Cornell University –

The law school at Cornell University provides information for use of land. In-depth articles can be browsed and individually searched for relevant information with overviews provided on each article. Useful links can be found leading to particular acts for reference and other sections include energy, natural resources and environmental law. Information is also given on health and pollution and there is a facility to look for a lawyer.


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9. Law of the Land –

The Law of the Land is a blog on land use law and zoning. Information can be obtained from many categories such as agricultural law, climate law, endangered species, environment, green building law, land use, landscapes and wind power and energy to name a few. Links of interest are provided and you can subscribe to receive email alerts with an in-depth facility for searching all information.

10. Law Tutors of London –

This site explores teaching and learning methods for land law with tutorial aims and the general principles discussed. Learning outcomes and independent strategies are given with books and overviews for recommended reading. There are five different tutorials including co-ownership, trusts, leasehold, easements and freehold and details for courses are available including Ph.D. and LLB. You can find model answers with notes to help you with documents and attachments to download as well as useful links leading to areas for resources and other land law sites.



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