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Lawyers seem to be popping up on our TV screens every five minutes these days, asking if we’ve fallen over or fallen off something within the last three years.  Studying law is like any other subject.  It involves mental toil and passing exams.

How difficult is it is revise for a law exam?  Ask any law student and they will tell you: they may shudder at the memory of the weeks with no sleep, of an over-reliance on coffee and 5-hour Energy, of staring at staggeringly dense tomes so acutely that occasionally the text would get up and start to do little dances as it marched across the page.

Revising for a law exam involves cramming the names and dates of cases into your head.  After that you have to factor in the opinions and the statements of the judges, legal doctrine, dissenting judgments and jurisprudence.  Revising for a law exam can be tedious, tortuous and mentally exhausting.  It can also be very lonely.

If even the thought of revising law fills your stomach with ice cubes and makes the veins in your temples throb, it is reassuring to know that help is at hand.  Here is a run-down of the top ten sites where you’ll find a little bit of help to get you through the whole process smoothly.


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1. Law Express -

This is actually the companion web-site to Law Express, which is a series of books published by Pearson who specialize in revision guides across all topics and subjects.  The Law Express series helps all students revise in an effective manage, and understand important concepts.  There are revision guides for most aspects of law, including Criminal, Contract, Land and Family Law.




2. Oxford University Press –

Oxford University Press have been in operation since 1586, and publish around 6,000 new titles world-wide each year.  The OUP develop all descriptions of resources aimed at students and scholars, most of which are available from their web-site.  There is a link here for the Oxford Law Online site, which has further online law resources that cover all types of legal legislation.  This is a paid site, although OUP offers a 30-day free trial.




3. Tutor2u –

Over 30 million people visit this site every year and help create a massive online community of teachers and students who provide support and advice.  The law section of the site deals mainly with resources for the UK GCSE and A/AS Levels, although there is plenty of information for law students from all walks of legal life.  There site began, in 2012, to gather together an across-the-board collection of study notes and revision quizzes.




4. London External –

The University of London is a distance-learning institution, similar to The Open University, who offer courses and qualifications for people who perhaps do not have the opportunity to attend University in the traditional fashion.  A lot of the resources on the site are free and available to non-students, and law students should be able to pick up a few hints and tips from the numerous student blogs the site gives a home to.




5. Routledge –

Routledge have been publishing academic books, journals and online resources in the United Kingdom since 1851, after being founded by London bookseller George Routledge.  Their website can be used to locate resources on all aspects of law, including revision study guides and supporting materials for tutors.  All books are available by perusing the site’s extensive online catalogue.




6. Law Teacher –

Law Teacher is a site that employs law graduates to write law essays and dissertations – for a fee of course.  There are many other services on offer, all designed to ease a law student through those nerve-shredding finals.  Just to prove that all lawyers are not humourless androids, the site has a “Friday’s Crazy Law Facts” page, in which some of the bizarre laws that have made it into statute books all over the world are brought up for attention.  Amongst these are a law in Wilbur, Washington that makes it illegal for a horse to be ridden if it is too ugly, and one in St Louis that doesn’t allow a fireman to rescue a woman from a fire unless she is fully clothed.




7. Get Revising –

Get Revising is a tremendously useful UK-based web-site with resources aimed at GSCE, A Level and University students.  Much of the information on the site is free, although addition options, such as building a revision guide, and the creation of virtual study groups is only available to Premium Members, for an annual of fee of £40/$62 or monthly for £5/$7.70.  All resources can be found via the site’s intuitive selection tools, and many of them have been contributed by former students and users of the site.




8. The Student Lawyer –

A recent addition to the web, but one likely to soon be moving up the ranks, The Student Lawyer was created in 2011 by a group of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students.  The site has been created for the benefit of law students world-wide, and the resources have all been placed there by law students or professionals themselves.  On the site we found a very useful set of exam revision tips, which included the use of mind maps, and using friends as mock students whom to teach your law expertise.




9. Kevin Boone –

Kevin Boone is a computer scientist and educator who, since 1994 has been collecting together short articles on subjects that interest him, one of those being law.  There is a reasonable amount of law articles here, most of them being of use to budding law students.




10. Law Actually –

This site is the blog of a UK LLB and LLM law graduate, named only on the site as “Michael”.  His site is a collection of articles spanning all aspects of law, with some emphasis on being a student lawyer and how to prepare yourself for the prospect of becoming a professional lawyer, including the best way to revise for those pesky exams.


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