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A lawyer, otherwise known as an attorney or a solicitor is someone that practices law.  The law is a system of rules, which vary from country to country and are set by the government or ruling bodies in order to establish a code of conduct. Lawyers need specific knowledge and theory for individual cases and usually a lawyer studies and practices a particular area or field of the law. The law shapes politics, economics and society in various ways and serves as a mediator between people. Legal subjects that pertain to the law include international law, European law, administrative law, constitutional law, criminal law, contractual law, tort law, property law or conveyancing, equity and trust law, human rights law, matrimonial and commercial law to name a few. Legal systems can be split between civil law and common law. Civil law is mostly commonly used worldwide and dates back as far as 3000BC with a system developed by the ancient Egyptians to uphold law and order within their society. Lawyers must study in order to gain education and knowledge of their chosen area of expertise and then ‘pass the bar’, which is an examination of acceptance for practising law. Without correct certification, many lawyers do not have the right to practice and it is important in today’s society to certify validation before proceeding. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for lawyers. The sites cover various fields of the law and will come in very useful for anyone who is seeking advice.

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1. The Lawyer –

The lawyer is a popular site with articles, news and insight into finance and market analysis as well as interviews and expert opinion to read. There is a site-map to help you find your way around since great information can be found with practises and briefings in different areas as well as a section for law firms and the bar. There are sections for finding suitable employment with legal jobs advertised and some of the practice areas include crime, litigation, corporate and real estate. A link is given for solicitors and barristers with details for courses, careers and training and registering with the site is advised for receiving email alerts.


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2. The Law Society –

This is the official site of the Law Society which represents solicitors in England and Wales. There are a wide range of products to assist solicitor’s practices with advice and training and legal support and expert help can be found along with guides for the public. Areas of law covered include conveyancing, family, inheritance, personal injury, mental health and asylum and immigration. Sections can be found for communities and representation as well as an A-Z index and a news section. Further information is given in the Gazette and the bookshop and upcoming events and links are provided.


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3. Lawyers – gives you the facility to search for a lawyer in your area either by location or by area of law such as bankruptcy, child custody, criminal, divorce, immigration, employment, medical, personal injury or real estate. Legal information can be selected by topic and there is a section containing legal forms so you can see written examples. Legal news and blogs are provided to assist you and there are further sections for discussing legal issues and understanding your legal rights.


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4. –

This site has information regarding accidents and injuries, criminal law, employee rights, family law and real estate and you can select a lawyer local to your area. Hints and tips can be found in popular questions and answers and there are articles and legal videos to view. There is the facility available to search for legal forms and news sections and a blog are in place for guidance. Some of the most recent topics include immigration, taxes, traffic accidents and estate planning and a section can be found for legal professionals.


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5. Lawyer –

This company offers a wide range of professionals with expertise in all areas of the law available to assist you with any queries or issues. You can search by area or by issue, some of which include accident and injury, felony, bankruptcy, divorce, corporate, litigation and employment and there is a section to read about the top lawyers. Lawyers have a section for legal articles and a legal blog and logging into the site for updates is recommended.


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6. – can connect you with a lawyer in your local area to help you with your legal problem. You can browse by area, name or region with subjects such as accident and injury, bankruptcy and foreclosure, dangerous products, family law, real estate, employment, toxic torts, criminal, planning, litigation and immigration covered by the experts. You can read about the attorneys as well as comments in the legal advice forum and articles and press releases can be found for guidance. There are videos to view and recent announcements are highlighted with help available if necessary.


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7. –

You can contact a lawyer online or call directly with this company and there are qualified lawyers and attorneys waiting for your call. You can browse by legal topic with more than 80 subjects to select and top legal headlines are highlighted. There are in-depth articles to read and popular legal topics are highlighted and the site promises to help you fight for your rights.


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8. American Lawyer –

American Lawyer has many law firms registered in the database. The latest copy of the magazine can be read along with articles with the most popular titles highlighted and rated. There is a section for surveys and rankings with jobs and careers in law advertised. A section is dedicated to litigation and news and legal events can be found. A further section contains information for Asian lawyers and subscription is recommended to register your law firm.




9. –

This site claims to have assisted thousands of people. You can register to have your case evaluated by an attorney and there are articles and tips to read on the site. Areas covered include accidents, injuries, wrongful death, defective products and personal injury to name a few and there are also videos to view.


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10. –

This site is a comprehensive, quality controlled legal resource for lawyers. Resources can be chosen from categories such as federal law, intellectual property resources, legal resources, non-legal sites of interest, state law, Florida law and computer law with further information and links given with each individual category selected.






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