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English is the most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin and Spanish and is the principal language of the U.K, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong and many former colonies. In fact, 50 countries have English as their official or primary language with over 375 million speakers worldwide. It takes its origins from the Germanic settlers that came to Britain in Anglo-Saxon times and has been adapted many times over the centuries ever since. It is widely known as the language of communication, being the principal language of the Internet and also the official language of the skies used by air traffic controllers when guiding flights globally. Many films, songs, theatrical performances and books have been made in the language and there are many people throughout the world who aspire to learn English as well as speaking their native language in order to facilitate world travel, Internet communication and enhance their chances of finding work and advancing and furthering their careers. Below are listed ten of the best sites on the Internet for learning English. Whether English is your first language or you are learning English, the following sites will be very valuable to you.



1. Merriam-webster.com – http://www.merriam-webster.com/

This is a popular site for learning and improving your English and is ranked at 775 in the world on Alexa.com. There is an encyclopaedia, thesaurus and dictionary online with words of the day, quizzes and games featured to make learning more fun. You can subscribe to receive a word sent to you every day and there are videos to watch and learn. There are the top ten lists, punctuation and trending articles to read and a special section to look up new words.



2. BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

The BBC has a section for learning English with videos to view, articles to read and quizzes to take part in. There are new phrases to learn every day with podcasts and downloads for assistance as well as a special section for teachers. You can select to learn general English or business English with the emphasis firmly on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. There is a large community that you as welcome to join since the BBC has over 70 years in inspiring the English language and there is even a special section for learning phrases for sports.



3. Manythings.org – http://www.manythings.org/pp/

Manythings.org has American English pronunciation practise and quizzes to help you learn English. There are sections for listening and speaking as well reading with audio and useful links are provided for downloading the lessons. The idea is to listen and then repeat and there are songs, tongue twisters and poems for practice. Further information can be found on grammar and vocabulary and random sentences are given for you to learn.


4. About.com – http://esl.about.com/od/speakingenglish/Speaking_English_Pronunciation_and_Conversation_Skills.htm

About.com has a section for learning English as a second language with the emphasis on pronunciation and conversation skills. There are lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced with lesson plans, techniques and conversations. You can start to learn the art of conversation with small talk and there are articles to read and useful links provided to assist you. There are impromptu speeches on subjects such as job interviews and celebrations and a further section is available for grammar.



5. Elllo.org – http://www.elllo.org/

With this site you can learn English for free with more than 2,000 English listening lessons available in the library. The lessons are made for students as well as teachers and you can listen online or download and print them. You can view this week’s lessons as well as lessons from the past and there are quizzes and games to play and videos to view. You can interact in the animated newsroom as well as see tips, podcasts and study guides and a special section is given for beginners.



6. Go4english – http://www.learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/go4english

This site is presented by the British Council and is designed to help children learn English. There are games to play and activities for creating things to make learning fun as well as a section for smaller children. There are stories and songs to listen to and videos to watch to help you read and write and further sections can be found for grammar and spelling. There are ‘play-on-words’ and new words to learn every week with tongue twisters and tricky words highlighted to help you remember.



7. Lang-8.com – http://lang-8.com/

This site has native English speakers waiting to help you with your English. You can post your material and then English speakers will correct your writing for you and you can learn so as not to repeat your mistakes. There is a video tour of the site to help you and you can learn for free and the information is available in many languages. You can also post material in other languages besides English and native speakers will correct the writings since there are 180 countries featured with native speakers from all over the world.




8. Learnenglish.de – http://www.learnenglish.de/

You can learn English for free with this site and there is a forum and chat in place to assist you. Sections include grammar, pronunciation, questions and tests as well as games, quizzes and fun which can help you learn in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a section to learn about the British culture and maybe there are some surprises in store. There are jokes, books, magazines and interesting facts about English and you are encouraged to make friends as well as learn.



9. Tolearnenglish.com – www.tolearnenglish.com

This site is free and you can learn English with hundreds of lessons and exercises to help you. There are tests to take to see how well you speak English and there are irregular verbs, grammar sheets and vocabulary sheets to read. Useful tools are provided to assist you and you can join the forum and chat rooms to participate in the conversations. There are resources for children, teachers and webmasters as well as jokes, cartoons and games to play to make learning fun.



10. English-at-home.com – www.english-at-home.com

English-at-home.com offers a 22-week course to help you speak English with grammar exercises, prepositions and verbs. You can view the previous weeks of the course and suggested books are given to help you. There are lessons, reading material, vocabulary and idioms with valuable information and sections for speaking English, real life English and fun and games can also be found.


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