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PHP is a server scripting language designed for web development, but also used as a general programming language. It has been installed on more than 244 million websites and over two million servers to date and was created in1995. It is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module, which generates the resulting page and commands can be embedded directly into an HTML source document. PHP is a free software and can be deployed on most web servers and also on operating systems and platforms. It has hundreds of base functions and thousands more via extensions, but currently has no functions for thread programming although it does support multi-process programming. There are various sites on the Internet today offering assistance in learning PHP whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediary or an advanced programmer and some of the sites give tutorials, courses and instruction in how to learn and improve your skills in the language. Below is a list of ten of the best sites to learn PHP code and if you are interested in opening and beginning your own website and coding and programming your own site, then the list will be very useful.



1. –

This site has tutorials, tips, articles, resources and videos for learning PHP. There are different assignments which are simple to follow and cover the fundamentals as well as installation with suggested books to read for beginners and links to further information and other sites. There are also frameworks to try out and subscribing to receive updates is recommended.




2. –

This is the official PHP website and it contains resources and tutorials for learning PHP. There are lists of all the functions along with explanations on PHP features as well as examples on how to use them. A user manual is given and the purpose of scripting can be found in detail stating how it can be embedded into HTML. A forum is in place for following comments and threads as well as links for further information and help is available if necessary.




3. – is well-known for providing easy-to-understand tutorials in several scripting/programming languages including PHP. The tutorials are simple and the basics such as the syntax, variables, strings, arrays, selection and loop statements and how to use forms are covered with advance tutorials including file uploads, cookies, sessions and how to send secure emails. A further section can be found on how to implement a database and there is an online quiz and an exam.




4. – is especially designed to help you learn PHP programming quickly and has articles and tutorials on how to write basic codes as well as advanced PHP programmes. It shows you how to work with PHP variables, with sessions as well as encrypting and also protecting your PHP codes.  There is a section to learn how to work with databases as well as an introduction to forms and looping and installation are also covered.




5. – has many tutorials and tips for PHP, MySQL and other programming languages. The resources are written and prepared by experienced developers, so you can be assured to gain knowledge as an entire section is dedicated to PHP.  You can learn about the functions, loops, how to use PHP and HTML together as well as how to use calendars, create forms, use redirection, countdowns and simple math functions. Advanced skills include uploading files, creating a database and using encryption. There are also scripts and tutorials on how to send emails, create a simple address book and create polls.




6. – has everything you should know about PHP Programming. There are basic tutorials for beginners and some for advanced users that tackle difficult PHP topics. The tutorials state how to print data onto the screen using variables, how to use loops and statements, how to post and use commands and how to use strings and sessions as well as cookies. There is also a forum for asking questions as well as a full contact section for the site.




7. –

E-Learning is well-known for providing online learning resources. Their PHP and MySQL series of tuition teaches users how to create dynamic websites. Once you have completed their online courses, you will be able to apply your knowledge to create applications such as content management systems, user registration forms and even e-commerce websites. Some of the courses are available for free and certificates are also provided after studying.




8. –

This site is dedicated to providing PHP tutorials and resources in a very simple-to-use style.  There are articles that are easy to understand and the information is directed at users who are new to PHP. You will be able to write your own scripts after learning the basic syntax and lessons can be found on understanding and working with variables, writing a page and passing values from one page to another via the URL. There are demonstrations to view and activities to complete and a full table of contents can be found.




9. – is another great site which covers everything you might need to create a website. It has programming courses, video tutorials, help forums, articles and other related resources. It is also useful to PHP programmers as it provides valuable resources for expert and intermediate level PHP programming. A table of contents and guidelines for syntax can be found and subscriptions to the site are welcome.




10. –

This site has PHP tutorials in seven different sections including an introduction, an explanation about the language, how to write it and how to declare scripts. There are examples of code and a section is dedicated to writing, testing and finishing your first script. There is also a section for advanced programmers and there are articles to read with tools in order to help you.


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