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Average life expectancies have become longer over time and it is not unusual for people to live into their 80’s meaning they have anywhere from 60 to 70 years of adulthood. This equates to just over 20,000 days or 480,000 hours. The point is that we have a limited amount of time in which to do all the things we hope to do in this life. We cannot change the amount of time but we can make the most of every minute. To best do that we look to various sources that can save us time, save us energy and keep us motivated.

This article in itself is designed to save you time as you do not have to take the time to find these sites on your own. The sites below can help you with everything from the little annoying tasks to the life changing things. You just might be surprised about how a few changes can make a real difference.


1) Reddit’s LifePro Tips:

Global Alexa Rating: 125


There are some things in life one needs advice on that you just can’t get an answer from some specialist or guru. These are the life experiences that only someone that has been there can give insight about. Reddit’s LifePro Tips is people advising people on more things than you can possibly imagine. With over half a million subscribed readers the answers you seek are probably already covered. If you have a tip (or LPT as they call them) you are encouraged to submit it once you’ve gone over the rules and your post complies.


Worried that an LPT isn’t a good suggestion? Have no fear as readers will have commented enough to let you know that as well. On this site you will find the types of things you might not even have thought about so it can be a great site to just browse from time to time. Great reader tips and community involvement put this life tip website at solid number one ranking of all similar websites.



Global Alexa Rating: 788


A unique aspect of this website is a pull down menu of the top ten articles currently being read by members. This not only gets you into something interesting but gives you insight into what others are finding very useful. Another helpful feature is that each article is tagged with the category in which it falls such as DIY, clever uses, downloads, mind hacks, food, discussion and success.


You will find plenty to learn about life and ways to get the most out of your life. Whether you need an app to streamline a task, advice on handling certain people or situations, technical articles, career advice or more you will likely find it here. Each article has tally information so you know how many have visited it, how many have clicked to recommend it, when it was posted and all the discussions going on about it. There is also a search feature so you can find articles on specific topics that interest you.


 3) Greatist:   

Global Alexa Rating: 4,145


Rather than try to answer all the questions in the universe as other sites do, this site prefers to keep to the specific categories of fitness, health and happiness. When you consider that if you take care of these three pretty much everything else falls into place, this isn’t a bad approach. Under fitness you will find subcategories of Cardio, exercise, interval training and yoga. Health is broke down between nutrition, recipes and alcohol. Happiness is subcategorized into sleep, inspiration, stress and social.


Another main difference of this site is that the articles are prepared by trusted health and fitness sources who have verified all the information given. The articles even list the cite information so you can delve further into the subject if you wish. Members can post comments to the articles. You can also share articles to facebook, twitter, pinterest or even email them to yourself or a friend. The articles are enjoyable, factual and relatable making this a highly rated website for life tips.


 4) Lifehack:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,430


This website has a number of writers that post articles on a variety of topics. The main classifications are communication, lifestyle, money, productivity, technology and work. These are not all professional writers so you will find a typo here and there but there are unique articles here that you won’t find other places. There is a search option so you can find what you are looking for or you can go to the category and see all the articles of one type at a time.


The layout of the website is user friendly with nice graphics. Each article has a picture depicting what the article is about and you can see how many times the article has been shared by readers. On the right of the pages is a section devoted to popular posts so you can readily see what other people are finding interesting. The only thing that would be more useful is if this area changed to reflect the category’s most popular when you went to one of those areas instead of having all categories depicted on all pages.


 5) Marc and Angel Hack Life:

Global Alexa Rating: 17,899


It might be difficult to imagine how two people could sustain a website of practical tips and have it be such a great success – that is until you check it out. This website is like having a close friend that grows with you over the years. Considering they have been doing this since 2006 and all their blogs are available you can easily go back and read them month by month or by topic if you wish and you will get to know them and see the reason for their popularity.


They tackle topics you are unlikely to find other places in an easy to read style. Every single blog has incredible insight into the subject at hand. A really unique part of the website is the “Thought Questions” section in which hundreds of questions have been presented and you can how others have answered it. You can even submit a thought-provoking question to them along with a photo if you have it. This feature began in 2010 and you can read through all the questions they came up with and were submitted every since then.


Another popular section of the website is the “Makes Me Think” section in which reader submitted short life story snippets are posted. This area gives you a glimpse into some real life situations going on in other people’s lives. A great place to go to find out you are not alone in your situation.


 6) Pick The Brain:

Global Alexa Rating: 31,269


This website is committed to self improvement. They focus on self education, motivation and productivity. They cover lots of different topics but they generally lend themselves to one of these paths to self improvement. Through these and a bit of psychology and philosophy they have some very good recommendations for getting past the many hurdles we have in our lives including those placed there and the ones we put there ourselves.

One of the most intriguing things about this website is that the articles manage to ease you into self improvement without making you feel totally inept just by reading them. In other words, they don’t come off as judging you for whatever point you are at currently. Whether you need advice on becoming more productive or simply want to be happier, you will find good sound advice here. Some of the articles delve into the ways we tend to undermine ourselves without realizing it or how we can become so goal driven that we stress ourselves needlessly.  The articles are well written and helpful.


 7) Lifetips:

Global Alexa Rating: 94,406


This is the perfect website for those looking to listen rather than just read about life changing tips. There are hundred of podcasts posted by the founder and host Byron White along with guests from many different walks of life. It is very interesting to listen to tips and advice to make your life better as stated by CEOs, celebrities, authors and other authorities.


There are plenty of articles to read as well with over 120,000 tips easily organized by alphabetic topic then arranged in subcategories that are easy to follow. For example, click on W and go to Weight Loss and there you will find over 100 weight loss tips arranged in 17 different categories. The layout is so simple to use that you can quickly get to the information that you desire with no wasted time.


Another interesting aspect is a tip of the day posted right on the home page. Check in each day for a new message or if you miss one, you can go back and read it in the archive. Some of these are much like the cute messages you might find in a fortune cookie but often can be like a light bulb moment. For example, the post for July 15, 2013 was “Throw away 10 things. Give away 10 things. Enjoy the things you have left.” Thought provoking, right?


 8) Life Optimizer:

Global Alexa Rating: 118,128


Rarely is a website named as aptly as this one. This is not about making little changes to make life a little more fun or worthwhile. This is about optimizing your life in every way possible. The articles on this website are about how to really live life to its fullest. It is about the planning and dedication it takes. This is not one of those take two aspirin and call me in the morning approaches. This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work proposition.

Some of the big changes that can have big returns are addressed on this website. Things like building self discipline, becoming a voracious reader, knowing how and when to take on big challenges and learning from successful people are all part of the process of life optimization.


The website is not fancy but its simplicity is rather nice. There is a search feature to look for keywords. There is also a category drop down so you can pull up articles pertaining to particular topics such as finance, health, innovation, time management and more. The articles are also archived by month posted that goes back to September 2006.


 9) Heal Your Life:

Global Alexa Rating: 139,663


This website revolves around the belief that to truly empower your life you simply have to use the tools within yourself. Their goal is to help members harness the power of their thoughts and beliefs to create the highest quality of life. They state their mission is to be there for you and provide content to help your soul smile.


The main two topic classifications on the site are healing and meditation. Healing involves various methods including crystal healing, herbal healing, healing foods, sound healing, energy healing, theta healing, alternative medicine, holistic health and chakras. Meditation includes transcendental meditation, Buddhist meditation, daily meditations, meditation for beginners and guided meditation.


Also on the website is a section titled everyday wisdom with specific topics regarding inspiration and growth. You can also tune in to which is a live, internet talk-radio station. There is also a section of nearly 270 videos on everything from getting healthy to getting inspiration and intuitive guidance.


With all these tools all dedicated to finding inner strength, peace and harmony this site can be a wonderful place to prepare yourself for beginning a path to living life more fully. In a society that seems to look outward for help, this is a breath of fresh air because it lets us know we only need ourselves to make a real change for the better.


 10) Life Hackery:

Global Alexa Rating: 309,429

The tagline definitely describes this website perfectly – here you will find some very unusual yet (mostly) useful tips to do lots of different things. The downside of the website is that it doesn’t appear to be being updated with any new content at the time this article was written but don’t let that stop you from visiting at least long enough to catch some of the funniest articles.


To give you a few ideas of the most unusual articles present, here are a few that stand out as something you are unlikely to find elsewhere:

  • How to Live in a Haunted House
  • 50 Great Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Tennis Balls
  • 5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk
  • How to Stand Someone Up on a Date
  • Five Ways to Convince People You’re a Rock God

You probably get the idea from those and some of the comments made by readers are even more entertaining. The humor factor got this website on the list even though there may only be an article or two that does much to change your life – but then a good laugh has value too, right?

So there you have it – the top ten websites for turning your life into everything you hoped it could be. From answers to common problems to changing your focus, these sites can do much for energizing you and getting you on the path to a happier, healthier, more rewarding life so all of those 480,000 hours will be well spent.






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