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Pages on Facebook that are the most liked

In the last 9 years the Internet advanced in leaps and bounds with the invention of Facebook in 2004. Finding long-lost family and friends, old school classmates and work colleagues along with meeting new contacts to add to personal ever increasing networks has become a recent obsession. Facebook introduced us to a way of staying in constant contact with friends whilst announcing daily plans, feelings and thoughts and generally keeping in touch. This has now expanded into advertising for new and established businesses alike, publishing ‘posts’ and articles in order to gain much sought after ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to allow  with the enticing prospect of higher viewing on the Internet which inevitably will generate more sales. Many changes to Facebook have been made over the years in format, rules and regulations. Some of the rules are indeed very necessary for protection of the younger users, in a form of censorship to prevent unwanted material from being seen. Mark Zuckerberg is to be congratulated on producing a much sought after service whose popularity has now grown to over 1 billion users worldwide and it is now difficult to imagine what life was like before the platform exploded into the world. Below is a list of the current top ten most ‘liked’ Facebook pages, so perhaps some ideas for increasing ‘likes’ and popularity can be gained from the list below.



1. Facebook for Every Phone –

With 291 million ‘likes’ and over 4 million talking about the page this stands out as being the current number one. It is a Facebook app for mobile phones which has recently been updated to run even faster than before. If you have the last version you simply push a button to upgrade and if this app is new then you can download it from the page directly so you can keep friends informed of where you are and what you are doing whilst you are doing it.


facebook 2


2. Facebook –

This is the official Facebook page and it is in the list at number 2 with 94 million ‘likes’ and over 200,000 talking about the page. The mission of the company is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. There are photographs to view and videos to watch on the page and of course all the top Facebook stories can be found as well as the history of the company as you might expect.


facebook 3


3. YouTube –

At number three is YouTube with 76 million ‘likes’ and over 152,000 talking about the page. The site is famous for sharing videos and music worldwide and you can view the most obscure and the best that the site has to offer on the page. There is a section for events so you can keep updated with the latest YouTube news as well as view photographs and listen to the top sounds of the week.


facebook 4


4. Eminem –

The great rapper from ‘Eight Mile’ is in the top at number 4 with 74 million likes and over 813,000 talking about him. You can read about his story so far on the page with the touch of rags to riches in the history and view lots of pictures of the great Marshall Mathers himself as well as find out about the next tour dates. There is a link to the merchandise store to purchase all Eminem goodies and music, but parental guidance is advised on this page due to possible offensive language.


facebook 5

5. Rihanna –

The trend-setting queen of style Rihanna is at number 5 sporting a brand new look along with 74 million likes and over 702, 000 people talking about her. You can drool over her wonderful fashion styles in the glorious pictures, or maybe just drool, as well as find links to her music. The latest album is publicised along with her designer perfume and the next tour dates can be found. There are videos to view with a link to her store to buy her music and other accessories.


facebook 6


6. Coca-Cola –

The world famous fizzy drink has 71 million likes and almost 1 million talking about it on Facebook. There are photos to view along with videos and you can share your personal stories and photos on the page. Advertising campaigns from the past and the present can be seen and all the variations of the drink including low-calorie versions can be found. You can vote to change the world one vote at a time in their poll as you share your opinions around the globe.


facebook 7


7. Texas Hold Em –

The worldwide popular poker game of Texas Hold Em is at number 7 with 70 million likes and 135,000 people talking about it. You can view photos on the page and read tips and hints on how to play with a link leading directly to the game. Virtual chips can be won in competitions as well as games at the table played between friends and the site is a great way of meeting new contacts and connections from around the world. Virtual money can be shared between friends and good fun and chat is always in store.


facebook 8


8. Shakira –

The great Latin diva Shakira is at number 8 with 69 million likes and over 3 million talking about her. The popular sensation advertises her new perfume on the site and you can view many pictures and videos of the raunchy singer. There is a link to her store for purchasing merchandise and albums and also another link can be found to donate a brick for building a new school in Columbia, the star’s native country. Anyone participating in this charity has the chance to receive a mention on her wall and an opportunity for a video chat with the lady herself.


facebook 9


9. The Simpsons –

The wonderful humorous cartoon has over 66 million likes and more than 300,000 talking about it. It is now in its 25th year and continues to poke fun at everything including itself. Although being in cartoon form and appealing to children, the humour can at most times be considered adult and has the ability to delight all age groups. There are photographs and cartoon clips to view on the page and you are invited to join in with comments and opinions on any of the posts.


facebook 10


10. Michael Jackson –

The King of Pop has 62 million likes and nearly 1 million people talking about him. You can catch up with news in the latest newsletter and there are many photos and short films to see about the great man. You are invited to give your opinions about your favourite music albums and tracks and photos of the star with fans are also shown on the page.



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