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A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites to ensure mutual traffic to both sites. Website owners often submit their sites to link exchange directories in order to receive higher rankings in search engines to increase the volume of traffic and potential business to their sites. Link building is the development of links on other sites that directly lead to your own site and are used as a marketing strategy. Three benefits are stood to be gained which are search engine optimisation, directing more traffic to your site and getting your brands noticed. There are many strategies to link building and majority of new website owners and beginners prefer to use link building sites for guidance, tuition and instruction. Many of these sites build links automatically for members, at a cost, which allows website owners to concentrate on other areas especially if marketing the site may be new to them. Below is a list of ten of the best websites on the Internet today for link building. Some of the sites offer a complete link building service whilst others offer tutorials in order for you to learn about link building yourself and manage your own links and marketing on your website. If you are considering link building as an addition to your business then the sites below will be very useful.

link building 1

1. –

Ontolo operates on specific search phrases and is not designed for those that are beginners to link building. Thousands of options are given and it is better suited to large companies or SEO agencies. It is very powerful and allows for end-to-end workflow management with starting costs at $97 per month. There are link building guides and tools on the site to assist you and features include a nightly link prospecting database that allows you to advance search and discover the most relevant prospects.


link building 2

2. –

This tool allows you to create your own database of possible link-building sites and then offers options for contacting site owners. It has a button to add to your browser’s toolbar, which allows you to add any site that you’re currently visiting and BuzzStream will automatically find the name, email address and social media profiles of the site you bookmark. The tool saves time as it helps with conducting campaigns and is available for $29 per month.


link building 3


3. –

This tool has an analysis option that provides you with ways to see and understand what competitors are doing to increase their rankings. It produces a list of metrics such as inbound links to a page or site, anchor texts and ‘Domain Authority’ with a score out of 100 relevant to the power of a domain. It contains simple export options and members have access to’s campaign tools and the Q and A section.  It is simple to use and starting costs are $99 per month, but updates are only once per month.


link building 4


4. –

This site has SEO tools which cover everything from page analysis and social media monitoring to link building. A 30-day free trial is offered for researching, managing and reporting on your campaigns and the SEO research tools pull dozens of metrics, analyse thousands of pages and compile reports in minutes.  Automated link monitoring informs you if the status or quality of a link changes and the system costs just $99 per month giving you value for money.


link building 5


5. – permits you to choose the type of link or site that you’re looking for, enter a few relevant phrases and wait for the software to generate your report. The result is an exportable, filtered list of sites that are relevant to the terms that you used in your search. It offers a pay-as-you-go option at $2 per report as well as a subscription at $27 per month and there is an ultimate guide to link building available on the site.


link building 6

6. – has a local citation tool which offers an easy solution to finding potential link partners at local level. You simply enter your location and type of business, fine-tune the search phrase and then a list of potential link targets will be given. There are basic management tools included with each report which allow you to mark each possible link as a match or a rejection and it also includes a clickable link to the submission page in order to save time. The tool is ideal for small businesses and costs from $20 per month.


link building 7


7. –

This site has verified back-links and gives suggestions for links as well as detailed reports of all completed links. There are explanations about Wiki back-links and Edu back-links and the site stresses that all links have passed copyscape and are related to your niche. There is a special section for social bookmarks and online chat is available for any questions. Joining the mailing list is recommended in order to receive the latest news regarding SEO as well as discount codes.


link building 8


8. –

This site has a tool that features powerful management links as well as back-links. The tool is continually refined to ensure website optimisation, link building, position checking, search engine submission, directory submission and keyword research as well as analysis. The standard price is just 249.95 Euros and includes unlimited links, pages and keywords and back-linking software can also be found along with an SEO content submitter.


link building 9


9. – provides a simple link to show you how to create a link building strategy that brings you traffic and sales including how to find quality links, approach them and get them to link to you. There are simple instructions to follow and the benefits of link building are described as well as effective strategy.  You can discover what your competitors are doing to attract their links and also learn networking and link prospecting. There are many articles to read on the site as well as a special link to keywords.


link building 10


10. – has quality link exchanges and link building services available for free. There is a large directory of links which can be chosen from categories such as arts, business, computers, science, children, society, reference, sports, health, shopping and travel to name a few and several pricing plans are also available to select which allow for greater monthly link requests and commence from $9.85. A customer care centre is available as well as a full FAQ and company news can be found on the site.


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