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A link exchange is a confederation of websites that register their sites with a central organisation that receives HTML code, which is then inserted into web pages. The code causes banner advertisements to be displayed on the sites of the exchange members. The banners are downloaded from the exchange and a monitor determines how many times a site has displayed banner advertisements of other members, awarding credits for that banner on the site where it has been displayed. Usually, for every two times a member’s banner shows on another member’s site that second member displays the banner of the first member. Link exchanges have the advantage of bringing in a highly rated target readership which increases the popularity of a site, but they can also distract the visitor away from the site as some banners, especially with animated images, take time to load and the visitor quickly becomes bored. It is important to keep in mind the size and byte of the banner since both affect the downloading time and also some companies may restrict the content that can be displayed by the banner. If you are considering this method for your website then please find ten of the best link exchange sites listed below. Browsing through all of them is recommended to ensure that you find the right company to suit your websites’ needs.

link exchange 1

1. – is a free link exchange service especially designed to provide access to thousands of link exchange partners in the database. A directory code is sent after registration and this is simply inserted into the home page of GotLinks which creates a link directly to your site. The company also offer a ‘reseller link exchange’ where you can create your own branded link exchange. SEO articles can be found on the site along with hints, tips and guides and a full FAQ and demonstration section are also provided.


link exchange 2


2. Link Market –

Signing up with LinkMarket is free and there are thousands of link exchange partners to choose from. You can start your link exchange immediately since there is no waiting and every reciprocal link exchange is validated. The system is spam free and the company also offer a Pro Plan, which is $34.85 per month and includes extra features such as access to reports, permissions, full support, automatic removal of broken links, multi link verify and automatic anchor text rotation amongst others. There are extra advertising opportunities with text linked ads and banner ads and further information can be found in the customer centre.


link exchange 3


3. Link Exchange SEO–

Link Exchange SEO is based in the Philippines and they monitor their exchange partners every month to ensure that the rules are being followed and any disabled links are quickly notified. There are many categories in the directory to choose from, although not many exchange links at this time since the company is just starting out. It is free to sign up and add your URL and the company already have some good reviews from customers.


link exchange 4


4. – has over 57,000 websites in their directory and offers a wide range of benefits including a shopping cart that holds websites before requests are sent, manually verified content and chosen category, management of many websites with one account as well as controlling the status of the trading process from start to finish. It’s free to sign up and the top ten users with the most credits are advertised. There is also a section giving information on residual links where you can earn $2 for every subscribed site you refer every month.


link exchange 5


5. – is one of the Internets largest and most popular link exchange sites with quite a high ranking on They offer a multitude of services and products for both advertisers and partners including linked ads, banners, posts and text. Information for terms, payouts, renewals, affiliates, methods and invoices are given on the site and you can also blog for cash. The system is results-driven with easy payment terms and full support is available at all times.

link exchange 6


6. – is ranked very high on You can find tips, links, instruction and advice on link exchanges and tools and a video tours are offered. Affiliate details and rewards can be found on the site and information is given for case studies, monetising and comparing. The product was first launched in 2001 and offers you the opportunity to build your own linked e-business from less than $1 per day.


link exchange 7


 7. Link –

With Link Partners you can register, search and find quality links. The process is simple and if you are not sure then there are articles, tips and guidelines to help you. Information can be found in sections named link building school and link building discussions with a full FAQ available. It is free to use and features no spam, no link forms and no free-for-all links pages. In the search facility you can browse for links from many alphabetical listed categories and if you have any queries then contact is welcome, although they advise of waiting time since sites have to be fully approved first.


link exchange 9


8. Link Vault –

Link Vault is made up of a large group of websites and each website must make a few link slots available for other members. Every website added to the network is vetted and if wishing to use a link not in the system, then this website is also vetted. Link Vault is free, easy to use, flexible and easily customised and you will have full control over the amount of text links you receive. There is a guideline, an FAQ and a forum on the site and a section for development news can also be found.


link exchange 9


9. Links Traffic –

This is another popular site for finding link exchanges. There are many sites in the directory which can be chosen from categories such as travel, shopping, business, health, entertaining, technology, arts, education, sports, science and news and media. A list of the best sites is given along with the top referrers and the latest traffic links are on display. Signing up is necessary before submitting your site, but there is no guarantee of acceptance since the site strives to list only relevant websites.


link exchange 10


10. –

Linkspro has over 6300 partners listed in the database and membership is free. The directory has a wide range of categories including beauty, children, business, finance, gambling, entertainment, food, health, medicine, pets and religion. The site is a free reciprocal link exchange directory which was designed to be a free community for webmasters to list their sites and find link partners.





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