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The word Literature comes from Latin meaning work of art. It has two major forms which are fiction and non-fiction and two major techniques which are prose and poetry. Literature can consist of text based factual information as well as biographical and reflective essays with some text stemming from the imagination such as fiction or drama. Poetry is usually written in rhythmic language provoking thought and meaning, while prose has a more grammatical structure and natural flow of speech. Popular types of literature also include romance, mystery, crime, adventure and fantasy as well as erotic with notable historical periods in literature being Elizabethan (Shakespeare time), Restoration period, Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, Victorian and modern day. Philosophical literature was popular with ancient civilisations such as the ancient Romans, Greeks and the early Chinese cultures with great Indian epics featuring at a later date. Major philosophers that have contributed to the literature world include Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Descartes and Nietzsche. Nowadays with the invention of the Internet and devices such as the Kindle, eBooks have become very popular, eliminating the use of paper and allowing for hundreds of books to be stored on one device at a time. Enthusiasts of literature are now fortunate, as recently many forums have been set up for budding writers and appreciators of literature to communicate and share their feelings. Below are ten of the best literature forums on the Internet today which will be valuable for anyone who enjoys reading literature.

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1. The Literature Network -

The Literature Network has many sections for information on literature with a long list of authors and online quizzes to test your knowledge. There are sections for quotes, religious literature and Shakespeare with references for non-fiction and essays. The forum advertises the latest posts and threads and participation is welcome after sign up. Subscription will gain you access to ad-free data with additional features and teachers can open an account for student management.


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2. Literature Junction –

Literature junction has literature forums for discussing and debating literature. Books, classic literature, non-fiction and modern fiction are discussed with a book club which contains suggested reading. There are sections dedicated to children’s books, dramas, plays, philosophy and religious works with the facility to add personal works and poetry. News items are highlighted and ideas can be gained from articles on the art of writing and a full FAQ can be found for assistance.


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3. World Literature Forum –

This site contains forums for discussing literature with literary news sections and publishing information. Specific authors, their lives, legacies and contributions to the world are debated and the facility to select literature from individual continents is given. Sections can be found for non-fiction and translations and support is available at all times. Feedback is welcome on the site, but registration is necessary before posting.


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4. – has a bestsellers and literature forum where enthusiasts can meet like-minded folk and talk about books. There are links to book-related sites as well as a blog for commenting and many books are being discussed in the forum. There are sections for non-fiction as well as bestselling and favourite authors and poetry. Books are also reviewed and a special section is dedicated to horror books, but signing in is needed before you can comment on the topics.


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5. Above Top Secret-

The famous site Above Top Secret has a forum for discussing books and mentions free books that are currently available on Kindle for a limited time. You can join the book circle and read about poetry as well as see the novels and literature that is recommended. The forum discusses issues with publishing and looks at legal free books and where to find them. There are quotes to read and sections on many individual authors and top topics and new topics are highlighted.


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6. The Quotations Page –

This site is a quotations and literature forum, which advertises random quotes and quotes of the day. There are book reviews and an index for finding authors and listed subjects. There are articles to read and any quotes not found on the site are welcome to be added. Many books are being discussed in the forum and after registration you can comment on the threads and participate. You can set up your own page on the site and store your favourite quotes and the word of the day is quoted each morning to give you inspiration.


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7. English Literature Forum –

This forum is dedicated to English Literature and for English Literature enthusiasts to meet and share their love for Literature. Posts can be found for literary works, poetry, novels, essays and short stories and there is a section for the history of English Literature. Critics, criticism and critical theories are debated and American literature and English plays can also be found. Religious literature and works from other Commonwealth countries are also stated and there is a forum for students to submit their articles as well as a blog for assistance.


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8. – has a forum for books and literature with a section dedicated to horror books. Books on fantasy, war stories, romance, vampires, werewolves, history books, Tolkien, fiction, science fiction, crime and myths are all mentioned in the topics with the Lord of the Rings being the favourite set of books amongst the community. There is also a lounge for relaxing and meeting new members and you can also join the book club.


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9. –

The site has a forum dedicated to the younger generation with quizzes and games to play based on literature. The best literature for teens is discussed along with other favourite authors for children with the most popular stories seem to be about ghosts. You can ask questions and talk about your favourite books with the community as well as give your own opinions. There are badges and gifts to be won in the quizzes and you can even join the special book corner.


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10. -

This forum specialises in eBooks where you can talk with other members, respond to polls, send private messages and even upload your own content. There are reading recommendations in the writer’s corner and advice is given about which apps and Kindles to purchase. EBook uploads, software and formats are currently being discussed along with favourite authors and there is a special section for eBooks in another language.




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