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A logo is a graphic mark or emblem that is used by businesses, corporations, organisations and even individuals in order to promote public recognition. Logos can be symbols or icons or composed of the name of the company, which is then used as the trademark. Logos are generally original, bright and colourful in order to bring attention with the best logos establishing themselves as the identity of the company and with some famous logos the business is recognised without needing to mention the name. Logos are a form of art and design and many sites and companies now offer the service professionally. Icons are also classed as works of art and the word is taken from Greek meaning image. Icons are small images such as a crest, coat of arms, flag or seal and many icons are used worldwide since their pictures can translate their use or their purpose without the need for language. With the development of the Internet, there has been a great need for logos and icons and many sites are now offering both of these valuable assets for free. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for logos and icons. Some are free and some are available at a little cost and if you are considering a logo for your business, then the list will be very valuable as many ideas can be gained from the sites.



1. Iconfinder.com – https://www.iconfinder.com/

You can search for icons with this site and there are thousands of different ones such as Glyph, Picons, Icony, credit cards, food and drink, lines, helveticons, wirecons, linecons, flat and flat IU.  The flat IU and the wirecons are free along with the linecons with some of the others having a little charge to download. There is a section to view all the free ones and a further section for premium icons with specific icons being highlighted. There is a blog for commenting and the facility to upload icons as well and help is available if necessary.




2. Iconarchive.com – http://www.iconarchive.com/

This site has over 459,000 icons and more than 2,000 icon sets for you to browse by today, yesterday or on any specific date. There are 1,500 Vector icons that can be downloaded and many categories can be chosen. Icons can be viewed and selected by the newest, the largest or completely at random and there is the facility to store your favourites all together in one place. 7,000 bitmap icons and royalty-free stock are available to see and all donations are gratefully accepted.




3. Iconspedia.com – http://www.iconspedia.com/

Iconspedia.com offers many categories to select icons from including animals, art, brands, food and drink, cartoons, business, media, sports, travel and entertainment to name a few.The latest and top rated icons are highlighted and you can view what others users are downloading. There are featured icon packs to download and icons can also be shared with friends on social media sites. You can submit new icons and join the community and becoming a member is easy and fast.




4. Freeiconsweb.com – http://www.freeiconsweb.com/

You can download more than 1,600 icons on this site with royalty free icons and stock icon collections all stored in the same place. You can view the latest stock icon sets and collections by colour with categories including animals, businesses, cartoon, food, funny, holidays and people and there are sections for Vector icons and Web icons as well. A special section is dedicated to PDS files and web buttons and 3D icons can also be found.




5. Iconfactory.com – http://iconfactory.com/home

This site brings news about icons with the latest developments including new apps with special apps for icon designing. You can subscribe to receive the latest RSS feed and read about how the icon apps function. Each app is appraised with full explanations as well as reviews to help you decide on your purchase. You can browse all the products and links are provided leading to further news items and you are welcome to submit links to the site.




6. Logopond.com – http://logopond.com/

Logopond.com has showcases of amazing logos for you to browse. You can view the top ten logos and peek at the new designs with sections dedicated to restaurants, music and photography. You can see recent additions to the galleries as well as follow the designers and you comment and discuss logos with other members in the forum. There is a newsletter to keep you abreast of updates and individual templates can be searched.




7. Logosauce.com – http://www.logosauce.com/

Logosauce.com has the latest logos and there is the facility to search and browse. There are competitions to enter for logo designers and you can meet other like-minded folk in the blog and participate in the comments and threads. If you are looking for a logo, then you can contact the designers and there is a pricing guide given on the site. There is also a section for designers to meet new clients and special offers can be found for regular users.




8. Logooftheday.com – http://logooftheday.com/

Logooftheday.com gives designs and inspiration daily with a selection of original logos to choose. You can view the most popular logos in the logo of the month section and look for a specific designer. There is a blog advertising the latest comments and you are welcome to suggest a logo with logo resources available to assist you. Daily logos and updates can be received by email and you can meet the judge of the logos.



2013-10-09-17-25-24--20286165379. Logofaves.com – http://logofaves.com/

This site invites you to select your favourite logo with more than 100 logo design concepts. You can browse the logos by most popular, newest, highly rated or simply at random and there is a section to meet the designers. You are welcome to pin the logos that you view in the gallery and new ideas and logos can be submitted. Inspiration can be found for creating your own personal logo and contact with the site is welcome.




10. Brandsoftheworld.com – http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/

This site has one of the largest collections of free Vector logos for downloading. You can upload the logos to showcase your work and help your fellow designers and you can receive ratings and comments from your peers and assist by giving your critique. The latest stock-logos can be viewed and prices are clearly marked for purchasing. Logos can be selected by category, history, country or alphabetically and contact the site is welcome.


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