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Visiting London?

Obviously there are tons of travel websites dedicated to getting insight into the best tourist attractions around the globe. However, to really get into all that London, England has to offer it might be advantageous to seek out websites that focus predominantly on London. That is what this list is about – the ten best sites to find out all that London has to offer. Many have fantastic Alexa traffic rating scores but some are little hidden gems that the world has yet to fully discover. The best holidays (or vacations as many call them) begin with proper planning so if you are anticipating a visit to London, be sure to check out the following ten fantastic tourist attraction websites.


1. TimeOut London:  

Global Alexa Rating: 2,381


TimeOut provides a number of comprehensive guides for cities around the world and their webpage is packed with information about restaurants and bars, films and theatre, art, gigs, clubs, shops and more. There are a number of sections to check out including a What to do in London section that gives the best events going on today, this week, this weekend and later in the month. The events calendar could easily be a favorite for both tourists and Londoners alike. Be sure to check out the Best of London section with categories such as the top 50 restaurants, best markets, reader recommendations and cheap things to do.




Global Alexa Rating: 14,474


This is the official visitor guide for London and includes a number of categories including Discover London, Things to Do, Where to Stay, Traveler Information and Special Offers. There is a widget on the main page showing the current climate and weather in London. There are two tools that are interesting – one is an official London app available for both iPhone and Android devices and the other is the ability to create and save a list of London attractions which can be useful when planning a trip to London. Follow their Facebook page and Tweets for current comments by locals and tourists. The Discovery London has the ability to choose the manner in which one wishes to tour London such as budget, classic, family and luxury.



3. London Town:   

Global Alexa Rating: 19,170


London Town has expert bloggers each with a specialty when it comes to writing about the capital. These specialties include hotels, shopping, attractions, venues, bars, parks, clubs, restaurants, pubs, health & leisure, museums, sightseeing, dance, markets, events, concerts, exhibitions, kids and comedy. Articles such as those on romance, luxury, business and outdoor activities will help Londoners and tourists fully grasp all that London has to offer. The website is very well organized into sections including accommodations, attractions, restaurants, entertainment, events, leisure, nightlife and more. They have provided this information since 1985 making this site one of the most comprehensive ones available. Don’t forget to check out the visitor guide links at the bottom of the page which include some great theatre dinner deals and a unique section called London for Free.



4. Londonist:   

Global Alexa Rating: 30,022


The Londonist website is far more than just a tourist website. It goes into everything and anything you’d ever want to know about London including news, reviews, events, history and things that affect its future. It began in 2004 and in its almost 10 years has grown to over 600,000 unique visits and over 1.5 million page views per month. The website is organized into seven categories – Features, Food & Drink, News, Theatre & Arts, Things to Do, Today and Weekend. Users can also use their search tool. On the main page is a link to their weekly podcast called Londonist Out Loud where one can also access past podcasts each with a description regarding the content that week.



5. The London Pass:

Global Alexa Rating: 109,717


The London Pass is not a website about London’s attractions although they do list the ones they include on their pass. What the website does is enable travelers to purchase a pass which provides free entry to over 60 top attractions and tours. The pass also includes a free 160+ page guidebook with information and maps. Tourists can purchase a pass for one day, two days, three days or six days with a discounted price for children. The pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase so it is a great idea to purchase ahead of time to get the guidebook to help plan the trip. One special feature of the London Pass is the ability to skip the lines at certain attractions which are noted on the website. The website also includes some well written blogs about London.



6. LondonNet:

Global Alexa Rating: 181,708


The LondonNet site is a great tool for locating numerous things  so it is a practical site both for tourists and Londoners. The hotel section enables a search for hotel based on star rating and also brings up bed & breakfasts, apartments & studios, airport hotels, guest houses, hostels, flatshares, student halls and female only hostels. Tickets can be obtained on the site for attractions, ballet & dance, clubs, comedy, tours, musicals, opera, plays, sports, theme parks and package deals such as theatre & hotel or theatre & meal. The site is full of information regarding attractions, cinema, clubs, restaurants, music and theatre. The city info section also gives information on airports, flights, jobs, shopping and maps.


7. Visit England Annual Survey:

Global Alexa Rating: 406,333


Each year, VisitEngland asks visitor attractions to take part in a survey and although not all participate it does include most. There are a number of reports on the site including a summary report, full report, full attractions listing, top paid attractions, top free attractions and top attractions by region. The reports can be useful for tourists in a number of ways. They give visitors numbers so one can see how popular the attraction is and also includes the cost of admission in many cases. There is other useful information such as a weather summary of the past four seasons. Overall it is simply another tool for the planning process and a fun way to learn some statistics about the attractions. There are also other areas of the VisitEngland site that can be helpful and interesting.



8. Londontopia:

Global Alexa Rating: 528,213


Londontopia strives to have a website that will create not just a place to plan a trip  but also a way to feel so much a part of London that even if one cannot make the trip they can feel like they have been there. The topics of the posts are varied enough and updated often as to make this a great site to visit over and over again. The main page includes the current time and weather in London so right off the bat you can picture it. Further down the page they include tons of resources for travelers including the current GBP exchange rates. The site is organized into Blog, Travel, Culture, Londonism, The Tube and Videos. The Londonism section is particularly fun as it includes reviews, fun, iconic sites, life in the capital, London realities, moving to to the capital, politics and property.



9. The London Guide:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,223,736


While not the fanciest of sites it is a great source for information for those that do not like to be bombarded with advertising – in fact, they operate as a completely advertisement-free zone. They proudly describe themselves as “Independent & Opinionated Since 1997.” Categories for the website include Site A-Z, Introduction, When to Come, Planning, Transport, Hotels, Children, Food & Drink, Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, Attractions, Art, Historical, Markets, Museums, Activities, London for Free, Outside London and Rest of UK. They also include guidebooks, walks & tours, a cheat sheet for understanding London slang and words that differ from American English and a fun quiz to see just how Brit you are.



10. Walk London:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,428,175

This is a fantastic resource for those that like to hit the pavement when touring a city as it includes tons of self-guided walks. It is complete with sightseeing maps and guides so that travelers can plan the walk that takes them to their preferred attractions. Each walk includes a variety of refreshment and resting stops so that the walk can be both enjoyable and relaxing. The top five walks are the Westminster Walk, Queen’s Walk, Pool of London Walk, City of London Walk and Royal London Walk. Each walk is well described by a map, descriptions of the attractions and how long the walk will take at both a leisurely rate and at a power walker rate. This is a truly unique and wonderful way to experience London.

Even Londoners might appreciate many of these websites for locating things to do that they might not have known about or haven’t seen in awhile. It can be great fun to act like a tourist now and then! Using the tools and information in these websites will allow one to get the very most out of their time in the English Capital.


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