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Does your mac need a cleanup?

Disk cleaning is vital for all computers as it liberates disk space on a computer hard drive. A search is carried out firstly and then the tool analyses the files on the hard disk that are no longer needed and removes anything that is unnecessary. Some of the functions performed by a disk cleaner include compression of old files, removal of temporary windows and temporary Internet files, removal of unwanted downloaded programme files, clearance of recycle bin, removal of unused applications or optional components and setting up log files. Users also have the option to compress files that have not been used over a period of time, which frees valuable space and enables the computer to work faster. Compressed files may be accessed after compression, but times may be increased or vary from system to system. Normally after analysing a list is produced for your approval before any data is deleted with some cleanup disks specifically working with Windows and others with Mac and even some that can clean both. Below is a list of ten of the best Mac disk clean up tools and programmes available on the Internet today. Reading the entire list is advised to find one suitable for your requirements and the best news of all is that some of them are free to download and use.


mac1.      CCleaner –

CCleaner by Piriform is one of the most efficient and free cleaners on the Internet today. It can be used with Windows or Mac and also protects your online security making your computer faster and more secure. It cleans all temporary files, cookies and download history from most browsers as well as all traces of your online activity. There is no adware or spyware with the programme and the company offers full support as well as other software for de-fragmenting and business solutions.




2.      HD Cleaner –

This site offers a download for disk cleaning. The system can be used with Windows or Mac and cleans all temporary files, browser cache’s, cookies and download history from most browsers as well as all traces of your online activity. It is recommended to run a scan before use and a useful link is provided to download. Other software is also available and true to the name of the site, all the downloads are free.




3. –

Mackeeper is an essential tool for your Mac as it provides a simple, fast and easy way of securing your computer and keeping it clean at the same time. The tool is multi-tasking and many reviews from experts as well as testimonials from satisfied customers can be read on the site. There are sections to read about the data control as well as the security and cleaning facilities contain an uninstaller, files finder, duplicates finder, cache cleaner, binaries and language cutters and logs cleaner.





This is a powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organised and free of files that slow it down. It erases large files that may have been forgotten as well as small junk files and has a built-in filter. Hidden files are easily erased freeing up valuable space and it facilitates keeping track of all apps. Leftovers from previously installed apps are wiped away and you can easily view extensions such as widgets and plug-ins that you might not use or need.




5. –

This site has applications to remove large unwanted files such as photos, music, software downloads and applications support files as well as programmes that you don’t need any more. It takes you through the process step-by-step and after checking will scan your hard drive and give you a potential list of unwanted files which can be drilled down to create extra space. There are screenshots and instructions that are easy to follow and support is available at all times.




6. – has a disk to help you keep your Mac clean and tidy as it shows you the size of files and folders graphically so you can see your disk space and how much is used. It is free to download, but donations to PayPal are gratefully accepted and the layout is in algorithm style with screenshots on the site for you to view.  There is a section for notes and a forum for discussions and commenting and help is available if necessary.





This site has an app that is a multifunctional utility for Mac users. It allows you to verify the start up disk and the structure of the system files to run miscellaneous tasks of system maintenance. It configures the hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock and Spotlight and deletes caches and a certain number of files that have become cumbersome or obsolete. The tool is free and a useful link for downloading is available on the site. You can search for other Mac apps and watch a video for installation as well as see what other users have rated.




8. – has ways for you to free-up space on your Mac with tips for making room on your start-up disk. Clear instructions are given with diagrams for you to follow and emptying the trash, archiving old files, cleaning system logs and temporary files and compressing files are discussed.  Spare partitions and second hard drives are explored with links, suggested reading and support available to help you.




9. – has a disk cleaner for clearing up all the unwanted files on your hard drive such as the system temporary folder, recycle bin, cookies and Internet explorer Cache. You can also erase all personal tracks like recently typed URLs and it supports all the main browsers. The system allows you to create cleaning profiles which you can automatically run at the system start without user intervention and you can also repair and replace damaged or corrupted files or even those that have been deleted.


10.  Disk Doctor –

This is an app especially for Macs that removes unwanted discs from your hard drive. It can empty application caches, logs, browser data, downloads folders and large unwanted folders as well as clear the trash in the bin. It has recently been updated so all bugs have been fixed and you can contact the developers to let them know what features you would like them to add. Screenshots are available to view on the site and you can read reviews from satisfied customers.


  • Aug 19th 2014

    These are all pretty useful sites but there is a lot of manual stuff that can be done to help speed up and clean up your Mac - Great instructions in this 21 point post here -

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