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Macintosh, better known as Mac is a line of computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The company successfully introduced the first Macintosh back in 1984 when Steve Jobs was the chairman of the company and in 1998 Apple consolidated its multiple consumer-level desktop models into the all-in-one iMac. Apple exclusively produces Mac hardware, choosing internal systems, designs and prices, but used third party components such as graphics subsystems from Intel, Nvidia and AMD.  The modern Mac is capable of running alternative operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and for Intel-based Macs, Microsoft Windows. However, Apple does not licence OS X for use on its computers. The battle between Microsoft and Apple began with Microsoft introducing Windows 3.0, which was less expensive and this led to Apple bringing an even less expensive version of the Macintosh SE with the cheapest version being introduced in 2001. From that date onwards Apple started to include DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM as standard with Steve Jobs confessing that Apple had been late to join the party. However, Apple has gone on to introduce the iPod, iPhone and iPad and has firmly re-established itself at the top by doing so. The popularity has seen the need for information from the general public and many sites and forums have now been established in order to facilitate the need. Below are listed ten of the best Mac forums and whatever your Mac requirements might be, you will be able to find the information below.


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1. Mac Forums –

Mac Forums claims to be the ultimate source for your Mac and judging by the high rank on it appears to be true. Much information can be found in the forums with topics chosen from categories such as community information, general discussions, digital lifestyle, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac OS X software and Apple hardware as well as developer playground. The top threads and hottest topics are highlighted and if you cannot find the information you are searching for in the forum then you certainly will in the article section on the blog with a long list of categories to choose from.


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2. Mac Forums Cnet –

Cnet is ranked at number at 109 in the world and the site has a section dedicated to Mac Forums. You can get advice from a community of experts on buying software, Apple hardware, MacBooks, Mac OS, Mac desktops, Mac peripherals, iPods, iTunes and Apple TV as well as discuss any issues and find assistance. Hot discussions and latest posts are advertised and you can create a new discussion after logging in.


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3. Open Source Mac –

This is a simple list of open source free software for Mac OS X. The list offers some great sites like Firefox Browser, Miro video player and torrents, Bitcoin for financial transactions, VLC for video playback, Gimp for photos and many more top sites. It’s evident the company has certainly researched tirelessly in order to produce the list and know the best compatible software for Mac. There are also sections for the best iPhones and the best Mac games and some very good tips and advice can be found for software developers.


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4. Mac World –

This is another popular site with a high rank on The latest news and reviews can be read in articles and videos with ‘stories not to be missed’ highlighted. Categories to gain information can be chosen from video, Macs, OS X, Mac Apps, Business, mobile, IOS apps, entertainment and more including informative sections for PCWorld and TechHive. Guides and updates can be found scattered throughout the site and signing up to the site is encouraged.


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5. Mac Update –

This site has a very long list of new Mac software that is updated regularly. All the software is individually rated and states the purpose and function as well as licensing terms. Browsing can be made by most recent, day, week or month with a facility for searching for specific software available. There is a section to install Mac Desktop and you can sign up to receive the latest Mac deals in the newsletter.


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6. Pure Mac –

Pure Mac states that it has all the software you need. A long list of software can be found and selected by category.  All software is index-charted denoting its originality and the colour codes can be found on the site. Categories to choose from are games. Home, Internet, multi-media, system, utilities and web and each selection contains many sub-categories. A section for Mac resources and extension keys can be found and the site is updated weekly.


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7. Free Mac –

This site lists a range of free software available to download for Mac users. All the software is reviewed and rated and there is a link for downloading available with each one. The list includes, Hashtab, security freeware, iBooks, games, Mac utilities and many more. The top ratings are advertised and websites can be added for free. There are further tabs for iPhone and music and contact with the site is welcome.


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8. Mac Tricks and Tips –

James Powell is behind this useful site which gives you many useful Mac tricks and tips as the name suggests. The site is very popular and ranks highly on no doubt from the valuable information it contains. The list of categories is enormous and there are too many to name. The archives can be explored and a full FAQ is available. You can read all about James on the site and contact him too, but don’t expect a reply straight away as this popular Lincolnshire chap is very busy.


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9. Mac Surfer –

Mac Surfer brings you all the latest headline news for Mac users with information to be found in the sections for  Apple, OS X, general interest, hardware and software, reviews, OP/ED, Press releases, computer industry and finances. News can be found for new iPad accessories with specials being offered in Mac Closeout. Much information can be found on the site and subscribing is encouraged to receive the wide range of membership benefits.


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10. Mac Rumours –

This is another very popular site with information for Mac users in articles, tips and videos. If you have a tip you can share it with them in the forum or on the Mac blog. There is a buyer’s guide to help you choose the product to suit your needs and information can be found for iMac, iPad mini, Mac mini and 13 inch Macbook Pro can be found in Roundups.




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