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Macroeconomics of interest?

Macroeconomics comes from the Greek word ‘Makro’ meaning large and is the study of economics as a whole dealing with behaviour, structure and performance within an economic environment. Macroeconomics is used to explain output, income, consumption, savings, investments, unemployment and international trade, to name a few, within a certain sector or company and functions in a similar fashion to Microeconomics. It is a broad field of study and the principle focus is on understanding fluctuations in national income and understanding the causes for economic growth. The subject is used by Government bodies and large corporations to assist in business strategy and economic policy taking into account workers, consumers and producers to produce a stable economy. It sounds complex and has terminology that can baffle the brightest amongst us. However, help is at hand with the list below. All the sites contain special sections dedicated to giving information on Macroeconomics to help with its understanding and use. There are very few resources on the Internet for researching the subject. However, listed below are ten of the best in the world.


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1. Econ Guru –

Econ Guru lists the best books to find information on Macroeconomics with the best selling and the most popular being advertised and highlighted. Useful links are also provided for related articles and books can be searched for by subject or title. Tips and hints are given throughout the site and further links lead to reviews on the subject. Videos from economists can be viewed with articles on Macroeconomics theory, unemployment, money and recession also offered. All articles can be printed and useful links to notes, explanations and the school of economics are provided.


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2. Wise Geek –

This site ranks high on and contains very informative data on Macroeconomics. Full explanations and notes are given on the subject and subcategories containing theories, money information and unemployment and recession data can be obtained.  A list of books on the subject can be downloaded and a special section is dedicated to the school of economics. Useful links are provided for further reading on Macroeconomics and answers are invited to a questionnaire regarding information given on the site.


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3. – is one of the most popular and informative sites for gaining information on any subject on the Internet today with the section for Macroeconomics being no exception. Books and notes can be found and a full detailed explanation regarding understanding Macroeconomics is given. Useful links and articles can be found with special references for beginners. Details on courses are given and help and advice is offered to students with tips for passing exams in the subject.


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4. Investopedia –

Investopedia is one of the most popular sites globally for providing economic information as it ranks very highly on and a section dedicated to Macroeconomics can be found on the site. Explanations and definitions are given with related topics and many articles can be read. Useful economic indicators are provided with hot definitions highlighted. Comments on any of the articles are invited and details of tutorials can be found.


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5. Macroeconomics –

This is a small unknown site from Canberra in Australia, but it is entirely dedicated to Macroeconomics since the company specialise in the subject. Many topics and subtopics are discussed with quantitive analysis, policy and advocacy advice along with marketing media services being offered by the site. Information on Australian and Commonwealth budgets are given with pages being available to download. Subscription to the site is invited and any questions or queries are welcome.


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6. People.Stern –

This site ranks high on and contains links to Macroeconomics information, data and analysis. The information is composed of five sections which are U.S. Macroeconomic data, Macroeconomic analysis and commentary, world and international data, magazines and news and sites with links to other economic websites. There are sub-sections with further links provided to obtain more data and all the information on the site is compiled by the Stern School of Business.

7. BUBL Link –

BUBL Link contains a catalogue of Internet resources including a good section on Macroeconomics. Links are given to articles, journals, news stories and data on Macroeconomics with titles to select such as global Macroeconomics, World income, Quantitative Macroeconomics and market data. Searches for information can be conducted by selecting individual countries, subject menus and types or from the index. Further links to reference data, documents and bibliographies are provided along with an email address for comments.


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8. Macroeconomics –

This information on Macroeconomics is actually provided by Google. Assessments and homework tasks are set and tips and help are offered for student’s exams and revision. A list of subjects is given such as unemployment, inflation, economic growth and Macroeconomics objectives to name a few with sub pages including balance of payments, business cycle, international economics and Macroeconomic performance. Articles, data, reports and facts can be searched individually and a list of notes and resources are given for assistance.


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9. Economics One –

Economics One is a blog by John B. Taylor which contains very good articles and advice on Macroeconomics. Blogs and information can be selected from the current posts or the archives. Relevant posts for Macroeconomics are ‘Macroeconomic lessons from the great deviation’, ‘big Mac and big Macro’ and the ‘Macroeconomics of education’. Useful links are provided leading to further references and books on the subject and subscribing to receive the posts is encouraged.


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10. The World Bank –

The World Bank contains a section on Macroeconomics with information in the form of reports, newsletters, papers, documents and articles. All searches can be carried out by date, topic, country or type with the information being available in several languages. Data can be downloaded and titles such as Macroeconomic performance, policy, inequality, control, underpinnings of adjustment lending, stabilisation, fiscal decentralisation and population can be viewed to name a few. Help and assistance is given on the site for obtaining information and researching with a section for projects and operations highlighted. There is a further section for the latest news items and contact with the site is welcome.



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