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Magic has been around for centuries and has been entertaining and thrilling the general public since before the time of the Romans. Magic can be divided into white magic and black magic; the latter referring more to sorcery, wizards, witches, spells and the dark side of the subject. Famous magicians have included Merlin and Harry Houdini the great escapologist from the past and in present times David Blaine and illusionist Chris Angel. The three basic types of magic are homeopathic magic, sympathetic magic and contagious magic. There are other terms used to define magic such as divination, occult, ESP, voodoo, thaumaturgy, tantra and alchemy. The subject is fascinating and can cover so many topics. It is discussed and debated the world over with groups and associations, the most famous of which being the magic circle. The sites listed below will surely be of use to anyone with an interest in magic. Most of the sites are especially for enthusiasts to meet and interact with like minded folk in magic forums and groups with magic as the common theme and here are ten of the very best.


magic forum 1


1. Club Magicians –

This site is a community especially ‘for magicians, by magicians, about magicians’. There are many magic topics being discussed in the forum and the popular ones are magic round-table, card magic, coin magic and close-up magic as well as street and stage magic. Photographs and videos can be shared and groups and threads can be started in the blog. The latest activity is listed and ‘tokens’ such as mugs and t-shirts can be purchased in the small shop with all donations to the site being gratefully accepted.


magic forum 2


2. Talkmagic –

Talkmagic is an online magic forum for discussing and interacting with magicians from all over the world. There are different areas in which to post and comment on the threads which are new arrivals, magic news, general, reviews, trading post and non magic area with two further sections named restricted area and very restricted area, whose contents I will not reveal for fear of spoiling the surprise.


magic forum 3


3. The Magic Café –

The Magic Café is open 24 hours for magicians to post threads and comment on the world of magic. Posts are updated daily and various categories for posts are given along with different subjects. You can search a subject and contribute, once you have signed in and a counter at the bottom of the site will inform you of new threads that have been posted since your last visit.


magic forum 4


4. Card Tricks –

Card Tricks does have an online shop to purchase magic goodies, but the main focus is the magic forum, where threads and discussions take place between like-minded magicians. Searches can be made to find open topics where replies and comments are welcome. The latest topic of mastering ten card tricks was posted some time ago, but useful links are provided for further information with current contacts.


magic forum 5


5. – was created in 2001 with the idea of providing an online training environment for learning magic tricks and to date the site has over 60,000 members making it one of the largest magic forums in the world. The topics are in groups such as general, the next level, media forums and the protected level with the latest posts advertised. Other sections include tricks and DVDs, playing cards, accessories and learn now with participation encouraged after signing for membership.


magic forum 6


6. Mighty Magic Tricks –

This is a small relatively unknown site, but it is dedicated to optical illusions, magic tricks and puzzles and does reveal the secrets for many magic tricks. There are ten different trick categories and thirty optical illusions categories. Information is given in video demonstrations with articles adding to understanding. A section named illusion of the day has a further thirty categories with explanations and links are provided leading to further magic information.


magic forum 7


7. – provides simple instructions and explanations to learn magic tricks with many secrets being revealed. Demonstration videos are given along with information on levitating, spoon bending, torn and restored, conjuring and card stunts. Categories offered are cards, coins, street magic, bar tricks and optical illusions with ‘a trick of the day’ being advertised. The site is very popular no doubt from the amount of tricks and mysteries that it unveils.


magic forum 8


8. How to do Tricks –

How to do tricks is a fun site with step-by-step easy guides to follow for learning magic. There are many shortcuts shown with video demonstrations aided by photographs. Lessons and instructions are available for learning the basics of card tricks, coin trickery, levitation and street magic. There are sections on quick tricks, optical illusions and bar tricks and contact with the site for feedback and suggestions is welcome.


magic forum 9


9. –

Even if you are a beginner you can show off your skills to friends and family by learning magic with this site. There are videos, documentaries, TV shows, articles and blog postings to assist you with card, coin, illusion, levitation, mentalism, close-up, rope, rubber band, ring, math magic and bar tricks. The latest magic feed is available in RSS with the most popular videos being advertised. Enjoy watching funny clips and performances from great champions of magic with new postings being updated every day. A list of famous illusions is given and what you learn here you must promise to keep a secret.


magic forum 10


10. – teaches you how to perform tricks with over 100 different tricks to choose from. Each trick has an easy-to-follow explanation and there are useful links given too. Categories selections on offer are card tricks, coin tricks, balls, cups, eggs, handkerchiefs, table tricks, sleight of hand, animals, memory, sham mesmerism and clairvoyance and many more. In fact, the list is almost endless and there are also categories for magician’s tools and new additions. There is a search facility offered for individual tricks and diagrams are added to help understand the magic.



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