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Are you wanting to make a new app?

Many people have good ideas about making a new app, but perhaps do not know where to start. There are basic steps to follow and much information must be learned with the understanding of where to go to find it. Hardware, software and the timing of a new project should be considered along with coding, but fortunately there are many sites today that can show you how to code and you can even build an app without understand coding. Previous experience in programming will assist with understanding and timing, although frameworks can be achieved with basic knowledge which is readily available. There are no quick routes or shortcuts to be found as the subject continues to grow every day, but there are sites nowadays that can take you through the process with step-by-step guides and even explain where to publish your idea and your app. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for making an app, whether it is for an iPhone or for the android platform. For those that have experience, a little knowledge or for the complete beginner the sites will prove very useful if you are considering building and making an app.



1. –

This site explains how to get started making an app without needing to understand code.  You can connect with popular mechanics and there are featured videos to help you as well as articles to read and related stories in the comments and threads. Information can be found in sections named how to, DIY central, science, technology and adventure and suggestions and hints can be found stating which tools are the best to use.




2. – has a page dedicated to creating an iPhone or android app without any coding skills. A link is provided to software that is a template-based process for importing information and it creates the code that is used. The site tells you all that is needed and gives clear explanations with screenshots and there are tools to assist you for free. Video tutorials will take you through the development and podcasts and guides can also be found along with the facility to search a topic.


3. –

This famous and popular site will show you how to make iPhone apps and earn money. There are sections for learning how to code an android app and how to create an application for iPhone and the instructions are clear, precise and easy-to-follow. There are articles for beginners, creating, developing and selling an app and you can see how to make your app successful. Tips and warnings are provided along with suggested reading material and there are further sections to give you inspiration and ideas.



4. –

This site will show you how to make an app in order to gain fame and fortune. This is the official site of the magazine Popular Science and the present edition as well as past covers can be found. There are hints, tips and articles to read along with videos and podcasts to view. Events, promotions and the photo gallery are promoted and step-by-step instructions for building an app are explained including a section for coding.



5. –

The popular site has a page dedicated to building and creating an android app with screenshots, guides and related stories to assist you. There are reviews and suggested reading material given and each category can be selected and browsed. Details about the android platform are shown with virtual devices and emulation and coding are explained. You can see how to test your app before releasing it and there are comments to follow to help you as well.




6. – has a special section to show you how to make an app for an iPhone or Ipad in one hour without any programming. There is a course that can be purchased to show you, which can be previewed and you will learn how to prototype, design and release apps onto the app store. The course is aimed at beginners and will take you through a mock client proposal and show you how to make apps for other people. It is also ideal for small businesses and designers, but not for experienced programmers.



7. –

This site has a section which will show you how to create your first iPhone app. Project goals and development is explored along with evaluating and targeting market professionals. The site tells you how to open a developer account, sketch your design, identify the work to be outsourced and also the marketing of the app through to the conclusion. There are sections for coding and graphics and you can email the site with questions.



8. –

This site has 17 solutions to build your own mobile app and you don’t need to be a developer. There are advanced mobile developer tools to help you and app development tools for web programmers and non-developers with clear instructions and a step-by-step guide. Screenshots are given and there are articles to read with a newsletter available after signing up.



9. –

Ezine has an article which explains how to make an android app. The options for creating are explored including the app inventor created by the android developers, android application programme and an online guide and tutorial for an android app. There are useful links provided to help you get stared and the article is easy to read and clear.


10. –

This site gives an easy way to build your first iPhone app. The instructions are in the form of a tutorial with the tutorial details, a list of requirements and useful links leading to further information. Screenshots can be found to outline explanations and sections such as building your web app, designer, running and concluding are given. Diagrams and screenshots of basic coding can also be found and details of submitting your app are given.



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