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You don’t need to be of Italian descent to enjoy pasta, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Talk to any Italian chef and you’ll likely hear about their family’s secret tomato sauce, or “gravy” as they often refer to it. If you can get that recipe, you will be in heaven – but only if you have a really special pasta to put it on. Store bought is mediocre at best, but you’ll be happy to know that crafting pasta is not all that difficult. Here are ten websites that will demystify the process of making pasta. Some have fantastic videos and others opted for photographs. Although the recipe is pretty much the same (except for the gluten-free one), you may find one easier to learn the technique from than another. The sites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. BBC GoodFood – How to Make Pasta Video:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,870

It is always great fun to listen to a video with a British accent and this 4 minute video won’t disappoint you. The presenter uses a food processor and a manual pasta machine for rolling out the pasta dough. Just two ingredients – 00 flour and eggs. It is helpful to watch this video to get the technique of rolling using a manual machine down. Be sure to read the three tips offered at the bottom of the page as well.




2. Jamie Oliver:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,827

If you’ve ever watched one of Jamie Oliver’s television shows, you know that he likes to keep things simple and earthy, hence why you see his ingredient list stating to use large free-range eggs. Again, the same recipe otherwise, just 00 flour and eggs. There isn’t a video nor any photos of the steps, so you must follow just by reading the narrative. The site does include the nutritional information per serving. As he states, “Just mix eggs and flour with a little love and attention.”



3. The Pioneer Woman:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,908

This tutorial for making pasta is done in step-by-step photos. One nice addition is the discussion about knowing how much flour and egg to use depending on how many servings you need. The technique used here is completely done by hand with no machinery used – no food processor and no pasta machine. You end up with a rustic noodle that really looks homemade. The recipe for this one is a bit different in that it uses all-purpose flour instead of 00 flour.




4. The Little Kitchen:

Global Alexa Rating: 29,554

There is a quick two minute video on this site about how to make homemade pasta with a KitchenAid mixer and the pasta making attachment called the Pasta Roller Set that you can purchase for your KitchenAid that makes short work of the rolling out task. The recipe used on this site is quite different than other sites in that it uses all-purpose flower, salt, eggs and water in the preparation of the pasta dough.




5. David Lebovitz:

Global Alexa Rating: 41,419

This tutorial and recipe is presented through narrative and photos. He offers instruction for making the dough using a stand mixer or by hand. He also discusses using a pasta roller versus doing it by hand. His recipe is a bit different in that he uses both semolina and all-purpose flour, although you can use just the all-purpose flour if you choose. He also discusses making some unique choices such as adding herbs and using different flours. He includes some useful links at the bottom of the article as well.




6. Gluten-Free-Girl:

Global Alexa Rating: 125,383

For those that need or choose to avoid gluten, it can be expensive and challenging to locate good quality gluten-free pasta. Thanks to this post, you can make your own! The article includes a narrative about the pains and tribulations, trials and errors that went into finally developing a fantastic gluten-free fresh pasta. The final recipe includes garbanzo-fava flour, millet flour, potato starch, psyllium husk powder, ground nutmeg, salt, egg, egg yolks, olive oil and water. Yes this is a long list, but to end up with a tasty pasta is well worth the trouble of rounding up a few extra ingredients.




7. Recipe Tips:–793/cutting-and-shaping-pasta-by-hand.asp

Global Alexa Rating: 183,185

Making the pasta dough is one part of the process while cutting it and forming it into various shapes is another. As you’ve seen, most sites are showing a basic noodle shape but you really can do so much more as this website will show you. Although some shapes and sizes must be formed by the use of a special machine, there are still plenty of options. You’ll find some on here that you may not have even known about as they are not found in most grocery store pasta aisles. Be sure to select the option at the bottom for “more Pasta Preparation Guide” to learn more such as stuffed pasta preparation, cutting by machine, Asian noodles, drying pasta and flavored and colored pasta.




8. Stella Culinary:

Global Alexa Rating: 189,907

This site includes both a narrative about making pasta as well as a 6:45 minute video. One thing you will note about this video is that there is more discussion than other sites as to why you are doing certain things. You will also find that the technique for this site is a bit different with more passes through the machine. At the end of the video is a link to go to a specific recipe using the pasta as well as other ingredients made from scratch.




9. The Italian Dish:

Global Alexa Rating: 356,658

The video on this website also includes directions on making spinach pasta. There is also a narrative on the site. The recipe uses Italian 00 flour, but does mention that you can use half regular flour and half durum semolina flour as well, although it does state that the dough will have a little more ‘tooth’ this way making it great for ravioli. The site includes a lot of nice recipes so you might hang around after you learn how to make fresh pasta.




10. Pasta Recipes by Italians:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,530,539

This site goes a bit beyond just making fresh pasta. It also includes information about how it is manufactured, the nutritional facts and even how to eat spaghetti the “right” way with no slurping. A nice feature of the site is that it discusses many different types of pasta you can make including all-purpose flour pasta, 100% semolina flour pasta, basil flour, chocolate, egg, roasted garlic, lemon flavored pasta, porcini mushroom flavored pasta, spinach flavored pasta and tomato flavored pasta. There is also a section on pasta shapes and some amazing sauces and pasta entrees. This site may likely become your favorite.

As a side note, if you are looking for a recipe that is gluten-free and also Vegan and thus egg-free, you can find that at There is now a world of pasta making ahead of you and you might not ever buy it at the grocery store again – not even the fancy stuff in the refrigerated section!



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