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When it comes to internet marketing there are various ways to obtain information and work to build one’s reputation. Classified ads and forums are two of those ways. Forums are especially helpful for finding out what your competitors are doing as well as having a huge library of knowledge at your fingertips. The following ten sites receive plenty of traffic as evidenced by their Alexa traffic ratings and the forum membership numbers. Look for a couple that feel comfortable to you rather than spreading yourself too thin. Being in too many forums can prove counterproductive as it will take more of a time investment than is beneficial.


1. Warrior Forum:  

Global Alexa Rating: 189


WarriorForum is hands down the most popular internet marketing forum available. It is especially good for newbies because it is loaded with marketing tools and feedback from those using them. People are generally quite friendly and helpful. There is also a premium section called the War Room which costs just $37 as a one time fee. Current stats for the forum are: 500,000+ threads, nearly 7 million posts and nearly 700,000 members. There are also 3,000+ blogs with 14,000+ entries. The forum is uncomplicated to navigate and it is easy to locate topics of interest.



2. BlackHat World:

Global Alexa Rating: 416


BlackHat World is the most popular forum for various SEO techniques. The color scheme of gold on black background is a nice touch and makes it easy on the eyes. The layout of the site is very user friendly with a menu down the left side of the page that is done very well. The icons used are quite helpful as well. Current stats for the forum are: 500,000+ threads, 5 million+ posts, 560,000+ members and 262 blogs with 1,000+ entries.



3. Digital Point:   

Global Alexa Rating: 781


Digital Point is a huge forum with over 2 million discussions, nearly 17 million messages and over 700,000 members thus far. It has areas on everything you could ever want to discuss related to internet marketing. There are discussions about all the popular search engines, general business and marketing, website design, development and the ever popular buy, sell or trade area. Toss in a general chat, products & tools and reviews and you have everything you’ll ever need. A nice feature also is their contest section in which you might just get a chance to earn a bit of extra cash! The site also includes a tools section with some of the world’s best webmaster tools around.


4. Search Engine Watch:   

Global Alexa Rating: 853


This forum is especially helpful for search engine marketing strategies, searching tips & techniques and directories. By limiting to just this aspect of internet marketing it is not overwhelming so if that is what you need to know about then it is the perfect place to go. There are currently nearly 20,000 threads with 130,000+ posts and 24,000+ members. Membership tends to fluctuate due to the specialized nature of the site. Although it isn’t a site that people hang out on a great deal, the information already present regarding search engines is quite helpful.



5. Flippa Classifieds:

Global Alexa Rating: 990


This is not a forum but instead a classified section of Flippa in which users can locate resources necessary to run, maintain or improve their website. The classifieds are categorized into three main sections: Products for Sale, People For Hire and General Classifieds. Users can also create a listing for as little as $5. Whether you are looking for a source to sell your services or looking to grab a job, this is a pretty decent resource. While you’re there check out the other listings on Flippa such as apps and websites for sale. You might just find an already established revenue stream.



6. Wicked Fire:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,275


WickedFire is a favorite for those that want to delve a bit deeper into topics and as such is not the best place for a newbie to ask questions. It is, however, a great place for them to find out tons of information – just don’t comment or ask questions and you should be fine. They do have a Newbie Questions area and ask that newbies only post there. You can see first hand how seriously this forum is run by the instructions in the Rules of Engagement, particularly the “Our mods and Admins are trigger happy when it comes to people breaking the simplest rules because of their disregard for reading the rules first” notation. The site is especially useful for those interested in affiliate marketing such as pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-action (CPA). Currently there are 139,000+ threads, nearly 2 million posts and 170,000+ members.



7. The V7 Network:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,524


The marketing forum as linked above is one component of the V7 network community that also has forums for such things as blogging, coding, SEO, writing for the web, graphic design, web design, web hosting, digital photography, domain name and more. There is also an active webmaster marketplace with nearly 46,000 posts. The forum itself has nearly 300,000 threads, close to 2 million posts and 240,000+ members. The marketing forum section has nearly 8,000 threads and 75,000+ posts regarding marketing, branding and advertising.



8. DTM (DreamTeamMoney):

Global Alexa Rating: 6,379


DTM is a money making forum community devoted to internet marketing, webmaster, affiliate marketing, HYIP, network marketing, GPT and more. The site is set up into various lounges dedicated to specific topics. Besides the Internet Marketing lounge there is also lounges for networking and learning,  e-currencies and scam alerts, money making from home and FAQ. There are currently 320,000+ registered members that have made a total of over 3 million posts. Members can also earn Dream Points by getting friends to register to the forum.



9. 5 Star Affiliate Programs:

Global Alexa Rating: 56,876


Don’t let the name fool you – this forum does contain more than affiliate marketing although that is a big part of it. There are also SEO, blogging and internet marketing forums. This isn’t the biggest forum as it only has 18,000+ members, 31,000+ threads and just over 100,000 posts but it just could be a nice place to go because it isn’t super crowded. Likely to come in handy as a secondary source for information especially for those interested in learning more about affiliate marketing.


10. eForum:

Global Alexa Rating: 70,615


The last site for this list is one that is not that well known but is growing in popularity. With nearly 19,000 members, 78,000+ discussions and almost 100,000 messages it is a bit on the low side at the moment. It does cover some internet marketing topics that might be of interest such as eCommerce, article marketing, mobile marketing, social networking and website presentations. The typical topics such as SEO and affiliate programs are also present. There is also an open marketplace for buying or selling your services or products.

As with any forum it is prudent to read the rules and welcome threads before engaging in activity. It is also advisable to look to see if your question has already been answered because most forum members are not thrilled with duplicate questions. Some forums are incredibly friendly and others are not. Not that friendliness is necessarily required because the real purpose is connecting with those in a position to advance your goals, either through sharing their knowledge or buying what you are offering.




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