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Marriage problems?

Marriage can be bliss or your worst nightmare – and almost every marriage is both at various times. Most people find themselves wondering just how successful their marriage will be or is. Sometimes it feels broken, but there are often many reasons for sticking it out and repairing the problems. The following ten websites address marriage and getting through the rough times that will inevitably happen at some point. Many are Christian based and are valuable whether or not you are religious. The sites are listed in order by their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. PsychCentral:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,905

PsychCentral is a great website for advice on a variety of topics and this article is a great start when it comes to this list as it is about the 5 steps to a successful marriage. There are some practical tips included that many couples probably won’t have put much thought into. This page also has some other helpful links including a quiz to determine how strong your relationship is. There are plenty of relationship resources that will prove useful.




2. The Marriage Bed:

Global Alexa Rating: 60,137

One topic that often comes up when discussing marriage is sex and intimacy, and this site offers articles about that topic from the Christian stance. The site discusses what the Bible says and offers scriptural applications. It also talks about biology, sexuality, problems and how to be a couple. The site also includes a forum for discussing various topics with other people. There is a great deal of useful information on this site.




3. Marriage Missions International:

Global Alexa Rating: 219,089

This Christian website seeks to help those who are married and those preparing for marriage to be pro-active in helping to save it from divorce and to enrich it. The site covers a variety of topics including preparing for marriage, marriage stages, surviving infidelity, saving a marriage, sexual issues, spiritual matters and more. There are a number of videos on the website. You can also subscribe to their newsletter. The blogs are nicely grouped by category and include such things as abuse in marriage, communication tools and assorted issues.




4. Marriage Today:

Global Alexa Rating: 660,620

Since founding MarriageToday in 1994, Jimmy and Karen Evans have encouraged and coached countless couples in building rewarding relationships and healthy homes. The site includes a link to watch their television show’s latest episode. There are also additional videos on the site from their show. The site includes articles on a number of topics including healthy marriage, family dynamics, hurting marriage, new marriage and sex & intimacy. You can also use the site to locate a counselor. They do not believe that any relationship is hopeless and want to help you build the marriage of your dreams.





Global Alexa Rating: 655,407

This site offers information and advice useful to everything about being a couple including dating, being exclusive, being engaged, being married and being parents. The marriage section is insights shared by real couples married 50 years or more. Each section of the website has valuable hot topics, top articles and additional resources for enjoying each stage of your relationship and getting the most from it. The site also includes quizzes, polls and videos.




6. The National Marriage Project:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,348,406

The National Marriage Project was founded in 1997 by Rutgers University Sociology Professor David Popenoe. It is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and interdisciplinary initiative located at the University of Virginia. Their mission is to provide research and analysis on the health of marriage in America, to analyze the social and cultural forces shaping contemporary unions, and to identify strategies to increase marital quality and stability. The site has a number of interesting reports on topics pertaining to marriage. The reports can be read on the website or downloaded as a .pdf file for sharing or saving.




7. Smart Marriages:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,631,696

There are some incredibly enlightening topics on this website regarding topics such as recovering from infidelity, how to stop your divorce, how to avoid falling for a jerk, stepfamilies and remarriage and whether you are smart enough to have smart marriage. They used to hold conferences but stopped in 2010 – instead they offer all the program and conference materials right on their website. You can watch some videos from the conferences on the site. You can also locate classes in your area.




8. Fireproof My Marriage:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,629,133

You may have heard about or even watched the Christian movie, “Fireproof.” There is a link to the trailer for it on this website. It is about a firefighter whose marriage is in danger and the steps he takes to save it. This website offers resources so that you can use ‘fireproof’ in your relationship. There are resources including a marriage & family resource guide, and article with tips to warm up your relationship and more. If you are contemplating divorce, take the 40 Day Love Dare.




9. Strengthening Marriage:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,100,458

This is the website of marriage and intimacy expert and therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT, CFLE. The site includes a blog, podcast, videos, articles and more. The blogs are well categorized for ease of locating what you are looking for, and include such topics as date night, intimacy, kissing, sex, couples cruises, success stories and more. Laura also offers face-to-face counseling from her office in Boise, Idaho as well as phone/Skype consultations.




10. National Institute of Marriage: 

Global Alexa Rating: 3,497,975

This organization is located in Missouri and is involved in saving marriages and inspiring couples toward greatness. Their services include Christian marriage counseling, conferences, resources for couples and more. They have various counseling programs including a 3-day, 4-day and 6-day intensive program. The site also contains a blog, marriage articles, marriage 911-first response and downloads.

With most problems in life, prevention is the way to go and having a successful marriage can be easiest when you take the steps involved to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. If you are married or contemplating getting married, these sites should help you more fully understand what makes a strong relationship and how to have the best marriage possible. If you are headed for trouble or even at the end of your rope, many of these sites could help you save your marriage.


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