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Learning about mathematics?

Mathematics or Maths as it is more commonly known studies numbers, shapes and patterns. It is used significantly in businesses, sciences, engineering and construction around the world with the use of logic often being applied to solve deductions. Mathematicians study the subject and create new ways and theories to find solutions to problems with numbers often referred to as natural, integers, rational, real, complex, ordinal, cardinal or arithmetical. Theories and shapes include algebra, graphs, topology, geometry, trigonometry, fractions and equations incorporating calculus, analysis and dynamics. There have been many famous theories developed throughout time from the days of Pythagoras and many steps and advances have also been made since the invention of the abacus with calculators now allowed to be used by students within an exam environment. In today’s world with the advancement of the Internet, mathematics is used in coding and languages for applications and computer programmes and even basic skills are necessary for gaining employment and dealing with everyday life. Below is a list of the best Mathematical sites on the Internet at this moment in time. The sites give information and explanations on the topic and are very useful for students and educators alike as they all provide good in-sight into the fascinating world of Mathematics.




1. – is a very popular site as it’s designed to make mathematics fun for learning with games as well as lessons. There are puzzles, books, geometry art and calculators with sections for algebra, pre-algebra and maths survival. There are sections for teachers and parents and you can consult the maths monster if you are ‘totally stressed out.’ You can participate in practises before you attend the lessons and playing the maths games will help you learn whilst having fun.


maths 2

2. – is designed to assist pupils with learning from the 1st grade to the 8th grade with special sections on geometry and algebra. There are tutorials and practises as well as calculators and tools and if you get stuck you can seek homework help. Every day mathematics, trigonometry and calculus are highlighted with special sections for teachers and parents. There are glossaries to read and hot subjects like fractions, decimals, percentages and square roots and there are also games to play to have some fun.


maths 3

3. –

This site has mathematics from kindergarten through to the 8th grade and there is no cost or registration required to practise your maths. You can play Sudoku to help you with your numbers and all information is also in Spanish. Subjects are algebra, counting, decimals, division, equations, fractions, geometry, graphs, money, percentages, ratios and subtraction to name a few. There is a wide range of lessons with immediate feedback given so you can practise until you are perfect.


maths 4

4. The Math Forum –

The Math Forum is committed to bringing expertise to the mathematics community. There is a site map to help you around with help and an online shop for maths books, courses, educator packages and student memberships. There are problems and puzzles to solve with activity sessions and ‘maths talk’ can be found in the forum and blog. There are resources and tools with articles and newsletters and a special section is dedicated to workshops.


maths 5

5. –

Wolfram Mathworld is an open free resource site and information can be searched by the A-Z index, random entry or interactive entry. Subjects available are algebra, applied maths, calculus, discrete maths, maths foundation, geometry, history and terminology, number theory, statistics and probabilities, recreational maths and topology.  Links within the subjects lead to articles on many topics and a section can be found for web resources.


maths 6

6. –

This site makes learning mathematics fun for all ages from 1st grade to 6th grade. There are maths games and logic games to play with maths videos to watch and problems to solve and there is even a maths arcade. There are sections for algebra, multiplication, geometry and addition and there are practise sessions available as well. Worksheets and flashcards are in place for assistance and there are even maths activities to play.


maths 7

7. Mathsnet –

Once you subscribe to this site you will have access to online courses as the company provides subscription services for A Level and GSCE students and teachers. Available courses include GCSE higher and foundation courses, A Level, Scottish Advanced Highers, AP calculus, international Baccalaureate, university mathematical methods course and Cambridge pre-U. For students the courses will assist in achieving better grades and for teachers the courses help with maintaining interactive work examples and setting homework tasks.


maths 8

8. Cut The Knot –

This site has interactive activities and information to help with understanding mathematics. There is an online store to purchase Maths books and subjects include arithmetic, algebra, geometry and probability. There is assistance with homework and book reviews to read as well as games and puzzles. You can learn about mathematics as a language and there are eye-opening stories and visual illusions to view. You can try your hand at the free maths practises and age ranges are from kindergarten to 10 grade.


maths 9

9. CIMT –

This site is dedicated to supplying school mathematics materials and curriculum details from age 6 to age 18 and above. Interactive material and course material can be found for all age ranges including entry-level certificate, GCSE and A level. There are links leading to practise books with resources and tips for exams. There are attainment tests and audit materials and help modules can also be downloaded.


maths 10


10. NRIC –

This site has teacher and student guides from the early years and lower primary to upper secondary and beyond. Topics can be searched with many resources available and they include applications, numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, calculations, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, measuring, mechanics and philosophy of maths to name a few. Other subjects include science, technology and engineering with a forum provided for commenting and following posts and the information is also available in several languages.


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