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Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies physics and science for analysis, design and manufacturing maintenance of mechanical systems. It uses heat and power to operate machines and produce tools and is one of the oldest forms of engineering. The subject requires an understanding of mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, science, structural analysis and electricity to use tools in order to design and develop industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, weapons and medical devices to name a few. In Europe, mechanical engineering emerged at the time of the Industrial Revolution, but its origin can be traced back several thousand years previously. The field overlaps with aerospace engineering, metallurgic engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering and chemical engineering with many engineers also working in the realms of bio-mechanics, bio-mechatronics and bio-nanotechnology. Degrees in the subject are now offered worldwide since there has been a growing need for mechanical engineers with the advancement of technology today. Below is a list of the best mechanical engineering sites on the Internet. Some of the sites bring news, some offer employment and some have available courses for studying, but they all have one thing in common; they all provide excellent information on the subject of mechanical engineering.


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1. ASME –

This is the official site for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which is a non-profit organisation sharing knowledge and skills regarding all forms of engineering disciplines. There are articles to read and videos to view on hot topics as well as a list of upcoming events. Topics can be chosen from categories such as aerospace and defence, applied mechanics, construction and building, design, energy, manufacturing and technology to name a few and an online shop is available to purchase books, journals, courses and certifications.


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2. Design News –

Design News brings news, webinars, videos and special features for mechanical engineering. There are articles to read on automation and control, hardware and software, electronics and materials and assembly with a special section for industries such as government, machinery, consumer electronics, automotive and medical. The latest content and posts can be read in the blog and after registration any comments and participation are welcome.


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3. –

This site provides the answers for technical problems for designers, engineers and manufacturers. There are articles to read and interesting feeds with hints and tips in the forum and you can find engineering jobs, training and videos to view besides. Popular topics include applications and design, engineering analysis, engineering fundamentals and engineering research and there is even an engineering online store. Details can be found on engineering materials and engineering calculators and there is a section for the fundamentals.


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4. – is a leading manufacturer and designer of mechanical components and products can be chosen from categories such as bearings, drive components, clutches, foot mounts, speed reducers, gear heads, shafts, universal joints and vibration mounts to name a few. There are interesting articles and videos to view and catalogues can be requested as well as a library for reference. Information and products can be selected from robotics, aerospace and satellites, military and defence, medical and industrial manufacturing and a site map is in place for guidance.


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5. Mechanical Engineering TV –

This site has mechanical engineering courses and classes for studying engineering and there are also civil engineering degrees. Information can be viewed from the mechanical school of engineering and jobs are advertised in civil engineering as well as trainee positions. Engineering software for computers is recommended and categories for information include engineering technology, floor plan designing, engineering designs and structure engineering with details also available in Italian.


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6. –

This company is the leading supplier of miniature precision mechanical parts in the world and there is a wide range of products on offer in the online shop. Components such as gears, sprockets, pulleys, gear boxes, bearings and clamps can be purchased and a brochure is available for updates. You can find a distributor is your local area and a product locator is available for searching. A section is dedicated to part customisation and engineering tools and full support can be found if necessary.


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7. Institute of Mechanical Engineers –

This site has a large mechanical engineering community of over 100,000 members. The latest engineering news and events can be read and there is a special section for learning and development. You can search for activities and services local to your area in the U.K. and learn about new government policies in the industry. There are articles to read and videos to watch in the library with reports, publications and certification also available to view.


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8. Roymech –

Roymech provides useful information, tables, schedules and formula related to mechanical engineering and engineering materials. Categories to select include engineering, design, components and science and maths with references and useful links provided for guidance. A background is given for ergonomics, reliability, quality and environment with details on vibration, tribology, corrosion, metal fatigue and manufacturing and a section for engineering standard can also be found.


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9. –

This site contains animated mechanisms for mechanical engineers to use. The mechanisms are in groups with categories such as engines, energy production, gears couplings, pumps, electronics, thermodynamics and pneumatic systems to name a few. Each mechanism can be clicked to reveal information, explanations and motion diagrams and there is also a blog for commenting and following the threads.


10. Mechanical Engineering –

This website is especially designed for mechanical engineers with blogs and forums for contacting and commenting, profiles and galleries for viewing and a section for asking questions. There are mechanical quotes and slogans and a section for voting in the polls. Categories for information include careers, companies, courses, education, employment, freelancing, internships, jobs, projects, pay and salaries along with scholarships and universities to name a few. Logging into the site is recommended and any form of contact is welcome.





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