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Medicine is the study of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and is an applied Science. The sub-categories of medicine as a Science are health science, biomedical research, medical technology, biologics and psychotherapy. The word medicine derives from the Latin ‘medicina’ which means art of healing. Doctors today have a very challenging task of studying a patient’s records, testing and analysing, diagnosing and finally treating many people at any one time with the list growing regularly as the population increases. Waiting rooms and patient’s lists are increasing with more and more people seeking assistance with anxiety and stress related illnesses as the world crisis deepens. The Internet is playing an important role for doctors and patients alike since much valuable information can be found on the Worldwide Web giving assistance with diagnosis at the touch of a button for doctors saving them valuable time and also giving knowledge to patients with the possibility of bringing peace of mind. Listed below are some of the best sites on the Internet for giving information on medicine and health. They are all listed together making searches easier and they all contain facts, tips and advice for the medical world and the general public alike.

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1. –

WebMD provides valuable information, tools and help on health and has won many awards for its work, which may explain why the company is ranked very high on There is an A-Z on health conditions with common conditions and featured topics highlighted. Information on drugs and supplements can be found with reviews, news and safety advice given. A complete section is dedicated to living well with articles and tips on diet, fitness and relationships plus another special family section offers advice on pregnancy, parenting and even pets. Hot topics are highlighted and FAQ, customer care and contact details are available on the site.


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2. –

This is another American site that is ranked very highly on, no doubt from the vast array of health tips and medical advice that the site has to offer. Health Central has a long line of sites in alphabetical order with information, facts and advice and they can all be selected individually. There are articles on health programs with top features and top health guides highlighted. There is a very useful health tool called ‘check a symptom’ which can offer great family advice and all tips and information is clearly laid out with diagrams and pictures making it easy to understand. If you have any ‘pressing’ questions you are welcome to push the button that is sponsored by, so go on and push that button.


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3. Medicine Online –

This is a great site for finding medical and health advice. Diseases and conditions are listed with a huge range of medical topics which can be selected in alphabetical order revealing medical references, causes and symptoms. Articles can be read in the news section or chosen from the health topics section with special features highlighted. There is a dictionary on medical drugs where individual medicines can be researched and the site offers an online health shop.


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4. National Institutes of Health –

This is the site for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Societies and it is ranked at 306 in the world on Health topics can be searched alphabetically with body locations, conditions and procedures highlighted. Articles and tips are displayed in health and wellness resources with special sections for senior citizens, children and teens. Quick links provide further assistance on the Internet and a special section is dedicated to medical institutions stating company details and aims. Grants and funding are available from the site and all information can be translated into Spanish.

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5. Better Medicine –

Better Medicine is a goldmine of information for health and medicine. Conditions can be searched along with symptoms, drugs and treatment that are listed alphabetically. There is a symptom checker for finding possible causes to ailments and a section on healthy living for men, women, children and seniors. The articles are clearly explained with photographs adding to understanding illnesses with the most popular topics advertised. Tips and guidance can be found in the forum and registration to the site is recommended for receiving regular notices and updates.



6. –

This is a very informative health site from the great giant Yahoo. Health topics can be searched from A-Z with a section to check your symptoms. Interesting articles and facts can be found in healthy living with a host of topics to choose from and there are also health videos to watch. You can search for assistance in the drugs and treatment section and the facility to find a doctor close to your home is given. Interesting topics are suggested and there is a health tip given every day by an expert.


medicine 7


7. CDC A-Z –

This is the site for the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and it is one of the most popular resources for finding information on medicine in the world as it is ranked very high on There is an index in alphabetical order where topics can be selected giving advice and information in press releases, articles and fact sheets. Health and Safety topics are discussed with the most popular being highlighted and sections on multimedia tools and publications add to information. Full details about the company can be found on the site, which is also available in Spanish.


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8. – has a wide range of medical information available in slideshows, imagery and articles with a symptom checker, which is a new feature. Diseases and conditions can be individually selected to reveal valuable information and tips and advice on healthy living are also shown. Statements on medicines, vitamins and supplements can be found with a dictionary for medical terminology. There is a section on pet health and you can test your medical knowledge in a selection of quizzes.


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9. U I Health Library –

This is the official site for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, which is recognised as one of the best academic medical centres in the U.S.A.  The site has facilities to make an appointment with a doctor, refer a patient, securely review online medical records and manage prescriptions as well as receive all the latest news and events in the medical world. There is a health library for searching diseases and symptoms and all details about the university can be found on the site.


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10. Discovery Health –

The site ranks very highly on and gives good information and advice on topics such as diseases and conditions, the human body, medicine, love and relationships, mental health, pregnancy and parenting, sexual health, wellness and skin care. TV shows, videos and programmes on health are advertised and a quiz is offered to find out how healthy your brain is.


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