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Microeconomics examines how behaviours and decisions affect the supply and demand for goods and services determining prices. It also analyses failure where particular goods have failed to achieve the targets and standards expected on the market, in other words the elasticity of a product within the market system, hence providing assumptions and definitions for economists and profits and losses within a company can be determined as a result. Microeconomics is complex in that it relies on study and methods from other fields such as labour economics, financial economics, public economics, political and health economics to name a few. Many ideas and schools of thought are given to the subject nowadays as a company’s survival and future success can depend upon its findings. It is hard to find sites on the Internet solely designed with Microeconomics in mind, but listed below are the best information sources available on the World-Wide-Web today. Some of the sites are dedicated to other subjects and some contain information on general economics, but all the sites listed below have sections for gaining valuable knowledge and insight into Microeconomics.


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1. Standards of Life – http://www.standardsoflife.org/Micro+Economics

Standards of Life is a small site, but it contains a section entirely dedicated to Microeconomics. The basic principles of the subject are stated with useful links provided which lead to further information. Sustainable economics papers can be found with instructions for navigating to issues and standards and the topics index can be selected to give further details. A special section is dedicated to the wealth and hygiene economy and contributions to the site are welcome.


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2. Inflate Your Mind – http://www.inflateyourmind.com/

Inflate your mind contains information for both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The Microeconomics section has ten units which can be selected to show further information on many topics including International trade, supply and demand and fundamental concepts to name a few. There are PowerPoint slides to view and a book can be downloaded in PDF format. Useful facts are stated and all texts can be downloaded for free with the option of donating.


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3. Library of Economics – http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/Microeconomics.html

The library of economics contains a large section for Microeconomics and information can be browsed by title, author or category. A full list of resources is available and related articles on demand, foreign exchange, labour unions, cartels, wages, supply, price controls, monopoly, profits and unemployment can be found. Quotes and links are provided and a news-letter is available to receive the latest news and updates.


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4. The Economics Network – http://media.lanecc.edu/users/martinezp/201/MicroHistory.html

The Economics Network has a very informative section for simulations in principles of Microeconomics. Data can be searched online from a list of contents with separate chapters on statistics, treasury, the EU, budgets, the World Bank and international trade to name a few. Materials for online learning and teaching can be selected and a list of online sources is given. Topics can be selected from the index and information on projects along with news and events can be found. There is a further section for sub-disciplines and assessments and registering details are stated in the question bank.


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5. Lane Community College – http://media.lanecc.edu/users/martinezp/201/MicroHistory.html

This site has a very informative section on Microeconomics. An introduction is given with details on theories, efficiency and behaviours. Utility maximisation and economic rationality are discussed and the idea of a free market is explored. Quotations are stated and links are provided leading to further sources on the subject. A list of books is also given for recommended reading to gain further information.


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6. About.com – http://economics.about.com/cs/studentresources/f/microeconomics.htm

About.com contains information on many subjects on the Internet and has a special section for Microeconomics. The core topics given are supply and demand, market equilibrium, elasticity, maximisation and government regulation. Explanations can be found on each topic with further details being offered on subtopics. Comparisons between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are given and links along with related searches are provided.


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7. FreeClepPrep.com – http://www.free-clep-prep.com/Principles-of-Microeconomics-CLEP.html

This site offers an exam called the principles of Microeconomics along with a free study guide. There is a fee to sit the exam. However, military personnel are exempt from paying. Various difficulty levels and recommended passing scores are stated and the exam is broken down into four sections, the nature and functions of product markets, market failure and the role of the government, factor markets and basic economic concepts. A full description of the exam is given with a list of study areas with links being provided for free study resources. Practise tests and tools are provided for assistance and any questions or queries are welcome.


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8. Factbites.com – http://www.factbites.com/topics/Micro_economics

Factbites lives up to the name as many facts are provided on the subject of Microeconomics. Snippets of information are given with links leading to other sites, books, papers, documents and societies for further facts. The company is based in Sydney, Australia and collects its resources from a large database. Special searches for data can be made with keyword matching and footnotes can be found for each article and fact.


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9. QFinance.com – http://www.qfinance.com/dictionary/microeconomics

The information on this site has been compiled by more than 300 professionals in the world of finance and financial management. The definition of Microeconomics is given along with related articles, biographies, viewpoints and best practises. Data can be researched from balance sheets and cash flow, financial markets, funding and investment, governance and ethics and compliance to name a few. Financial references are given along with articles being recommended and all the latest news and financial developments are highlighted. Tools are given for assistance and articles can be submitted to the site.


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10. Investopedia.com – http://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/microeconomics.asp

Investopedia is a very popular source globally for providing economic information as it ranks very highly on Alexa.com with a section dedicated to Microeconomics. A full definition on Microeconomics is given along with links to further definitions and related sites. Articles of interested are highlighted with further related topics and there are special sections for the markets, investing, trading and personal finance. Tutorials and videos can be viewed as well as articles and a free newsletter can be obtained to keep abreast of all the latest stock market news.


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