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A mobile content discovery platform is an implemented software platform for users to search for mobile content online. The content is a form of electronic media that can be ring-tones, graphics, discount offers, games, movies or GPS navigation. As the popularity of mobiles phones has grown rapidly since the 1990s so has the growth of the devices since mobile phone owners can now use their phones as mini offices to view documents, make appointments, plan meetings with calendars and receive reminders of important events. The need for entertainment devices is also expanding since movies, TV series and programmes, music and videos have also become very popular and a form of relaxation. Camera phones have increased the need for photo sharing platforms as many users like to upload their personal moments and share them on social media with friends and family alike and ring-tones ranging from noises, songs, themes and messages have become an important way of personalising an incoming call from mobiles. Below is a list of the top ten sites on the Internet today for finding mobile content. Many of the sites offer the mobile content for free and downloading is fast ensuring that you have the latest popular devices and content on your mobile phone.


mobile content


1. –

This site has free downloads for your mobile phone and tablet and you can search by simply entering your make and model. You can share and enjoy tasty recipes and send emoticons and stickers to friends as well as texts, pictures and video greetings. Downloads include ring-tones, wallpapers, apps and messages to name a few and the most trending in each category is highlighted. You can sign up to download the files instantly and there is also a forum in place to meet other members.


mobile 2


2. –

This site advertises tons of free ring-tones and wallpapers for your phone which can be browsed by inserting your particular brand of mobile. Wallpapers include city views, sunsets, paintings and avatars and there are free sound effects, message tones and dance music to download as ring-tones for free. Themes include people, animations, animals, scenery and paintings to name a few and you can comment on the threads and meet new friends in the forum.


mobile 3

3. – provides new app recommendations for you every day as well as upgrades and unlocks in your favourite apps and games. There are incredible deals and discounts to be found and you are given free rewards for trying them. The company has one of the world’s largest app stores with over 3 billion downloads and currently there are 100 million users who enjoy the facilities. Details can be found about becoming an app partner by promoting your app with a free promotional tool available.


mobile 4


4. – has many free applications to download. There are free games, free videos, free hot ring-tones, free mobile images and free themes all with useful links for downloading. The site has over six million members and there is a blog for communicating with other members and posting. A separate area is available for developers and you can view the most popular and the top downloads in each category to help you make up your mind.


mobile 5


5. –

This site has millions of free ring-tones, wallpapers, themes, live wallpapers and games for android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and Java phones and all for free. MP4 and 3GP videos can also be found and topics currently being discussed in the forum are highlighted. Free apps include Instagram, VLC media, WhatsApp, Chrome browser and Oxford English dictionary and themes and wallpapers include animals, scenery, nature and original and modern designs.


mobile 6


6. The Unlocker –

The Unlocker claims to bring mobiles to life with galleries of free themes, ring-tones and wallpapers. You can create your own ring-tone from content already downloaded on your PC to be unique and the latest themes and wallpapers are announced with fish tanks being the most popular. Themes and wallpapers can be customised with text and there is a screensaver maker that adds special effects to images.


mobile 7


7. –

This site allows you to create your own ring-tones and then upload them to your mobile phone. You can join the site to connect with other members and see who is online. The last actions in the blog and the latest uploads are highlighted and there are also wallpapers to download. Both ring-tones and wallpapers can be searched and rated and a list of tags is given to help you.


mobile 8


8. – has thousands of wallpapers, ring-tones, themes, apps and games to download for free. Selections can be made from many categories for both wallpapers and ring-tones and the most popular in each category is highlighted. Top themes and games are advertised and there is the facility to make your own wallpaper or ring-tone. A blog is in place for communicating and meeting other members and top apps include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and WhatsApp Messenger.


mobile 9


9. –

With you can create ring-tones and photos to use as wallpapers and share them with your friends. You can view the top photos and ring-tones of all time and download the ones of your choice. Ring-tones can be chosen from categories such as every day sounds, humour, TV, movies, music, people and sports and popular photos include love, animals, anime, music, sports and cute.


mobile 10


10. –

You can download unlimited free ring-tones, wallpapers, themes, videos and apps with this site as well as games and software. You can view the latest ring-tones with the most popular highlighted and a blog is in place for making friends online. Wallpapers can be selected from animation, celebrities, funny, love, movies, nature, animals, cartoon and music to name a few and there is a section to create your own wallpapers and ring-tones.


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