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Molecular Bioscience is a combination of the study of molecules and biology taking into account antibodies, cells, tissues, proteins and peptides. It deals with the biological aspects of living organisms, which is any organism that lives, sleeps and eats. It overlaps with chemistry, biology, biochemistry and genetics and it concerns itself with the interaction between the various systems of a cell, different types of DNA and protein biosynthesis. Researchers use specific techniques combined with ideas from biochemistry and genetics to study chemical substances and vital processes occurring in living organisms. Much work has recently been invested in the field and the study of gene structure and function has been prominent as a sub-study for molecular bioscience. Biologists have now learnt to characterise, isolate and manipulate the molecular components of cells and organisms with the basic techniques in studying protein function, which is known as cloning. The DNA coding of a protein is cloned into a plasmid which can then be inserted into bacterial or animal cells. Below is a list of sites which are some of the best sources to gain information on the subject in the world today, as they all give valuable insight into molecular science. The information will be useful for students to help find information for studying, for educators and also for anyone needing research material. Some of the sites offer straightforward facts for facilitating research and others show beautifully illustrated instruction which makes for easy learning. One thing is certain; everything you need to know about molecular science can be found in the list below.


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1. Bioscience –

This site provides a platform where scientific information can be exchanged between investigators, scientists, patients and physicians. Comprehensive reviews in molecular medicine can be read along with basic and clinical science and there are short reviews and primary research articles as well. The archives can also be searched for information and there are special features on stem cell micro-environment, systems immunology and RNA binding in disease. You can subscribe to receive special editions as well as news and submission of manuscripts is welcome.


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2. University of Kansas –

The University of Kansas has a department for molecular bioscience which investigates fundamental problems on all levels connected to molecules, cells and organisms. There are graduate programmes and a Ph.D. and details regarding the courses, the admissions and the university can be found on the site. Research areas cover Biology, genetics, immunology, infectious diseases and virology to name a few and quick links are provided for further information. A resource section is given and publications and presentations can also be found.


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3. American Institute of Biosciences –

This is the site of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and contains articles, essays and publications with a news section and a web-store. Information can be found on Bioscience with specific sections dedicated to education and public programmes. The current issue and back copies of their magazine can be downloaded and after you join the site you will receive regular updates with information also being available in Spanish.


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4. University of Westminster –

The University of Westminster has a department for biological science offering a degree in molecular biology and genetics. The duration of the course is 3 years and topics include cell biology, biochemistry and microbiology. The latter part of the course takes into account molecular biology, medical and molecular genetics and a full list of studies along with details about the course and the university can be found on the site. There are links for further information and downloads and contact with the faculty is welcome.


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5. Biocentre Helsinki –

This is a Finnish company and is the International Union for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Links are provided leading to further information on, bioscience, chemical reactions, crystallography, molecular dynamics, macromolecular structures, protein structures and electron densities as well as molecular biology. The database can be searched by protein, drug or disease and all information is available in Finnish.


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6. Newcastle University –

Newcastle University has a department called the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences which offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses. A site map and an alphabetical guide are given for assistance and sections can be found for Proteomics and biological mass spectrometry, bio-informatics, analytical ultracentrifugation and X-ray crystallography. Facilities include labs and research services and contact with the university is welcome.


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7. UK Centre for Bioscience –

This is the UK centre for Bioscience which has been supporting teaching and student learning in the subject for the past ten years. There are sections for networks and links and news and information as well as an image-bank and educational journals and publications. There is an A-Z index for resources with project reports, case studies, audit tools and a research database. There are also sections for lecturers and pedagogic research and a site map is available for guidance.


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8. Purdue –

Purdue University has a department for Molecular Biosciences with areas of research in structural biology and biophysics, microbiology and genetics, genomics and computational biology. There is a section for prospective graduate students and a list of campus facilities with a map. There is an A-Z index for searching and full details regarding the company can be found on the site.


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9. Stanford Encyclopaedia –

This site has a page dedicated to Molecular Biology. The history of the subject is mentioned with reference to genomics and molecules and there is a section for concepts which includes mechanism and genes. Theories and explanations can be found along with other related entries and Internet resources and the origins and concepts are also explored. Classic problems within the topic are explained in detail along with theory reduction and integration of fields.


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10. University of Queensland –

This is the site for the Institute of Molecular Bioscience from the University of Queensland in Australia. You can read all about the department, the university, the facilities and the opportunities on the site along with a section for news and events. Details can be found on research, laboratories, grants and awards with information contained in sections for genes, proteins and molecules.




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