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Captcha is short for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test’ and was designed to tell humans apart from computers. It is a form of challenge response test to determine whether or not the user is a human, by requiring the user to type a series of numbers or letters from a distorted image that appears on the screen. Captchas were developed in 1997 to prevent robots from adding URLs to search engines, collecting certain types of sensitive information, taking part in online polls and registering for free email accounts, which are later used to send spam. They are also used in blog comments to stop robots making spam links as comments or messages. Captchas are fully automated and they require little if no human maintenance to administer with obvious benefits in costs and reliability. Captchas do not rely solely on visual perception tasks since they can also operate from speech recognition making them user-friendly for visually impaired people. There are several sites nowadays that are offering ways to monetise captchas and they are now becoming known as a regular and welcome source of revenue to a website. Below are listed ten sites that offer ways to make money with captchas. Some of them are more fruitful than others, but they all contain valuable information and in-sight into the world of monetising a captcha.

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1. –

Adcaptcher is free and provides a custom designed secure way of protecting from social spammers. The captchas are easy to read preventing customers from leaving the site when they see a difficult captcha and revenue can be earned by serving smart ads in the captchas. Full mobile support is given and packages to run your own ad campaigns are offered.




2. Confident –

Confident replaces text captchas with money making captchas and revenue is earned by pay per click and impressions. Other features include language options, prevention of spam bots, mobile optimisation and audio for the visually impaired. The ads are targeted based upon geography, content relevance and IP address and a full demonstration is available on the site. There are plug-ins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and the libraries include PHP, .Net, Java and Python.




3. –

Minteye declares that their captcha click rate is 20 times higher on account of the users seeing the ads from start to finish. The system is simple to use and offers enhanced site security. Likes are linked directly to Facebook with unique API keys available. Numerous plug-ins are offered such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, vBulletin, Java, Perl and Ruby and a full demonstration and details are given on the site.




4. Solve Media –

Solve Media has custom designed technology for making captchas fun to type in as well as create a new revenue stream, which is shared 50/50 with the publisher partners. The security platform protects from spam, phishers and other fraudulent activity and the system also offers the choice to skip an ad and move directly to the content without damaging the economics or the advertisers on the site. Demonstration videos along with technical information can be found on the site and tips and advice can be found in the blog.


5. Captcha Alive –

Captcha Alive allows you to earn on every captcha typed. The platform delivers the ad in such as way that the user is actively involved instead of skipping the ad. Brand names and marketing messages can be typed in the captcha spaces instead of jumbled numbers. Free security is provided and full details are to be found on the site. The site is still under construction, but a blog will be available soon for commenting and providing further in-sight.




6. Key Captcha –

Key Captcha allows you to protect your site from spam as well as earn money from advertising with captchas. The captcha offers visitors to complete an easy task, which if not solved correctly does not allow the page to refresh. Other features include correct captcha solution not visible to visitors, encrypted images, virtual impossibility to transfer to third parties and no static images. Guides are given on the site for advertisers, site owners and installation and an affiliate programme is offered.


7. Blog –

This company has a software to monetise captchas with a useful link provided on the site for downloading. Admins, team leaders and other users can keep abreast of the latest information with news and updates. Rates are paid per 1,000 captchas typed with the rate depending on the time of day, the speed and accuracy. Workers are graded upon performance and the rules and regulations are clearly stated.




8. NLP Captcha –

NLP advertise that they have come up with an award winning formula for monetising captchas. The publishers are paid every time a client completes a captcha and advertisers pay only when a customer types a brand message, which is known as a ‘cost-per-recall.’ A creative gallery for advertisers can be found on the site and publishers can choose options for captchas such as fill-in, video or N-gage captcha. Useful information and details for both are given and an impressive display of current users can be viewed.




9. –

Nucaptcha is capable of switching to a varied captcha in real-time when a suspicious activity is identified since it is designed for high usability and high security. Captcha completions are under 5 seconds with nearly 100% human pass rates. Some of the features are third party integration, activity reports, 24-hours support, multiple platform support, easy implementation and optimised mobile and language support. It is free for up to 10,000 captchas per month and demonstration videos and detailed information can be found on the site.




10. Gotcha –

Gotcha is suitable for forums, e-commerce sites and company profiles as the captchas are an option of four pictures which can be selected and moved to make the correct image appear in the box. There is a demonstration video on the site and a brochure is available to download. The company is currently processing Alpha testing with the Beta version scheduled to be published soon.



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