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Montblanc International GmbH is a German company founded in 1908 that are renowned for making some of the finest pens in the world today. The name of course, comes from the mountain Mont Blanc in the Alps in Europe, which is 4810 meters in height and this is the theme and signature for many of the pens. The company produces limited editions in certain collections making them attractive to antique dealers and collectors of unusual items. The serial number is of vital importance since many companies nowadays are making ‘fake’ pens with very competitive prices that can attract many would-be buyers, but these ‘fakes’ when scrutinised, differ greatly from the real thing in feel, performance and style. Given below are the best websites for information on Mont Blanc pens, whether purchasing or just seeking details, the list can be used to provide the perfect pen gift or to spot a fake, bearing in mind, if it seems too good to be true, then it’s probably not the real thing.




1. Wheelers Luxury Gifts –


Wheelers offer luxury goods in their online shop with a very wide selection of Mont Blanc products available. Browse from the range of pens, refills, pencils, roller-balls and other goods from Montblanc which can be selected by item or price. Details can be found on all the pen collections from Montblanc as well as advice on choosing a pen along with the performance and features of the writing implements. The company is based in the U.K. and offers free delivery throughout Britain along with a gift wrapping service and personal engraving. Goods can be posted worldwide and special offers can be found for bulk buying and corporate gifts.




2. Montblanc –


This is the official site for Montblanc and all products are displayed with visual effects in a very well-constructed and professional manner, as one might expect. The site can be used in many languages and great detail is given on the history of the company as well as all the collections, craftsmanship, arts and culture. The latest Montblanc topics can be found in blogs and subscription to the newsletter is recommended for receiving information and updates on all products as well as news events from within the company. Goods can be shipped worldwide and part proceeds of the site are donated to children’s charities.



3. Montblanc U.S.A. –


This is the U.S.A. based site of Montblanc and goods are only shipped throughout the U.S. However, a very good range of all the writing implements and refills are on offer with pens from all the collections being shown along with accessories. The prices are clearly displayed and there are links to the official site for further information and details along with the history of the company.



4. Watchuseek


Founded by watch enthusiast Ernie Romers, watchuseek is one of the largest watch and pen forums around. The link above directs users to the mont blanc section dedicated to all things mont blanc – whether it be pens, wallets, clothing or watches. The forum has an alexa rank of worldwide 9,000. The forum boasts impressive stats of currently: 860,485 threads, over 6 million posts and over 200,000 members.  Users can also make use of their useful link section:




5. –


This is an American site and sells wholesale and retail top brand pen replicas, which probably explains why the prices are so reasonable compared to other sites selling the ‘real thing’. A wide range of pens and refills are found along with ballpoints, roller-balls and pen holders. The company offers a wide range of other replica brands and goods on their site besides Montblanc and shipment can be made worldwide.



6. Websters Pen Shop –


Websters Pens has been an authorised distributor of Montblanc pens for years with the first store opening in 1972. Since then it has increased to six stores throughout the UK and claims European fame with the flagship store in ‘Bluewater’. A full range of Montblanc pens can be found on the site offering free delivery within the UK on orders over £10. Individual pens can be searched in product finder and a Montblanc specialist can be contacted for help, for repairs or for corporate enquiries.



7. Nextag –


Nextag are a specialist shopping site with a high rank on They have a very wide range of products including Montblanc pens and shipment is made worldwide. There is a good selection of pens and refills to choose from with special offers and links for further information. There is a price comparison check in place so you can be assured that you are getting a good deal and personal recommendations are given.




8. World Lux –


World Lux is an American company in Seattle who specialise in supplying high quality luxury goods worldwide. They have a wide range of Montblanc pens in stock from many of the collections and information and history on the company Montblanc can be found along with a presentation video. Recommendations and special offers are suggested and limited editions are also featured. Refills are sold and the company provide a service for repairing pens. There is a special section for corporate gifts along with gift certificates.



9. The Pen Shop –


This is a UK based company who offer free delivery throughout Britain. They have a special section called ‘Welcome to the World of Montblanc’ which offers a good selection of Ballpoints, Pencils, Roller balls, fine-liners, fountains pens and refills from the company. Pens can be selected from the individual Montblanc collections and there is a special section for limited editions. The site offers gift wrapping and an engraving service and is very highly rated by customers past and present.



10. The Fountain Pen Network –


The Fountain Pen Network is exactly what its name suggests. It is a very popular network of forums, blogs and tips entirely dedicated to pens. There is an online auction site for selling and buying pens where bargains can be found and there are further sections for shopping for pens with useful links. Subscription to the site is necessary to gain further insight into the articles and photographs in the gallery. Interesting facts can be read on Montblanc pens and there is a calendar for pen enthusiasts listing forthcoming meetings for pen appreciation societies.


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