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1. IMDB –

The internet movie database is amongst the leaders for film review sites. It is ranked at 49 in and the database is immense as the name suggests. You can search for films, TV shows and celebrities by name, characters, plots, companies and episodes and once selected, a mine of information regarding the chosen movie is displayed. All stars, characters, directors, producers, length of movie, highest rankings and gross profit can be found along with the release dates and the name of the film in other languages. Plots are given in detail and there are video releases and trailers of all new movies to be viewed. All the latest news and events on films and celebrities is advertised and joining the site is advised for participation in the community. There is also a quiz for film buffs to test their knowledge.




2. Rotten Tomatoes –

This site is ranked 802 in Movies and actors can be searched for individually and all the latest box office films are featured using a voting system of ‘ripe’ or ‘rotten’ tomatoes from the reviews given and all new releases are advertised. There are featured movie trailers to be viewed along with interviews from top film stars and you can ‘have your say’ and post your personal reviews after logging into the site. All the top critics are listed along with their movie reviews adding further assistance when choosing a film to watch.




3. Metacritic –

Metacritic uses a scoring system with points up to 10 for the reviews given and all films can be selected and browsed by genre. The site features games, TV and music and there are reports to be read on movies as well as trailers to watch.  The useful links on the site can be used to view which films are currently showing and what movies will shortly be released in cinemas.




4. Plugged In –

Plugged In is a review site that appeals to all the family since it dedicates a special section for family viewing with reviews and safety guides. Games, TV and music are also reviewed and the latest cinema releases are rated with age and parental guidance in mind. There are clips to watch and blog postings to read with classic movies being reviewed under the ‘podcast tab’. The site is also available in Spanish, although the film titles are not translated and remain written in English.




5. Empire Online –

This site has a high ranking on and from the amount of reviews and information given on the world of film it is easy to see why it is so popular. The current and future cinema releases are all reviewed and given star ratings along with release dates and there are prize-winning quizzes and competitions to be entered. There are interviews from top film stars, producers and directors and interesting articles and facts on film can be found in blogs and movie news. You can subscribe to the magazine, download music and also view posters of classic movies.




6. – gives reviews on all the latest releases at the box office along with the gross figures. Trailers can be viewed on all current films showing at the cinema and there are many articles to be read from leading critics. You can purchase DVD’s and search the database for details on any desired film as well as read about all the latest Hollywood gossip. If you live in the U.S.A. you can search to see what movies are showing in your area by entering your zip code.




7. Yahoo! Movies –

Ranked at four in the world on, this is an excellent site for movies and reviews as the high ranking suggests. There are sneak previews of all future releases and all films currently doing the rounds at cinemas are reviewed with ratings and gross earnings. Selected movies can be chosen and the nearest cinemas to your location are displayed along with start times. There is a section dedicated to families showing family film clips with games to play and a special feature on ‘Pixar’ films for the holiday season. Articles and photographs can be found along with DVD’s and reviews from top critics in the film industry. All the latest news and events in the world of film are reported in blogs and opinions are welcome on all the polls.




8. MSN Movies –

This site is ranked at nineteen on and offers trailers and reviews on all current films showing at cinemas along with future releases. Breaking news and hot gossip is offered for top movie stars and an entire section brings all the latest events in Hollywood and the world of film. TV, music and games are also featured and another section is devoted to comedy. Many photographs of film stars can be viewed and further insight can be gained from reading the blog topics.




9. – has a complete database where all films can be searched by list or by genre. There is a special section for new releases on DVD, a further section for cinemas releases and reviews can be found on all current top box office movies along with special recommendations. Special interviews and videos featuring famous film actors can be found and a selection of films to watch online is given.




10. – contains many articles and reviews on all the films presently showing at cinemas. Special recommendations can be found for individual films in trailers and blog postings along with a comprehensive range of DVDs with reviews on each of them. A special section is dedicated to female viewers since ‘eye candy’ gives pictures and articles on current and future movie stars and heartthrobs. In the ‘streaming’ section further reviews are offered and articles can be also be read in the ‘columns’ section. The gallery offers a variety of photographs and screen shots for viewing and links can be found to gain further information.



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