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Enjoy a good multiplayer?

There are plenty of highly popular and addictive multiplayer games out there that take lots of brain power as well as huge time commitments but what can really be surprisingly addictive are the simplest ones. There are a number of sites that offer a huge variety of simple multiplayer games and some of those listed below are offered on numerous game sites (although some will be a single-player version) so if the link is to a site you don’t care for, feel free to search your favorite online game site for the same game. Below are ten that may look like children’s games but might just eat up your spare time or even cost you a few hours of shut-eye. Don’t say you weren’t warned!


1. Digitz!:  


This free multiplayer game is offered by Wellgames and is found elsewhere as a single-player game. The game entails moving tiles together whose numbers add up to 10 thus removing them from the board with the goal to remove all the colored tiles. This game is great for most ages since it is very simple math.


2. Transformice: 


The objective of Transformice is to collect a piece of cheese and return to the mouse hole. Each level has a different layout and different numbers of cheese and wholes. Players join a room and all play the same objective at the same time. Bonuses are awarded to three players that complete the objective first. Players can create an account or play as a guest. The game also has a chat feature. The music and the graphics are pretty decent for a free online game.



3. Curve Fever:


A rather innovative multiplayer game in which players control via the up, left and right arrow keys a snaking line along the screen while avoiding the edges and other players’ lines. Simplistic but quite challenging! It takes only a few minutes to figure out how to play but it will keep you addicted as it takes practice to master it. This game is also available on a number of game sites so you’ll never be without other players to compete against.



4. Flightless:


Flightless is a puzzle platform that you play with one other friend or by yourself. You can work separately or together with your partner to solve puzzles and can switch from 1 to 2 player mode at any time. There is a nice demo on the site so you can practice the game before you get into playing with other people.   There are both thinking puzzles and action puzzles, secret rooms and more. It is currently being offered as a free demo game only but definitely one to keep an eye on even though the full-size game will likely not be free to play.



5. 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer:


While there are lots of pool games out there, this one continues to rank the highest among the free online games. It can be played on PC and now is even offered for iPhone and Android devices. Play as a guest or register and customize your cue and play in tournaments. There is no shortage of players – at the time of this review there were nearly 80,000 players online. It is really easy to navigate making it as much fun for beginners as for pros. Playing this game could even help someone improve their real life billiards game.


6. Wordz!:


Play against another player to see who can quickly swap letters to form words. The game is available in 6 different languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Each level becomes more difficult. The game is also available through the Apple store, and Google play for mobile device playing. The link given is for playing on WellGames but the game is also offered by other game sites as well.



7. Bad Eggs Online:


In this game players work either by themselves against one or more other players or together with a team to take out another team. How many people are on each side is determined by the game joined. The characters are eggs with a variety of weapons at their disposal. Each egg takes turns – they can move around, select a weapon which can be adjusted both in angle and intensity and then fire the shot. Shots can also change the landscape and even hurt your own character if one isn’t careful. The website has both Bad Eggs 1 and Bad Eggs 2. There are other places to play this game as well. For example, if you have a Kongregate account you can find the game there using the following link:



8. Farm Fortress:


Nothing like taking the fun of all those farming games and combining with some hardcore fighting! Rather makes you think of those survivalist situations. Players need to plant flowers to harvest for money but also defend their base from all sorts of creatures, including other players! It’s not all about attack other players though as you can join forces and help each other harvest and defend against others. Players begin with three lives to begin with and these are regenerated every 12 hours although one can also buy extra lives. This farming and action hybrid is sure to interest post-apocalyptic farmer types!



9. eRepublik:


This very popular multiplayer online game was launched back in October 2008 and continues to be popular. In order to play it is necessary to sign up on the site or through Facebook. It is a massive online social strategy game in which players develop their own empire while conquering others. Although it technically doesn’t fit the “simple” aspect of this list, it is so insanely popular all over the world that it merits inclusion. A great aspect is that it continually saves player progress so that players can resume the game at any time they wish.



World of Zombies:


No game list could ever be complete without some sort of zombie game and this one is simply adorable rather than the usual gore and realism found in most zombie games. This is another one of those games that can be found in various places and it can even be connected to through Facebook. It is a social multiplayer farming game with zombies as the farmers. It will definitely be hard to stop playing this game.

It is probably highly unlikely that readers have gotten to this concluding paragraph as they are already immersed in one of the game above and have probably gone without a shower or two as well. They are just that terribly addicting! It is always fun to play games with other players and that is why multiplayer online games have become so popular. This list does not even scratch the surface. However, many of the links given are game sites that have dozens, even hundreds, of other games as well. Anyone that loves games need never be bored again.



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