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Obviously nothing beats visiting a museum in person, but it would be both time consuming and costly to travel to see all the wonderful museums of the world. The next best thing is to virtual visit the world’s finest museums by viewing their websites. You can also use the various websites to help you determine those museums you want to take the effort to visit in person. Many of the sites offer much more than information about their exhibitions and collections. They also have blogs and other features you will only get to enjoy on the website. The following are ten popular websites operated by museums. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.

 Museum 1


1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Global Alexa Rating: 13,207

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The site includes information about the museum including how to plan your visit and suggested itineraries so that you can get the most out of your visit. The interactive map allows you to navigate through more than 400 galleries and other public spaces. The site includes information on current, past and upcoming exhibitions, various collections, information on events and a blog section. You can also shop in their online store.


Museum 2


2. The British Museum:

Global Alexa Rating: 42,692

One thing that makes the British Museum special is that they do not charge admission. They get their support, in part from memberships. They also offer free tours and talks throughout the day as well as other free activities for families. The site includes plenty of information on a number of topics all well organized by such things as culture, place, people, material and popularity. There are also audio and video presentations.


Museum 3


3. Louvre:

Global Alexa Rating: 49,559

It is highly advised to spend some time on the Louvre website before visiting this museum in Paris, France thanks to the very helpful section for planning your visit. This section includes hours & admissions, advance tickets, visitor tips, how to use the Louvre, floor plans, membership, what’s on and directions for getting there. The interactive floor plan helps you navigate the various floors including the lower ground floor, ground floor, first floor and second floor as well as Napoleon Hall. It takes days, if not longer, to fully appreciate the Louvre and it just might take you a nearly as long to wade through the expansive information on their website – and it will all be time well spent. Be sure to view the offered virtual tours.


Museum 4


4. Chateau de Versailles:

Global Alexa Rating: 73,145

With this site you can explore the Palace of Versailles, the Garden, The Grand Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. The site is fun to investigate with plenty of information located with photos of the various rooms and outdoor areas. The site includes the history as well as what is going on currently. You can look up opening times and admission, purchase tickets, use an interactive map and shop in the boutique.


Museum 5


5. Guggenheim:

Global Alexa Rating: 74,148

Use this site to view what is going on at the various Guggenheim locations, including New York, Venice, Bilbao, and upcoming Abu Dhabi. A nice feature of the site is the ability to explore global art with their new interactive map that lets you discover video, blog posts, audio and more from MAP artists around the world. They also have an app you can use to explore special exhibitions and the permanent collection as well as the architecture of the museum’s landmark building in New York.


Museum 6


6. Art Institute of Chicago:

Global Alexa Rating: 75,820

The Art Institute of Chicago ranks as the #1 must-see attraction in Chicago, and for good reason. They offer almost a million square feet to explore. With free admission for kids under 14, it is a perfect family outing. The website gives you the current, upcoming and past exhibitions. Be sure to visit the research section on the website for databases, e-journals, library exhibitions, research guides and more. Also be sure to explore their online collections which offers access to over 77,000 works and basic information about works of art.

 Museum 7


7. Museum of Fine Arts Boston:

Global Alexa Rating: 139,573

The original Museum of Fine Arts opened on July 4, 1876 in Boston’s Copley Square but they moved to Huntington Avenue in 1909. Their collection encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art. It is open 7 days a week only closing for certain holidays. Become a member and visit for free, or take advantage of various free days that are offered by voluntary contribution. Certain people are also given free or discounted admission. The site gives information on current, past and upcoming exhibitions as well as their MFA On Tour program.


Museum 8


8. Van Gogh Museum:

Global Alexa Rating: 159,569

This website includes three main sections: Visit the Museum, Meet Vincent and About the Museum. Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) is one of the Netherlands’ most famous artists. The section about his life is well-written and informative. Learn about his self-portraits, collection highlights, key influences, artist friends, French contemporaries and more. The site is easy to navigate with everything jumping off from the menu icon at the top left.


Museum 9


9. Royal Ontario Museum:

Global Alexa Rating: 170,451

The Royal Ontario Museum is located in Toronto, Ontario. Many like to visit on Fridays as they offer reduced admission most Fridays throughout the year. Members receive unlimited free admission as well as other benefits which are outlined on the website. The site includes information on their current exhibitions and galleries. Be sure to check out the collections & research section.


Museum 10


10. Museum of the Moving Image:

Global Alexa Rating: 197,757

Museum of the Moving Image advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media by presenting exhibitions, education programs, significant moving-image works, and interpretive programs, and collecting and preserving moving-image related artifacts. Whether you are interested in classic cinema or you are an avid gamer, you’ll find interesting things on this website and at this museum which is located in Astoria, NY.

Obviously the world is full of wonderful museums and many are more than qualified to be on this list, but aren’t. The reason is that an effort was made to present a variety of options both in terms of different countries and different main subject matter. It is an easy thing to pull up all the museums in a particular country, or all the ones dealing with art, for example, but this list was designed to give you a fuller spectrum of what is out there, so then you can fine tune your future searches accordingly.



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