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If Music be the food of love… play on…

Music is an art that unites the world together with a language completely on its own. The word music comes from the Greek language meaning art of the muses and has been a form of communication and enjoyment for centuries. Music has pitch, rhythm, timbre and dynamics and periods of music throughout the years include ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern. Music is not difficult to compose and becomes easier when there is an understanding of the keys and notes. Understanding also improves when music can be read and instruments can be played. Some of the most popular forms of musical genres today include rock, pop, dance, rap, jazz, R ‘n’ B, folk, Latin, blues, hip-hop, gospel, Christian, punk, soul, Motown, country, western, disco, electronic and easy listening. There are many sites available on the Internet today to listen to free music either through popular radio stations or by downloading and listing to your own kind of music so you can enjoy all your favourite tunes immediately without waiting for them to be played. Below you can find ten of the best sites for free music on the Internet today. All the sites are ranked high on and are popular and now it has been made even easier since they are all listed together eliminating the need to search as well as being free.



1. – brings you music for every mood with tracks for workouts, relaxing, travelling or just for listening pleasure. The app works on computers, mobile phone, tablets and music systems and you can even download your favourite music when you are offline. You can build your own collection and play-lists as well as share your music with your friends on social network sites. A free version is available, but for £4.99 per month unlimited music without advert interruptions can be purchased.



2. – has many different genres of music to choose from such as individual decades, dance, country, classical, electronic, folk, indie, jazz, pop, R ‘n’ B, rap, reggae, rock and ska. You can search for music by artists, songs or genres there are reviews on videos and albums to read. The most popular bands and tunes are highlighted and you can join the community to share your favourite music with other members.




3. –

There are over 25 million tracks to hear on and you can create your own play-lists, follow your favourite artists and listen to music all day long. You can browse the editorial picks and personal recommendations to help you decide as well as follow other members with similar music tastes. The songs are accessible from any device even when you are offline and you can share your tracks on social networking sites.



4. – has lots of free downloads available as well as articles and videos to view on your favourite stars. Special features include label of the week and free MP3 of the day and free music can be obtained from genres such as acoustic, blues, country, classical, electronic, folk jazz, Latin, pop, rock, soul and music of the decades.  If you are an artist you can upload your latest releases and the top posts of the week are highlighted.



5. –

This site allows you to type in the name of an artist and they provide you with a play-list of related songs. You are free to explore the community and browse artists and users as well as other play-lists from the comprehensive music library. The system is easy and free to use with new music and hip hop/rap featured. You can also listen to rock, pop, jazz, soul, r ‘n’ b, alternative and country with an app now available for iPhones.



6.  –

Last FM gives you personalised recommendations based on the music you listen to with trending artists, top tracks and popular events near you are highlighted. There is a search facility to look for your favourite bands, artists and songs and types of music are rap, pop, jazz, rock, alternative music to name a few. You can view the music charts and join the community and there are interviews and videos to listen too as well.




7. –

Napster has over twenty million songs in every possible genre and you can play as much music as you wish on your computer, home system or mobile phone with a 30-day free trial. You can create your own play-lists or listen to radio stations from anywhere as Napster syncs with all devices. As well as genres there are new releases, featured releases and the charts to hear with 30-second samples available as well.


8. –

Jango has free music and advertises that ‘they play what you want to hear’. There are many artists to select and top genres include blues, classical, country, individual decades, dance, easy listening, electronic, gospel, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, new age, pop, rock and love songs to name a few. Jango is also available in a mobile app and the site can also be viewed in Portuguese and Spanish.



9. –

This site has 15,000 free music songs. Tracks can be selected by style, tempo, instruments, feeling, composer, artist and publisher with video tools to assist uploading. You can tune-in to free music radio as well as submit your profile and you can license a song to use on your site, video, advertisement or project. Licenses are emailed along with any limitations and recommendations are also given.



10. –

Rhapsody gives you the option to choose whichever artist you like and your choice will be played. There are many popular stations to select with certain artists having their own station such as Bruno Mars, Ciara, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and J. Cole. Genre music on the site can be chosen by decade, rock, pop, punk, rap, hip-hop, R ‘n’ B, soul, country, jazz, Latin, world, reggae, dance, electronic, classical, blues, folk, gospel and easy listening to name a few and there is even a section for children.


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