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Nanotechnology is a hot topic and there is much debate over what the rewards could be verses the potential dangers. There are few industries that would not benefit in some way through nanotechnological advances, but all it takes is something to go horribly wrong and we could wipe out mankind faster than any nuclear war ever could. If you look upon nanotechnology with awe or fear, you will find useful information on the following ten websites. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Scientific American – Nanotechnology:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,755

Scientific American is a trustworthy resource for all things science related so it stands to reason that you will find plenty of information and news about nanotechnology on their website. Once you have read the articles that show up on the linked page, type in ‘nanotechnology’ in the search box to read more articles that are equally relevant and informative. You can learn about plans for nanotechnology around the world as well as read about potential dangers.

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2. Nanotechnology Now:

Global Alexa Rating: 53,417

This site is devoted to covering future sciences such as Nanotechnology, Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT), MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), NanoElectroMechanical Systems (NEMS), Nanomedicine, Nanobiotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, Computational Nanotechnology, Quantum Computers, and Artificial Intelligence – to name just a few. The purpose of the site is to provide information to everyone – not just to those that work with and study these topics. You will find information about what nanotechnology is, potential changes and other general information that even the layman can understand. Be sure to check out the introduction, basics, FAQ and current uses shown on the nanotechnology page. You can also subscribe to their free NanoNews Digest.


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3. NanoWerk:

Global Alexa Rating: 126,458

This is an easy to use website that gives an understandable introduction to nanotechnology as well as news, databases, nano business, nano jobs and other resources. Be sure to check out the “10 Things You Should Know About Nanotechnology” which is located in the resources section of the website. It goes into the concept, definition, what is special about it and why is it an issue now, new materials, nanomanufacturing, industry example, risk factor, societal aspects and more. You can also subscribe to one of their daily topical newsletters.

 Nanotechnology 4


4. Nano.Gov:

Global Alexa Rating: 514,285 is the site for the National Nanotechnology Institute (NNI). The site includes Nanotechnology 101, Nanotechnology & You, About the NNI, Collaboration & Funding, and Publications & Resources. The main page includes two NNI brochures and a scrolling center section of Nanotechnology News. Be sure to check out the Nanotechnology & You section for information about benefits and applications, as well as the environmental, health and safety issues that are part of the responsible development of nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology 5



Global Alexa Rating: 540,842

This site provides online simulation and more regarding nanotechnology. You can simulate with over 330 tools, research & collaborate, teach & learn and share & publish. The resources section includes the animations, compact models, courses, downloads, learning modules, online presentations, presentation materials, publications, teaching materials, tools and workshops. Whether you are wanting to understand more about nanotechnology or you are an instructor looking for great classroom materials, this site will prove useful.

 Nanotechnology 6


6. Foresight Institute:

Global Alexa Rating: 597,626

Foresight Institute is a leading think tank and public interest organization focused on transformative future technologies – particularly advancing beneficial nanotechnology. They were founded in 1986 to discover, promote the upsides and help to avoid the dangers of nanotechnology, AI, biotech and other developments. A nice feature of this site is that they have two sections for explaining nanotechnology – one for the general reader and one for the technical reader, thus making this a helpful site regardless of your current level of understanding about nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology 7


7. PEN – Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,019,047

This organization is dedicated to helping ensure that as nanotechnologies advance, possible risks are minimized, public and consumer engagement remains strong, and potential new benefits are realized. The site includes news, events, topics, publications and more. Be sure to select the “Learn about Nanotechnology” link at the top right which takes you to Nanotechnology 101. There are also some great publications on the site.

 Nanotechnology 8


8. CRN – Center for Responsible Nanotechnology:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,260,415

This site discusses what nanotechnology is, what the benefits are and what the risks are. It discusses how soon preparations need to be made, which restrictions will help and which won’t and how opportunities can be extended to everyone. They are working to raise awareness of the benefits and the dangers. They are looking at the implications – to the environment, economy, military, politics, society, medical and ethical. The section on risks bring up many dangers that are overlooked by most people. Just the grey goo release danger is enough to make most recognize the need for responsibility while proceeding.


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9. UnderstandingNano:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,280,058

This is a nice site about the different industries in which nanotechnology could prove useful, including electronics, energy, materials, medicine, manufacturing and environmental. There are many applications for nanotechnology including consumer products, defense and spaceflight. The site also elaborates on nanomaterials such as buckyballs, carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanocomposites, nanoparticles, nanofibers, nanowires, quantum dots and strong materials. You can also do research about getting a degree or a job in nanotechnology.


Nanotechnology 10


10. Nanotech Blog:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,757,169

This blog is published by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., a Washington, D.C. law firm focusing on conventional and engineered nanoscale chemical, pesticide, and other specialty chemical product approval and regulation, chemical product litigation, and associated business issues. The blogs deal with more of the legal side involved with nanotechnology and includes topics such as environmental issues, legal and regulatory issues, occupational health and safety issues and more.

In the end, it all comes down to balancing the benefits with the dangers and taking steps to mitigate the risks. It can be alarming to think about some of the major dangers especially since the end of the world as we know it could be the end result if the wrong mistake is made either by accident or on purpose. By taking the time to read about the subject, you should have a better understanding about how great the benefits could be as well and why most people feel they are worth the risk.


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