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Need help with the National Admissions Test for Law?

 LNAT or National Admissions Test for Law is an aptitude test that was first used in 2004 by Oxford University to help with choosing candidates with similar exam results. There are now nine law schools and hundreds of establishments worldwide that participate. The test is two and quarter hours and consists of an essay and questions covering reading and logical reasoning skills. The reading section is scored out of 42 and marked by the respective universities and the essay section lasts for forty minutes. Entry into law schools is very competitive and the nine universities that require the test are Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Glasgow, KCL, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and UCL. The exams commence in September and with competitiveness in mind, there is a great need to practise and study before sitting the exam. Below is a list of sites that can be used for help with The LNAT exam. Some offer practise tests, tools and study guidance while others give tips and hints for passing along with revision aids, but all the sites have two things in common, they all contain very good information about the LNAT and they are all together in one place making the search easier.




1. LNAT –

This is a small site; however it is entirely dedicated to the LNAT exam. Guidance and advice can be found about the test highlighting registration details, what to expect on the day of the exam as well as preparation. There is a full FAQ on the site and contact is welcome. However, no details have been entered regarding 2013 yet, but the content of the site is very good and it lays a good groundwork for sitting the exam.





2. The Student Room –

The Student Room is without a doubt one of the best sources of information for students on the Internet today with a very high ranking on The information found on the LNAT exam is no exception with articles giving advice on solving problems and preparation for the exam. Useful links are provided for further facts and guidance with books for suggested reading being offered. Tips and FAQ are given and any questions are welcome in the forum or to the site directly.






This is the official site of the King Edward VI School in Southampton, UK which contains good information on the LNAT exam. A full explanation about the exam is given along with details for registration. The structure and content of the test is laid out and a guide for preparation can be found with the dates for pending results. Convenient centres for sitting the exam are listed and useful links are provided for further information.





4. All About Law –

As the name suggests, this site is all about law and it contains a section on the LNAT test. Details of the exam with timing and scoring are stated along with a list of universities that require it. The site gives details on preparing for the exam with hints, tips and suggestions on revising, homework and reading. Practice tests are offered and links are given to find further information.





5. Prep Genie –

Prep Genie is an online educational resource with a special section dedicated to the LNAT exam. Practise tests, study guides, live help and strategies are all available and a full FAQ is given on the site. Dates, facts, eligibility and registration are shown along with LNAT sample tests which can be downloaded. Packages offering practise tests are available to buy and popular pages containing information and articles are highlighted. Full contact details are given on the site and the facility for a quick online chat is available.





6. Oxford University Press –

The Oxford University Press contains very good information for taking the LNAT exam. Full details of the test are given with tips on preparation and research. A section on essay writing gives constructive advice and useful links are provided for further information. Suggestions are made for reading and research and testimonials can be viewed on the site from satisfied students.





7. –

The company’s mission is to provide students and educators with materials and support to achieve university admission. The site states the importance of the LNAT test and provides details of the exam along with an FAQ. Preparations for the test are highlighted in eBooks and practise questions can be found along with the correct answers. The importance and benefits of the exam are given and contact for any information not found on the site is welcome.





8. Ezine Articles –

Ezine articles is one of the most valuable sources for finding information on the Internet and is ranked at 509 in the world on A section for the LNAT exam is given which explains about the test and gives hints on passing the exam along with practise questions and useful links for further information. The schools that require the test are stated and tips for revision can also be found.





9. LNAT India –

This is a relatively unknown site, but it is largely dedicated to the LNAT exam. The site discusses the structure of the exam and gives in-depth information for preparation. Tips and hints can be found in articles and start dates and deadlines are stated in news-feeds. An FAQ about the test looks at when to take the exam, what happens with failure and if results can be carried forward by one year and very useful advice is given for non-UK residents wishing to sit the exam.





10. Test Prep –

Test Prep has a very good section on the LNAT exam giving advice in news, articles, links and blog. Details about the test are shown and advice is given on comprehension, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction. Information can also be found about using the exam, the courses and the test structure with key dates also mentioned. Further information can be found on the site and questions and contact are welcome.






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