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Indonesia is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania and consists of 17, 508 islands. There are 34 provinces and over 238 million people making it the world’s fourth populated country. The capital is Jakarta and the economy is the 16th largest by nominal GDP.  Hundreds of distinct, ethnic and linguistic groups exist in the country and in spite of the large and densely populated regions there are large areas of wilderness with abundant natural resources and yet poverty remains widespread. Evidence has been found showing early settlers from 45,000 years ago and rice cultivation has been an important source of trade since the 8th century. For a time the country was under Dutch rule, but the Second World War saw an end to this and independence was declared. Indonesia is a republic with a presidential system and the people’s representative council is in Jakarta. There are 150 active volcanoes on the islands including Krakatoa and Tambora both of which famously exploded in the 19th century leaving devastation in their wake and the recent tragedy of the Tsunami in 2004 which destroyed much of the province of Banda Aceh is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Below is a list of ten of the best networks and forums on the Internet for Indonesia. The sites give information about the country and Indonesians and ex-pats can meet like-minded folk and make new friends who have the wonderful country of Indonesia in common.




1. Indonesian Forum –

This is an Indonesian forum from the University of Melbourne in Australia. A description of how to subscribe to the forum is given along with events and a section can be found for students with reports and thesis. Indonesian studies are growing in popularity and study centres and interested groups are now being put in place to cope with the demand. A list of members is available to view and subjects discussed include Indonesian architecture, language, politics and history to name a few.




2. Indonesia Expats –

This site has been especially designed for the ex-pat community living in Indonesia. There is a forum which is free to join and you can meet other members who share the same common interests as you. A network for different nationalities living in Indonesia can be found and a guide is given for working and living in the area. Business contacts and friends can be made and the site also caters for local residents and those that have strong ties to the community.




3. Education Indonesia –

This site is an Indonesian education site which was created to bring together information on education with resources, articles and feedback from the community. The main purpose is to assist educators and the participation and activities of the company can be found on the site. There are many sections including homework, language laboratory, technical science, television, higher education and technology to name a few and a forum is in place for following topics.





4. –

This site has a forum for meeting like-minded folks with recent topics advertised. There are also newsletters, reports and tips about life in Indonesia and warnings are also given for travel, which are updated regularly. You can find articles to read and information can be gained from resources such as currency exchange, education, banking, health, rentals, telecom, jobs, real estate, travel information, shipping and visas and immigration.





5. The Indonesian Network –

The Indonesian Network has illustrated articles to read on Indonesia including industry, developments, energy, the environment and business. There are sections for events and education with recommended speeches to hear and opinions about Indonesia from around the globe to read. Articles, magazines and links to websites can be found with a section dedicated to the latest Indonesian news. There are more than one million friends and partners on the network and connecting to the site is encouraged in order to participate.





6. Korindo Network –

You can discover the hidden treasures of Indonesia with this site as it explores the islands and describes the beaches and the wildlife. There is the facility to search for accommodation and tours to see the animals and photograph certain species are offered with the emphasis on the Komodo dragon. The site is a network and they would like to hear your experiences as well as share your photos in the gallery. There is a special tour for diving on the islands and trips dedicated to Orang-utans are also offered.





7. Living In Indonesian –

This is a forum for ex-pats living in Indonesia. Articles can be found written by ex-pats for ex-pats and the latest posts and threads are highlighted. There is a special forum for those seeking jobs and a further section reveals items for sale such as electronics, furniture, cars and also freebies. Family life and housing is discussed in detail and information can be found for pets, living outside the city, politics, events, education, health, laws, visas and currency.




8. Imagine Network –

This network has a forum to join known as the Indonesian Islamic Business Forum in which businessmen can meet like-minded associates. The main purpose of the forum is for coaching, training, mentoring, publishing and exhibiting in order to promote the forum as a secondary business. Questions are invited, but you must be a member of the Imagine network in order to subscribe and enjoy the facilities of the forum.





9. –

This is an Indonesian network with the emphasis on education. Sites can apply to be linked to the network and a description about each site can be found. Education, studying, exams and experience are mentioned and there are also links for educators and administration staff. You can find out what developments are taking place in Indonesia at the current time and communications, travel and the environment are also discussed.





10. –

This is an Indonesian forum. You can post threads and descriptions about your holiday and trip to the country, whether you stayed at a beach resort, had a tour of the islands or stayed in a luxury hotel. The site is aiming to be a travel forum for Indonesia and you can also upload your personal videos as well as those from YouTube. There is a section for the weather and you can follow the latest threads, but you need to be a member before posting.


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