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People tend to fall into one of four groups when it comes to football – they hate it, they play it, they watch it or they can’t get enough information about it! This list will appeal to the last group – those that thirst for information regarding scouting, drafting, rumors, news, stats and more. The following ten websites are ten of the best out there as evidenced by their Alexa traffic count ratings. Besides these ten sites there are also often individual sites for most teams for those that want to delve deeply into more about their favorite team – in fact many of these sites give links to them! Many sports enthusiasts will be happy with the sites that cover all teams though, so jump right in and take a look at these popular NFL sites!


1. Sports Illustrated: 

Global Alexa Rating: 60


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Sports Illustrated would be the most popular one on this list as they not only cover all there is about the NFL but plenty of other sports as well so there is always something to read about no matter what time of year it is. Besides having tons of articles, videos, audibles and photos there are also links right on the NFL homepage to get to your favorite team’s website.  The main headings in the NFL section are Scores, Teams, Player News, Standings, Schedules, Stats, Transactions, Injuries and Tickets. They also have a Fantasy Football section.


2. NFL Site:

Global Alexa Rating: 221


Nothing like going right to the horse’s mouth – want to know about the NFL then head over to the NFL website. All the usual information can be found on this website with a few interesting features added in – most notably podcasts and shopping for official NFL gear.  The site is jam packed with articles and blogs. It isn’t immediately apparent but you can get to team websites by clicking on the team’s icon at the very top of the page. A nice feature is a banner with current and upcoming games listed. Check out their Game Rewind option that lets you watch full game replays with a subscription fee depending on which games you want to watch.



3. YardBarker:   

Global Alexa Rating: 5,453


YardBarker is by Fox Sports and is an interesting site to go to for realtime rumors, gossip, opinions and humor. They have other sports as well but the NFL area is quite hilarious as well as informative. The forum is an interesting way to connect and communicate with other NFL enthusiasts.  This site is an interesting network of sports blogs and pro athlete blogs. There is also a handy link area to get to pull up just the rumors and gossip for one team at a time. If you know your stuff and would like to be a sports blogger, give them a shout and you might just be the one putting the content out there for others to read.


4. Pro Sports Daily:

Global Alexa Rating: 33,541


Pro Sports Daily is another source for NFL rumors and news as well as a forum. The site is easily navigated with all the teams down the left side of the page to find out info on a specific team easily. The most recent news is listed in the middle of the page. Forum Top 5 is on the right along with Covers/Consensus, Tweets, League Leaders – Total TDs and Offense stats. There is a drop down menu for stats & odds as well as a link to get to the forums. All the news posts clearly show where they were obtained. The forums are well organized with all types of sports accessible from one main page – just scroll down to get to the NFL area.



5. National Football Post:

Global Alexa Rating: 37,144


The articles and stories on this site are very well written and on topics that are relevant and fascinating. New stories are added daily making this a great site to check out regularly for new content. Take the time to check out the podcast as well as it is quite interesting. The content is arranged into Columns, The Agent’s Journal, The Scouting Department, The Players Page and Team Pages. At first glance it seems like the site is difficult to figure out where to go to but once you get into doing some clicking here and there you find yourself surfing around locating all kinds of neat stuff.



6. NFL Rush:

Global Alexa Rating: 66,792


NFL Rush is loaded with all sorts of entertainment including tons of videos, press conferences, highlight videos, a Pick Em section and fun online games. Stats and Standings are found right on the homepage which is really convenient. Those that really enjoy the Pick Em section can also get the app for iOS or Android. A banner across the page gives links to individual teams. It is free to join the site to be able to take advantage of the fun features. The graphics on this site are amazing.



7. Advanced NFL Stats:

Global Alexa Rating: 101,045


This is the site to go to if you want to hedge your bets by doing some research and analysis of the teams and their probability for winning in an upcoming game as well as throughout the game being played. The degree of information on the site is simply amazing. Read up on how the weather has been a deciding factor in past games or delve into the topic of home field advantage. Read about strategies and other correlations. The site gives insight into game analysis, player analysis, team analysis and playoff predictions. Check out the weekly podcast as well and look back at the archives going back to 2007.


8. NFL Players Association:

Global Alexa Rating: 294,406


This site has both community news articles and press release articles as well as a photo gallery, videos and podcasts. The news section includes a draft diary, leadership corner, player news and more. Overall this site is mostly to do with NFL players and the things that are important to them including how they make a difference in communities across the country. Not the place to learn about stats but instead a place to get to know the personal side of some remarkable athletes. One thing of interest is their One Team for the Cure to promote breast cancer awareness and to support the NFL Crucial Catch campaign.



9. Pro Football Weekly: 

Global Alexa Rating: 314,333


The articles on this site are categorized into Latest News, Way We Hear It, Analysis, Draft, Fantasy and Free Agency. The Watch & Listen tab takes you to watch a snippet from Pro Football Weekly which is a TV 30-minute program in its 24th year. There are also some PFW Radio Show audios on that page. The site is easy to navigate with menus for getting to team news as well as news on individual players. Pull up a team and see stats such as injuries, roster, transactions, practice reports, team leaders, passing stats, rushing stats, receiving stats, scoring stats, this year’s schedule, standings and much more.



10. The Red Zone:  

Global Alexa Rating:467,730


A very simple website with no bells and whistles – the perfect place for someone that just wants to get into the meat of the news without distraction. The homepage has the top NFL headlines for that day. On the right side are some quick links. Down the left side are the various categories – Draft Tracker, Fantasy Info, Features, Schedule, Inactives, NFL Salaries, Free Agency, NFL Draft, Injury Report, Twitter and Final Cuts. The NFL Salaries section is rather interesting for those wondering just how much their favorite player is earning.

So, there you have it – ten great sites to go to when that urge for NFL news overtakes you during those devastating times when there isn’t a game being played to watch. Finding out about things such as yesterday’s injuries or what all the standings are this week couldn’t be easier or more fun. A number of these sites even continue news in the off season. So, go grab a beer and a plate of nachos and get having some fun!



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