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Need a boost with numerical testing?

Numerical testing is a tool used by a number of companies for evaluating how people will perform on tasks or react in various situations. Those entering or re-entering the workforce can get a leg up on the competition by becoming proficient at these tests. The best way to prepare is to look online for various numerical testing practice websites. Below are 10 such websites and it would behove job seekers to do all of the free ones and then move on to those that offer courses and testing for a fee and purchase from the one is the best fit. The websites are listed in the order of their Alexa traffic count rating so starting at the top will get someone started with the most popular ones first.


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1. University of Kent – Psychometric Tests:  

Global Alexa Rating: 24,530

The University of Kent has a very good section on their website for careers and employability services including a number of psychometric tests, including numerical reasoning as well as tests for verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, vocabulary, creative thinking, team working, leadership styles, computer aptitude test and more. The tests are all free and are timed, and include answers and working out. Take some extra time and check out the personality questionnaires which could prove helpful in other areas of one’s life as well as well as being rather interesting.


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2. SHL Test Preparation and Career Centre:

Global Alexa Rating: 123,257

SHL offers plenty of planning tools and skill certifications tests that can be helpful in preparing for a career. The site includes assessment advice, career advancement tools and practice tests. Included is a link to BrainBench which offers 600 challenging skills tests including dozens of free ones. The practice tests on the SHL site have, in some cases, the chance to win an Amazon gift card – not a bad incentive. Besides a numerical reasoning test, they also have a verbal reasoning test, inductive reasoning test, personality questionnaire, situational judgment test and much more. They also offer a free iPQ career planner that will help identify one’s key strengths and the jobs that one is most likely and least likely to enjoy.


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3. Kenexa:   

Global Alexa Rating: 144,901

Kenexa is a company that helps businesses with hiring and retention, but the site link above goes to their online practice tests. There are three tests offered – numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning. In order to begin one of the tests be sure to disable any pop-up blockers as the test will open in a new pop-up window. It will also test the computer system to be sure there are no other incompatibility issues. Be sure to read the instructions before beginning the tests taking care to note the time limitation involved. Once a test is submitted a score is shown. The test can be retaken as needed, but there are no answers given.


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4. Job Test Prep:

Global Alexa Rating: 145,399

Job Test Prop began in 1992 providing professional practice tools for preparing people for future tests as future students, job seekers and for other purposes. Although the majority of tests on this website are not free they do include some short sample sequences of their online numerical reasoning tests. Although not free, the various tests on the website are invaluable and should still be considered especially by those desiring as much of an advantage as possible in the challenging job market that is currently being experienced. Some of their specialized tests include GMAT practice tests, UK CAT practice questions and armed forces aptitude tests.


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5. Practice Aptitude Tests:

Global Alexa Rating: 171,633

The numerical reasoning tests on this website containing questions that test your knowledge of ratios, percentage increase/decrease, cost and sales analysis, rates and trends, and currency conversions. Test takers are encouraged to use a calculator. There are two free tests, each with 20 questions and each taking 20 minutes. There is also the option to purchase additional tests by type, including numerical, verbal, diagrammatic and situational. Additionally, students can purchase the bundle which includes all of the test questions. The purchase price includes 12 months access.


numerical 6

6. Institute of Psychometric Coaching (IPC):

Global Alexa Rating: 262,058

The IPC website offers a number of free practice test examples, including a numerical test, abstract test, verbal test, mechanical test, aptitude test and personality test. These tests are short examples of their real online practice tests. They offer 90 job specific tests that cover a broad range of industries and job levels. To begin, one selects the industry and job level desired which will bring up the various options including online practice tests, online courses, bundle packages available, personal coaching options and job interview preparation course. Each test and course can be purchased separately for one month access each or in a bundle with all the tests, all the courses or both.


numerical 7

7. Inside Careers:

Global Alexa Rating: 654,133

Inside Careers is specifically designed with graduate careers in mind. It offers a ton of career advice including a graduate job search, internships & placements, recruitment events and the ability to explore professions. The link given takes one to the area about numerical reasoning tests and includes information about them as well as offering two practice tests. The page includes the best strategy for taking numerical tests as well as an outline of some tips. There is also a link to Assessment Day Practice Aptitude Tests where someone can purchase additional tests.


numerical 8


8. Numerical Reasoning Test: 

Global Alexa Rating: 1,575,097

This website includes three real psychometric tests developed by ex-SHL consultants. It also includes a link to Assessment Day Practice Aptitude Tests where someone can purchase additional tests. Each free test includes 18 questions that must be completed within 24 minutes. There is also a link to go to their advice page to read more useful tips. The tips section discusses the test environment, dealing with anxiety and recognizing intentional tricks. Those interested can also read about the science of psychometric testing.


numerical 9


9. Test Partnership:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,584,434

Test Partnership offers various aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning and error-checking as well as personality questionnaires. While there are sample questions and sample results shown the tests themselves must be purchased. The site is useful in understanding more about the difference between numerical reasoning numerical comprehension and also why employers use numerical reasoning tests in the first place. The site also gives test advice. Because employers can purchase the test from them as well, students can feel confident that they are practicing the same types of tests that they will likely encounter as a prospect. They also offer some unique tests and exercises such as testing coding skills and situational judgment.


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10. Assessment Centre HQ:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,826,801

Assessment Centre HQ offers for sale an ultimate guide regarding numerical reasoning, including practice numerical reasoning tests, expert tips and secret techniques to boost the chance of success. The guide includes a psychometric test guide, practice psychometric tests, interview preparation & technique, tutorials, success guide, step-by-step role-plays and dozens of video and audio guides. It is basically a whole package putting together all the tools necessary to succeed at interviews and assessments.

There are plenty of companies out there ready to help prepare one for a career and the great thing about these websites is that they can give that extra boost of confidence that will often show itself in an interview. While these sites have been chosen for their numerical testing assistance, keep in mind that all the other types of testing that are present are just as important. The few dollars spent on these websites is truly an investment in one’s future.






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