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Nowadays anyone wishing to invest in online stock trading will need a computer, start up capital and a good financial record in order to open an account. There is no need for a professional broker and many people are making a comfortable living from online stock trading, but it is important to protect oneself from fraud. There are different types of trading accounts and before choosing an online brokerage it is wise to have knowledge of the basics of the stock market. Brokers buy and sell the stocks through an exchange, whilst earning a commission since they are licensed to trade stocks through the exchange either by the telephone, on the trading floor or electronically. Some exchanges work in a similar manner to auctions whilst others match buyers and sellers electronically. The most popular world exchanges are the NASDAQ, the New York stock exchange, the FTSE and the Tokyo stock exchange. When you buy and sell stocks online you are using an online broker and instead of talking directly, you decide which stocks and shares to sell and buy and request the trades yourself. Some online brokerages offer advice and guidance and if this form of trading is new to you then it is advisable to select a site which can offer these services. Below are listed ten of the best sites for online stock trading on the Internet today.  The sites will be invaluable for anyone wishing to trade stocks online as the most popular are all together in one place.

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1. Options House –

Options House offers more than 100 commission-free trades with a trading platform, mobile and virtual trading. Managing an account is easy with webinars, a blog and full customer services for assistance. Rates are shown for stocks, options and spreads and a complete list of fees is given. The company offers a customisable platform to give you more control and full details can be found on the site.


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2. Scott Trade –

Scott Trade ranks very high on most probably on account of the vast knowledge centre that is provided with market information, articles, a retirement calculator, tax guide and online events. Many investment products are offered such as retirement and IRA’s, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, treasuries and ESA’s. There are sections for online stock trading, mobile trading and online banking with overdraft protection, multiple account types and no monthly maintenance fees.


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3. Noble Trading –

Noble Trading specialises in stock market trading, forex trading, option trading and commodity trading as well as future and day trading. Commission plans and the latest developments in the markets can be viewed with a software demo, free research tools and broker comparison for assistance. Further information can be obtained from Prime Brokerage, Institutional Trading, Automated Trading and Trading Groups and a full customer service section is available if needed.


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4. Trading Markets –

Trading Markets has many articles to read on ETFs, stocks, options and volatility. There are trading lessons, glossaries, interviews, guide books, newsletters, videos and webinars given for assistance and further hints and tips can be found in the blog. The best selling publications are highlighted and you can view the trending quotes and trading markets. You can subscribe to the newsletter and trading analytics and full company details are given on the site.


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5. Online Forex Trading –

Online forex trading teaches you to trade forex with the aid of broker reviews, tools, charts, signal providers and a blog. There are articles to read, currency converters, training and seminars, market tracking, FX signals software, a strategy builder and a trend analyser. There are also glossary and news sections and there is a demonstration practise section before you begin trading.


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6. –

Forex offers over 300 markets with indices, commodities, various platforms, CFDs and gain capital. Market insight and analysis can be gained from the research facilities and trading tools such as software and charting packages are available for assistance. A section for education can be found giving webinars, online courses, online guides and video tutorials and full support is available on the site at all times.


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7. Trade the Markets –

Trade the Markets teaches you how to trade like a professional with premium trading services, live seminars, videos and courses. There are articles to read, suggested books and private mentorships to enable you to learn the day-to-day strategies and trading lessons from experienced professionals. Joining the site is recommended in order to become a member of the community of traders and a forum is available for commenting and discussing.


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8. Free Online Trading –

This site is an online trading education resource helping traders to reach their full potential. There are 101 courses with training videos, a chart school and premium products such as a newsletter, trade mentorship and a chat room. Upcoming events are highlighted and information on swing trading, day trading and position trading and strategies can be found giving further insight.


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9. Trading Academy –

Trading Academy offers you a half-day free class where you will learn how to make your money work harder in the markets, identify market moves, apply trading strategies and trade for current income. The company offers online classrooms, trading labs and classes on stocks, forex, options and futures. A wealth of tools and information is given for traders and investors and further details and advice can be found in the resources section.


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10. Ameritrade –

Ameritrade will give you knowledge, investment guidance, advanced trading tools and an extensive library of educational resources to assist you. Investment products include portfolios, annuities, bonds, ETFs, forex, futures, mutual funds, options and stocks. Special sections can be found for pricing and retirement and further information is given in education and tools and platforms. The research section contains further advice and tips and news and market information can also be found. Instruction can be obtained for funding, rollovers and transfers and full details are given on the site.


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