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In to organic gardening?

To the gardener striving for a chemical-free garden, it can be challenging to find information about alternatives for such things as fertilizer and pest control. The following ten websites are devoted to organic gardening or at least have a section regarding such. You can be sure you are producing the best produce possible with help from these sites. They are listed in order of their global Alexa traffic count rating.


Organic 1


1. TreeHugger:

Global Alexa Rating: 5,830

TreeHugger is dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Though not dedicated solely to organic gardening, it is a treasure-trove of green news, solutions and product information for making better choices for your family and your world. The best way to find your way to information about organic gardening is to use the search feature.


Organic 2


2. Mother Earth News:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,227

Mother Earth News is another example of a site devoted to many ways to improve our lives and our planet – not just through organic gardening. The site includes information on homesteading and livestock, natural health, renewable energy, green homes, green transportation and much more. If your interest is in organic gardening and beyond, this is a great website for you.


Organic 3


3. Organic Gardening:

Global Alexa Rating: 14,769

This is a no-fuss website offered by Rodale, Inc that offers a great deal of information about organic gardening. The site includes a featured video, blog post and podcasts. A great aspect of this site is their Gardener’s To-Do List which is kept up to date with things to be done in the current month and is compiled zone-by-zone making it useful for all. Not an easy site to navigate, but the information given makes it all worth it.


Organic 4


4. GardenGuides.Com:

Global Alexa Rating: 29,620

Garden Guides does exactly what its name implies – it is full of guides for everything from plants to garden design. There is a section on pests & diseases, gardening phases and gardening spaces. There is also a section devoted specifically to organic gardening although the entire site is not just on this topic. The organic gardening section includes tips, edibles and more. The site also includes a social feature as you can set up a profile and be part of their community through forums and blogs, as well as keep a calendar to keep you organized.


Organic 5


5. A Way to Garden:

Global Alexa Rating: 60,083

Head garden writer, Margaret Roach, is the driving force behind this source of organic gardening inspiration. It is full of horticultural how-to. You’ll find when to start seed, chores by the month, radio podcasts, garden faq’s, slideshows, stories, recipes, freezing & canning and so much more. Don’t forget to sign up for her “ribbiting” free newsletter. It would seem she’s a bit of a frog lover! She always says no to chemicals and yes to great plants, so you should learn a great deal from this site.


Organic 6


6. Planet Natural:

Global Alexa Rating: 67,567

The organic gardening section of this website is not to be missed. It has information about the bountiful benefits of organic gardening, planning & design, savvy about soil, composting, starting super seedlings, planting techniques, fertilizer facts, pesticide problems, seasonal care, gathering the harvest and tips & tricks. There is also a link for shopping for organic gardening products that could be a real lifesaver.


Organic 7


7. Urban Gardens:

Global Alexa Rating: 248,944

Do you have a very small space for gardening and think you can’t do it? Then this is the site for you. They give practical advice on how anyone can take advantage of whatever space they have and begin eco-friendly and stylish urban gardens. Even if you have lots of space to work with, you might enjoy some of the unique methods and incorporate them anyhow so you can produce even more. You can also subscribe to get news, specials and updates from them.


Organic 8


8. Urban Organic Gardener:

Global Alexa Rating: 345,866

This is another website for making the most of smaller spaces. It has more of an organic focus than the previously noted site. They show lots of existing smaller gardens to show you that you can grow anywhere – even on the rooftop of an auto dealership! You could use many of these techniques no matter how much room you have – things like vertical gardening can make any space look better and make harvesting easier. Container gardening can be done even in apartments, so no excuses about growing your own produce!

 Organic 9


9. Garden Organic.Org UK:

Global Alexa Rating: 576,690

Garden Organic is a charity that brings together thousands of people that believe that organic growing is essential for a healthy and sustainable world. By becoming a member you join others in the UK and overseas that are leading the movement. The website includes news, top tips for the month, information on events & courses, faq’s, local activities and more. You can also shop through their catalogue for seeds, fruits & plants, pest control products and much more.


Organic 10


10. Edible Landscape Design:

Global Alexa Rating: 781,505

This website takes gardening in a different direction – for those that might not want or be allowed to have a traditional garden spot. It offers practical ideas for growing things that give you more than just a beautiful yard, they can also provide food for your family. Imagine having a hedge that you can go trim a few leaves to toss on your dinner salad! Edibles hidden in plain sight! From herbs to edible flowers and more, you could be gardening with much less effort than you thought possible.

Small space or multiple acres at your disposal, you’ll be able to provide better food for your family while enjoying time working together as a family on the garden. As an honorable mention, you can also check out Ecosystem Gardening at which teaches how to garden sustainably that creates wildlife habitat and protects the environment. Stop eating chemicals – it’s easy to garden organically!


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