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Although too many people outdoor cooking means firing up the gas grill or perhaps even using a charcoal grill, there really is even more that you can do to fully experience outdoor cooking. Beyond grilling is smoking, Dutch oven cooking, campfire or fire pit cooking and even trail cooking. There is no reason not to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and still eat well – perhaps even better than in your kitchen! The following ten websites are great ones to turn to for exploring more about outdoor cooking along with camping up your grilling skills. You might just find yourself enjoying it enough to do for an entire vacation or even more often in your own backyard. The websites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Amazing Ribs: http://amazingribs.com/index.html

Global Alexa Rating: 15,471

This is an amazing (pun intended) site for learning about barbeque, grilling and outdoor cooking. You will find a ton of information including techniques, tested recipes, buyer guides for equipment and accessories and even some insight into the history and culture of outdoor cooking. They offer the opportunity to join their Pitmaster Club which gives numerous benefits including video seminars, giveaways and access to The Pit forum. You can also sign up for their free e-letter, “Smoke Signals.”

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2. Camp Chef: http://www.campchef.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 114,449

Camp Chef is an incredible source for all types of equipment for cooking outdoors, whether you are looking for camping, bbq & grilling, home & patio, tailgating, cabin & Rving, scouting, home canning or emergency preparedness. If you purchase $100 or more, you get their free Cook’n Online Recipe Organizer. The variety they have is nothing short of phenomenal and includes other items such as cast iron cookware, fire pits and accessories. You’ll also enjoy the blog section.

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3. Outdoor Cooking: http://www.outdoorcooking.com/   

Global Alexa Rating: 172,270

Outdoor Cooking is another great source for unique ways to cook outdoors. You’ll find things like outdoor pizza ovens, stainless steel pellet grills and smokers, propane stoves, portable ovens and food smokers. Whether you are looking for equipment for your backyard or on the road camping, tailgating or scouting, you’ll find the right equipment for the task at hand. The site also includes fun blogs and the ability to sign up for a newsletter.

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4. Love the Outdoors: http://www.lovetheoutdoors.com/camping/outdoor_cooking.htm   

Global Alexa Rating: 267,335

This site is devoted to camping tips and outdoor guides, so naturally there is a section specifically about outdoor cooking. The site includes an outdoor kitchen checklist, cooking methods, tips and recipes for making the most of your meals when camping. Plenty of what you’ll find and learn here can be used without leaving home though. Sometimes the best camping trips are the ones in the backyard! Definitely a good website to bookmark if you do enjoy those camping trips away from home as there is a lot of great camping information.

 Outdoor 5


5. Dirty Gourmet: http://www.dirtygourmet.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 677,389

Are you one of those people that refuse to go camping because you are afraid you’ll miss out on your favorite gourmet meals? This site just might change your mind as it is loaded with recipes for everything from appetizers to dessert that are nothing like the hot dog and hamburger (or egad, MRE) options so typical for camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities. The site also includes recipes organized by the type of activity so you can plan a picnic or a day trip, among other things. The articles on the site are enjoyable as well. Join their mailing list for updates.

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6. Scoutorama: http://www.scoutorama.com/recipe/index.cfm

Global Alexa Rating: 844,153

Whether you are going to be leading a group of scouts on an outdoor adventure, or just your little family group, you’ll find some great camping recipes on this site for keeping the scouts energized and happy. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with enough options that you won’t have to repeat any recipes for even the longest scout excursion. Visitors are welcomed to add their own original, uncopyrighted or copied recipes to the database, so it grows as time goes by. You can browse the recipes or conduct a search for something specific if you like.

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7. Dutch Oven Dude: http://www.dutchovendude.com/default.shtml

Global Alexa Rating: 910,418

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment for outdoor cooking that you’ll ever use is the Dutch oven – from your biscuits for breakfast to your cobbler for dessert after dinner and everything in between. It is an extremely easy to learn method of outdoor cooking that can be done with a surprisingly little supply of charcoal or firewood. This site gives you all the advice for purchasing a Dutch oven and caring for it. There is an entire section on cooking advice that will have you a pro in no time. And, of course, there are plenty of recipes to get you through your next outdoor cooking adventure.

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8. Firepit and Grilling Guru: http://www.firepit-and-grilling-guru.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 954,035

This site focuses on just two methods of outdoor cooking – the fire pit and grill, although there is a bit of info on fireplace cooking as well. There are a couple really interesting features of this website worth noting. First of all is the section on whole pig roasts. This is a great idea for having a huge gathering, which is so unique that even the kids will have fun. Another feature is the primal/paleo diet section which is a popular method of eating these days. You’ll find plenty of recipes as well as information about types of grills, types of fire pits, all about charcoal and firewood as well as a food and wine pairing section.

 Outdoor 9


9. Trail Cooking: http://www.trailcooking.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 1,248,221

This is another site that is devoted to a specific kind of outdoor cooking – trail cooking. If you spend any amount of time hiking on trails, whether day hikes or longer excursions, you know that keeping your energy up is important. This site offers some great options for being able to enjoy your meals when trail hiking rather than just resort to protein bars that are usually not very satisfying to your taste buds.

 Outdoor 10


10. Cooking Everything Outdoors: http://www.cooking-outdoors.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 1,360,237

Gary House offers advice regarding BBQ, Dutch oven cooking and grilling. The site includes recipes, articles and videos so that you have all the tips, techniques and some of his renowned secrets for creating fantastic food outdoors. You can also sign up for his emails to keep up to date with his site. He also welcomes feedback so that he can make the site as useful as possible. He is regularly featured on the Outdoor Cooking Channel, TMP Outdoors and Country TV, New Zealand. He’s also judged many cooking competitions.

So there you have ten websites that probably have you drooling for some BBQ sauce-laden ribs about now, right? Or perhaps you have keys in hand to go run to the nearest outdoor supply place for your very first Dutch oven. You certainly have the information you need to make your next outdoor meal a huge success!


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