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Server management is the maintenance of web servers. Some of the responsibilities for a server include the setup, installation and configuration of the control panel, installation and configuration of a firewall for protection, software installation and configuration, anti-spam and anti-virus installation, mail server setup, MySQL setup and DNS setup and configuration. Monitoring of the server can be achieved from different locations with up-time reports, downtime notifications and monitoring of notable changes to bandwidth use. Regular security updates and audits should also be carried out to ensure that the most up-to-date protection is in place. Other duties for server maintenance include kernel upgrades and updates, log auditing and analysis, critical patches to the system and the server, backup and restoration, migration and disaster recovery. In addition to different services, some server companies support specific systems and server types such as Linux, UNIX or Windows. This should be taken into account when deciding which company to select and also close attention should be paid to how the company handles your initial enquiries and it is advisable to read reviews and testimonials regarding the company before entering into a contract. Below is a list of ten of the most popular and highly rated companies on the Internet today. For anyone looking for  management servers, the list will prove invaluable.



1. Total Server Solutions – http://www.totalserversolutions.com/

Total Server Solutions has the solution for any size business with a package that concentrates on running your business as well as your servers. The products and services can be tailor-made to suit your needs with the latest news and developments highlighted. Server management includes load balancing and collocation and you can contact at any time on their live support service.


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2. Codeproject.com – http://www.codeproject.com/KB/server-management/

Code Project provides server management as well as desktop and web development. There are interesting articles to read on the site with discussions for fixing and migration. There are quick answers and special news features with a library available for assistance. After joining the site, you can view the message board and partake in the community with a site map and help available at all times.


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3. Symantec.com – http://www.symantec.com/server-management-suite

This site provides administrators with a server management solution using virtual servers across an array of platforms including Linux, UNIX and Windows. The suite provides provision, control and automation with a built-in facility to maintain control of servers, reduce interruptions and increase up-time. The benefits and features are listed on the site with instructions on how to use the product. There are videos to view and data sheets to read with sections for support, communities and security responses.


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4. About.com – http://webdesign.about.com/od/servers/Web_Server_Management_.htm

About.com contains a section for web server management which has good information for web servers and work-flows. Links are given to help you manage your servers and the topics to select are Apache, security, Sun Java server, SSI, HTAccess, HTTP, content management, web administration and caching. There are monitoring tools to download on a trial basis for health and efficiency and a full list of FAQ can be found for guidance and assistance.


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5. Server Management – http://24x7servermanagement.com/

This site specialises in server management and has seven different server management products offering hourly management and server monitoring as well. Further products are offered for ‘cloud’ management and there are sections for emergencies and security. You can chat with live support about shared servers and outsourced support and full details regarding the company, the pricing and the benefits can be found on the site.


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6. Centreon.com – http://www.centreon.com/

Centreon.com has an open-source enterprise server management system that can be downloaded for free. It comprises of tools to allow you to measure availability and performance level of your IT infrastructure. There are 4 different versions available with additional options to ensure you customise your monitoring platform. Demonstration videos can be found for each version and there is a forum and blog available on the site for exchanging views and comments.


server 7


7. Platinum Server Management – http://platinumservermanagement.com/

This site offers you a server management platform that covers your needs every day of the year. The platform is only $29 per month and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Some of the features include PCI compliance, monitoring stats, security, software support and upgrades, backup restoration, server migration and firewall protection. Testimonials from current satisfied customers can be found on the site along with an FAQ and full company details.


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8. Puppetlabs.com – http://puppetlabs.com/

This site has free downloads with technical documents and videos for you to view. The server management is an open-sourced system and can be downloaded for free.  There are case studies, white papers, webinars and notes to assist you along with a newsletter for updates and a blog for commenting and sharing opinions with other members in the community. The system automates all aspects of the infrastructure including network resources and storage and full details about the company and all the products can be found on the site.


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9. Manage Engine – http://www.manageengine.com/

This site has more than 72,000 customers on their books with their software that resolves, monitors and optimises your server’s requirements. You can request a personalised demonstration to see the software in action and explanations can be found for managing server performance and taking corrective action with your server. The package comes with strict security for protection and you can sign-up and download to find out more.


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10. Server Surgeon – http://www.serversurgeon.com

Server Surgeon gives you server management with server backup and around the clock protection and support. The cost is $65 per month per server and includes ten minutes response time, Linux server hardening, custom website and application monitoring and ongoing patching and security updates. There are sections containing articles and information on hardening and back-ups on the site and there are videos to view including cloud server management. The system supports Linux, Free BSD and Windows and you can view the testimonials of many satisfied customers.


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