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Affiliate Marketing Programs – Top Ten

Affiliate Marketing Programs - Top Ten

All about affiliate marketing programs The development of Internet and technology has created an ideal platform for the people to make money online. A wide range of online work from home jobs can be found in the Internet and affiliate marketing holds a prominent place out of them. The convenience and flexibility of affiliate marketing has played an important role behind its popularity. However, you need to be careful in order to join a good and a reputed affiliate marketing … Continue reading

Guitar Monster Sites – Top Ten

Guitar Monster Sites - Top Ten

Guitar monster at the ready.. The first electric guitar was introduced in 1931 by George Beauchamp. It is a string instrument usually played with a pick, but sometimes with the fingers. It contains electric pickups which are wire-wound magnets which change the vibration of the strings into electric current which in return is sent to the amplifier that changes it to sound.  The main parts of a guitar are the neck, the bridge, the tuners, the pickups, the input, the … Continue reading

Finance And Capital Market Sites – Top Ten

Finance And Capital Market Sites - Top Ten

Lets talk finance.. A financial market is where financial securities and commodities can be traded at prices that reflect supply and demand. The markets bring interested buyers and sellers, households, companies and government agencies together to interact having an effect on the economy. There are various types of financial markets such as stocks, bonds, commodity, money, futures and foreign exchange to name a few.  Raising capital, lending and borrowing are all achieved within the markets and foreign exchange and indexes fluctuate … Continue reading

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Computer Science Sites – Top Ten

Computer Science Sites - Top Ten

All about computer science… Computer Science deals with a practical approach to computation and there are many sub-categories such as computer graphics and computer programming. Blaise Pascal invented the first working mechanical calculator in 1642 and in the process achieved a computer programming language named in his honour, which was based on the abacus that had been in use many hundreds of years previously. Computer graphics and computer generated imagery are now widely used in the television, cinema and film … Continue reading

Calculus Sites – Top Ten

Calculus Sites - Top Ten

Calculus information… The world of Calculus is a mystery to most of us. Even the most intellectual and intelligent among us can struggle with the terminology and concept of it. Some of us need to know where to find information on the subject either for studying or research purposes whilst teachers need information for classes, lessons and lectures. Below are listed some of the best sites on the Internet for giving information and instruction on Calculus. Some of the sites … Continue reading

Astronomy Sites – Top Ten

Astronomy Sites - Top Ten

Mad about astronomy? Astronomy is a natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects such as moons, stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies and is related to cosmology, which is the study of the universe as a whole. It is one of the oldest sciences, which was practised by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Maya and Chinese hundreds of years ago and is now enjoyed by amateur astronomers all over the world. Many large telescopes have been set up at … Continue reading

Table Tennis Sites – Top Ten

Table Tennis Sites - Top Ten

All about Table Tennis..     1. International Table Tennis Federation – A very informative site, as can be deduced from the name. In-depth information is given on all tournaments and events in the world of Table Tennis, both past and present, along with the rankings of all top players. There is a wide range of articles to read on the history, coaching and training of the sport as well as reviews for the latest available equipment. Leading players … Continue reading

Online Shopping Sites – Top Ten

Online Shopping Sites – Top Ten

Online shopping at it’s best.. The internet has changed many things in our lives, from the way we communicate (Email, Instant Messaging) to the way we are entertained (Streaming, Online Gaming).  It can, however, easily be argued that the single biggest impact the Internet has made to our lives is in the way we shop.  You only have to walk down the main street in any city or town and you will note how many shops lay dormant, and how … Continue reading

SAT Math Revision sites – Top Ten

SAT Math Revision sites – Top Ten

Need help with SAT math? It’s amazing to think that SATs have been part of the American educational way of life since 1926.  That’s almost seventy years … hold on … we didn’t do so well in math … it’s actually ninety years of cramming and suffering number-induced headaches.  It’s only really over the past thirty years or so that SATs have begun to be taken seriously by all and sundry.  Previously, they were the domain of the smart kids … Continue reading

President Information Sites – Top Ten

President Information Sites – Top Ten

All you need to know about every president Everyone can name the current President of the United States.  Everyone should be able to name the first president of the United States.  But, apart from Barack Obama and George Washington, how much does the average person know about the other forty-one men who have held the position? Are you able to name all of them?  You can probably name a few others, such as George Bush (Junior and Senior), Andrew Jackson, … Continue reading

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