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Book Sites – Top Ten

Book Sites - Top Ten

Book worm? Reading is a form of communication and a skill as well as a way of sharing information and ideas. It is a complex interaction between the text and the reader, which is shaped by the reader’s prior knowledge, experiences, attitude and social and cultural background. Reading skills usually start to develop in children at age four or five with the commencement of schooling and can develop rapidly depending on interest and the child’s ability to focus. There are … Continue reading

Bed Sites – Top Ten

Bed Sites - Top Ten

Its all about the bed… Getting good sleep is very important. Nowadays, everyday life is very hectic as we are always on the move with the hustle and bustle of working, tending to the home and caring for the family. While we sleep and relax our body replenishes cells and detoxifies itself. Less than the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep is not enough for our bodies to fully achieve this. In time this will show ageing effects of … Continue reading

Market Price And Share Information Sites – Top Ten

Market Price And Share Information Sites – Top Ten

Need the current share and market price information? The informed shopper is generally the one happiest with their purchase selection and least likely to end up extremely unsatisfied. This holds true from the simplest of items to the big-ticket, once-in-a-lifetime purchases. The consequences of a bad decision can be quite severe with some things – investing in the stock market being one of them. The following 10 websites are given as research tools for the stock market investor that realizes … Continue reading

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Seed Funding Sites – Top Ten

Seed Funding Sites - Top Ten

Need seed funding? Starting up a new company has a number of challenges of which getting together enough capital can be one of the most critical things to get right. Statistics show that under capitalization is one of the top reasons why startup businesses often fail. One of the challenges involved in getting together enough capital is that many investors are leery of start up businesses especially during a rocky economy. Venture capital firms prefer established businesses. On the other … Continue reading

Domain Blogs – Top Ten

Domain Blogs – Top Ten

Looking for domain blogs? Domain blogs can serve a number of purposes and as such are useful to different types of readers. The topics found on the following 10 popular domain blogs are as relevant for domain name owners as they are domain services companies. Frankly, they are great for anyone interested in the domain name industry. These ten have pretty good global Alexa traffic count ratings and are listed in order of that rating. Some have regular content added … Continue reading

Angel Network Websites – Top Ten

Angel Network Websites – Top Ten

Looking for an angel network? An angel network is also referred to as an angel group. An angel investor is an individual, generally a high net-worth person, who invests in startup companies in exchange for an equity share of the business. Often these angel investors form a group with other angel investors so that they can invest collectively in entrepreneurial firms. Some angel networks are involved just in putting business and angel investors in touch with one another. Many angels … Continue reading

Seo Forums – Top Ten

Seo Forums - Top Ten

Need SEO tips? Search Engine Optimisation is vital for the success of any business on the Internet today.  As the website climbs higher in the rankings of the search engine it appears more and gains in popularity therefore it receives more visitors. SEO is determined by what people are searching for and the words that are typed into the browser are known as the keywords.  Optimising a website means editing the content to increase the specific meaning and relevance of … Continue reading

Mechanical Engineering Sites – Top Ten

Mechanical Engineering Sites - Top Ten

Interested in mechanical engineering? Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies physics and science for analysis, design and manufacturing maintenance of mechanical systems. It uses heat and power to operate machines and produce tools and is one of the oldest forms of engineering. The subject requires an understanding of mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, science, structural analysis and electricity to use tools in order to design and develop industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, … Continue reading

Mobile Content Discovery Platforms – Top Ten

Mobile Content Discovery Platforms - Top Ten

Need more mobile content? A mobile content discovery platform is an implemented software platform for users to search for mobile content online. The content is a form of electronic media that can be ring-tones, graphics, discount offers, games, movies or GPS navigation. As the popularity of mobiles phones has grown rapidly since the 1990s so has the growth of the devices since mobile phone owners can now use their phones as mini offices to view documents, make appointments, plan meetings … Continue reading

Map Services – Top Ten

Map Services - Top Ten

Need a map service? A map is a universal representation of an area depicting elements such as objects, themes and regions. Many maps are two-dimensional and geometrically accurate or three-dimensional, dynamic and even interactive. Most are used to depict geography, but some can represent any space, real or imaginary, without regard to context or scale. The earliest form was for astrology with maps depicting the stars and the planets, but even geographical maps can also date back to ancient cultures … Continue reading

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